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Thus the suggestion to PM...
Also, I hope whoever picked up my Oxxford suit for $60 yesterday appreciates the deal he got. They are really well made clothes.
Stand back. I think Stitchy wants this one.
*sigh* Y NO U SEE JOKE? A suggestion: PM the relevant folks with your request and let them act as they see fit. If they agree with you, great, problem solved. If not, no more in-line carping about/parodying Gianni.
Montezemolo again...
So, when Gianni posts something objectionable in your thread, you have precedent on your side in asking to have it removed.
Is it the unspoilered pics or the comments? If the pics, then lobby the powers that be for auto-spoilering when quoting. Gianni is hardly the only unspoiler. If the comments, then I think you just have to learn to cope. He is complimenting people, and this place isn't exactly drowning in positivity. Basically, if you're looking for a tightly edited, curated experience, this forum isn't the place for it. Going with Fok's metaphor, every bar has loudmouths and know-it-alls,...
HF, it's not something I would do, but I think it probably works for you. I think a taller band would balance out the proportions a bit better, though.
Also, your carping about his posts is more disruptive to the threads than anything he posts.
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