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Nice rundown of the cars and tech side of things from Mike Gascoyne and Craig Scarborough on Sky:
Taylor Swift serves two purposes: 1) Attract more ticket buyers with a bigger spectacle 2) Spread out the exodus of fans over a greater period of time to ease congestion Elton John last year did the same. Thousands of people who would otherwise be jamming the exits hung around to watch him run through his greatest hits.
But Reagan is widely cited as well dressed. The pitfall, I think, is looking like you spend too much time thinking about clothes. Thus the uniform of Politician CBD. But ensuring that the PCBD is well fitted will benefit the wearer. There are exceptions, of course. Bernie should look sort of slapdash to be consistent with his socialist, anti-establishment vibe.
Buxton explains the tire allocation system. Way more complicated than I'd thought
I confess that I didn't notice the check. I do not love it, but it doesn't really detract from the overall impression.
Cruz's fit problems can't all be explained by weight loss. The sleeve nearly covers his hand even though his arm is bent and it's stacking at his elbow. This isn't the first time he's been criticized for terribly fitting clothing, and justifiably so.
YAASSS, Garry.
McFox and Poszetka tried to get me to thumb that slub, but I'm not having it! (Otherwise nice, gentlemen). I disagree with Caustic Man's take on Poszetka's hank. It's not subtle, I guess, but works. White linen would not be an improvement, just a very different look.
Dammit, I missed the "material in question"!
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