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Weird, last I heard everyone hated imperials back pocket stitching.
I've been scouring the net trying to find one and I just can't seem to locate a decent slim cut pea coat that's less than 400 dollars, can anyone help me out? I really really liked the inapt pea coat but by the time I saw it the thing was completely sold out on rakuten, so something like that would be awesome. edit: The april 77 one looked awesome too but I can't find anyone who stocks it in a small
With the April 77 dischords, is it a good idea to size up, down or just go for your regular size?
If you're in to the aesthetic the iron army 'stitched wrong' stitching is very cool.
Just got my flannel lined hoodie, it's the softest, nicest fitting thing I've ever seen, will post pics when it stops pouring it down.
Vaclava is actually Vlad from achewood.
Yeah I just had the same problem, code doesn't work.
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty I don't understand how somebody could not want rocket boosters in their boots. Especially when your name is jet.
Exploring the ruins of the Palais Royale: AE Iron Army Jack Purcell. And some bonus shots:
Thanks for the compliments guys, it's nice to get such good reactions as a newbie.
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