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Neither really excites me, TBH. But nothing wrong with them if they fill a role in your wardrobe.
Damn, jrd. You don't travel to cooler climes?
Thanks, guys. Already feels a bit better this morning, but far from good.
 I was subjected to some unwanted buble at lunch yesterday. Fortunately, the check arrived just as the buble did.
Thanks, AAS and Foxx. AAS, you'll be happy to know that it was one of my earliest thrift finds. IIRC, I didn't need to alter it at all.
Coming up on mile 1 this afternoon, I felt a little tightness in my left calf. As I was scoping out a good spot to stop and stretch a little, I felt a pop, and my run was done. It took me a solid half-hour to limp back to my car.   Fudge.
Señor Crust, you have, at long last, beaten your foes into submission. As a long-time supporter of your steeze, I will stand beside you and gloat.    Ac, I am facing a similar reality. It's just...not right.
A placeholder entry:
Oh, and, I don't think we discussed this, Clags:
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