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I'm selling off a chocolate brown Harriss Tweed suit, really nice slim 60's style fit to it, it's in great condition too, I've gotten too fat for it and I need money for my internship this summer. Otherwise I would be coveting it like my neighbours ass. Measurements are: Shoulders- 16.5 Pit-to-Pit- 19 Sleeve Length - 22.5 Any other questions feel free to ask
What up styleforum.
AA shirt, tie and sweatervest Nordavind Coat Hell's bells jeans Thrift shoes Vintage 50's frames.
Screenprinting machine is up for sale too.
There's a waitlist on it.
back to the top.
The mono 2's are a 10 in american sizing apparently. Ragin, here are the measurements for the jacket, it's a water resistant coated cotton/poly blend. pit to pit 20 inches shoulder 17 inches sleeve 26 inches length 25 inches
New stuff up and the CON jacket is SOLD.
New Posts  All Forums: