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Very well could be, but I responding to the broader question of who doesn't want a bigger television. Me.
Congratulations to Anden! And thanks again for the votes in the previous challenge.
I'm not saying that Hamilton will win the title this year, but these pronouncements of his being over seem a bit premature...
I bought my television from a friend (who bought it from a friend himself). I think it's 32", and it does only 1080i. I have never thought to myself while watching something that I needed a bigger or higher-resolution television. In fact, I dread the day I need to replace it because every time I go to someone else's house who has a new screen, I am assaulted by how terrible everything looks. Movies look like overlit sitcoms.
Six miles yesterday afternoon
I'm happy to see that people are taking advantage of the multiple-choice voting to give some love to Ac's cat.
DipTies, I think I might prefer your wife's combos to yours...
SCs for me are ideally a bit shorter because I'm short. If you're not short, I'm not sure that's necessary.
I have to say I'm well chuffed about the level of participation and voting for this challenge!
A whopping 1 mile on Wednesday afternoon. Realized too late that I hadn't left enough time before a couple of appointments, but figured that I'd already put on my running clothes...
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