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Niceeee, how much?
Actually I've changed my mind, go for the full macabre goth-ninja look and just stand around glaring at people.
Dress nice but not a) costumey and over the top or b) in all dior or some shit, as long as you carry yourself well you'll just look like a dude with good dress sense.
MJKrell flannel hoodie AA T-shirt Iron Army Jeans Gram Shoes
On another shirt question note, does anyone know where I can get a nice slim fit white shirt for less than 100 bucks? Keep in mind we don't have H&M here.
Damn, do they have a website where I can see their collections? I'm in Australia so it's pretty much impossible to check out this stuff in person.
Does anyone know where I could get flat head shirts? Are there any online stores that stock them?
Some shots of my flannel hoodie now that there's finally been a break in the rain
I'm about a 35 1/2 on the chest, what's your coat measure pit-to-pit?
I'm still debating whether the girls april 77 will work on me or not, it's the right size but it looks more cropped than the guys version. On the plus side I did finally find dischords in my size so hella thanks to poly800rock for that idea.
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