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Well they're pretty odd shoes, they're gram 426 waxed cotton, I've gotten more comments on them from randoms than pretty much anything else because they're so odd.
I picked up some leather jack purcells of e-bay for 10 bucks and they're the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn.
I'm 5'9 1/2 and I wear my APC new cures without any hemming, they stack beautifully on my sneakers IMHO.
Quote: Originally Posted by blank Is the snap button on the back of this Ben Sherman shirt ostentatious? If you have short hair and wear the shirt without a jacket I'd probably think 'what the heck is on his shirt' as I walked behind you, if you have either of the two things I mentioned noone will notice.
Quote: Originally Posted by apocalypse later Haha, corrected thanks. I know Ghost PM'd me a few minutes ago and I had a similar question posted in the "Ask" thread. Exactly what are generally the differences between a cheap ($20-40) article of clothing versus an expensive ($120-200) piece of clothing? Let's just keep this to contain shirts, hoodies, jackets, etc--nothing with legs since jeans are obvious when it comes to prices. Just curious what...
I think you meant triple digits apoc, since I don't think anywhere but thrift stores would sell a button up under 10 dollars.
Quote: Originally Posted by wEstSidE And you're how much older than me? If it's less than 10 years buddy, then I reserve the right to be As Snarky As I Wanna Be. And really, who doesn't need 17 pairs of unwashed denim in their closet? I think it's an investment. Sounds like an investment in having a really stanky smelling closet.
Sounds like you've got a real good start going, I'm a fan of MJKrells work so I think you're on the right track getting some nice outerwear from him, personally though I'd steer away from most nudies, the contrast stitching makes it hard to match with other items of clothing and I've heard a few stories of them blowing out quickly. As for shirts H&M is fine until you decide to get in to some of the higher quality, more expensive brands, and at that point you can get stuff...
You look fine. I never thought I'd have to reassure someone like this who wasn't a teenage girl.
Wow, I feel really honoured to get picked for this, I never would have expected it. P.S. If you vote for me you'll get your own magical pony that flies and tramples your enemies.
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