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Depending on how strict you are with your definition of "trousers" I'll still take the compliment. Thanks!
Both are true. I still think it works. But it's only fair that you get to take me to task for violating orthodoxy.
After a lazy day of working from the cafe, I finally put on some real clothes to go to the tailor to pick up the pieces which will be the core of my summer wear. I also dropped off the DB suit which I'd hoped to wear for last week's Friday challenge.
18,631.5 + 2 = 18633.5
Only two miles this morning, but they included half a mile of 100m strides. I think I may have stretched for almost as long as I ran...
This also seems like a reasonable option which only further illustrates my point.
Pictures to illustrate how a 16" hank works Puff and points Foo Fold GDL's "monkeyfist" None of these would even be visible with a 12" hank
Clearly your jackets aren't Classic jackets.
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