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I wouldn't even do that. Line up behind the safety car as they are on track and be done with it. This notion that the backmarkers are in the way is silly. The pursuing drivers would have had to pass them anyway.
@WillingToLearn What color are your loafers?
@Coxsackie I'm with Monkey on the green dots. Too vibrant for the palette established by the other items.   @upr_crust The natural light of the lifestyle photo shows off the clothes so much better. I understand the limitations of your daily setup, but I lament them.   The only thing that seems to draw consistent notice for me is a knit tie. People (not just women) react favorably and act as though they've never seen one before.
 That's because everyone wears smooth worsted 3-season suits and just mixes and matches for odd-jacket combinations.
Excellent! I had the pleasure of meeting RD10 in SF.
The scuttlebutt is that Carlos Slim bought huge blocks of tickets for distribution at prices ranging from cheap to free. Austin still managed to attract 100,000 visitors despite the atrocious weather. That's a pretty solid audience for F1 if you ask me.   I thought the track was great to look at, but essentially a long straight with some mickey mouse faffing about for the rest of the lap. I thought it looked a lot like Monza from various angles. The stadium looked cool,...
LH had nothing for NR. Sounded like he was not down with the strategy change, though. I suspect there will be an energetic conversation with the team this afternoon.   I was very happy that the stewards took no action in the Vettel/Ricciardo and Bottas/Raikkonen incidents. Let's use these same guys for every race!
I voted for Garry. My arbitrary criteria were gray suit and gray tie. Of that set, Garry's was most pleasing to me. Lots of good entries, though.
Who knows?   Can't believe how slippery the Mexico DF track is. I'm surprised the FIA don't require them to finish the track and have a couple of races before the big boys show up.
New Posts  All Forums: