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They generally pick it up during their awkward teenage years.
Quote: Originally Posted by cookieoflife I don't even want to KNOW what you were doing before your roommate locked you ou. Beating his runway model wife, by the sounds of that outfit.
Ooh, that's not a bad coat, I might have to check them out.
CR? Can you give me a link? I don't think I've seen it.
I'm australian, so it's winter right now and it'll be summer then, I'm still going to try and snap one up if they restock though.
In social studies, we have to do a major project that takes all year about the social subject of our choice, I'm doing street art and graffiti, and as part of my research I need to survery a hundred people, so help me out by completing this quick survey: Age: Gender: 1. Do you consider graffiti a valid art form? Definitely/Mostly/Mostly not/Not at all 2. Do you consider other less permanent forms of street art a valid art form? Definitely/Mostly/Mostly not/Not...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dill I really like the houndstooth! When are you going to be selling it? He already is, it's in the mjk official thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma It could be a nice piece but it is, as you said yourself, hard to know as their photography rivals Yoox in unattractiveness. Unstructured, casual sportscoats like this are pretty hard to fit correctly IMHO so the return policy is a must. I look forward to seeing the following exchange on WAYWT: Drizzt: here's my pic w unstructured blazer Random guy: you look big, this is bad Drizzt: I am big, what do you want me...
It's up in the mjk thread bobo.
I want to go to college and dress like an 80's prep/jock, little tennis shorts and all.
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