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Like, a shirt?
pB, you are one odd motherfucker. I mean that in the best possible way, of course.
The driver definitely lost control of that situation. But the kid, after whining about the driver's touching him, then shoves the driver. So fuck him. Out of self-interest, the driver shouldn't have risen to the bait, though. Here in SF, the drivers do fuck-all, even when verbal and physical assault takes place on the bus. So fuck them.
An embarrassment of riches.
Or maybe just stay out of that other forum?
Spoo, are you a 34 x 30 in the pantaloons? Because I might have to mug you...
We newcomers finally chased you out of the city, Matt?
More about the Honda ad: http://jalopnik.com/the-car-in-that-brilliant-honda-civic-type-r-ad-was-com-1657507107
You probably see it, but just in case: Jacket is too short and too small (that's why the vent is open, the lapels are bowing outward, and there's pulling at the button). The pants are baggy and unflattering. Chinos kinda generally suck IMO, but they can definitely be better than this.
You just watch crazy, do.
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