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Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 I'm also interested in the MJK trench. What is the "ladder" you desribe on the back? Also, can I get waist, thigh at crotch, front rise, inseam, and leg opening on the navy April 77? Waist: 16 inches Thigh: 10 inches Leg opening: 6 inches Inseam: 34 Inches Not sure how to measure rise, they're pretty low rise like all joeys though.
Inapt Coat Sold CON Jacket Pending
MJK is about mid thigh length, here's a shot of the ladder.
pics fixed
Im selling all my shit so I can uproot and go overseas guys, so it's going at crazy low prices, buy it asap. I'm in australia but all prices are in US dollars shipped to America, if you're an aussie knock 10 us bucks off the price. Inapt Peacoat in charcoal, size medium, 100 usd.Sold Michael J Krell Trench, size small, a small ladder on the back fabric, barely worn, 70 usd. Chronicles Of Never Jacket, soft and drapey blazer/cardi thing, really nice, 100 usd...
The shoes do not work. At all. The t-shirt is not great either but it's more of a 'meh' in its case.
April 77 Shorts, CM sand dollars sold, flathead sold.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I heard Dead Space was awesome. It totally is.
Snapped a quick fit pic of the jacket
Tiger of sweden Corpus Florsheim Fuck the cold, it's meant to be spring damnit.
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