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7.7. Bay To Breakers with a friend whose longest run before was 6 miles. I started with him in the C corral, and it was mayhem. Couldn't really run consistently until after the Hayes Street hill. Start was delayed by 20 minutes. It was nice to run completely without concern about time.
18,143.9 + 4 + 7.7 = 18155.6
Noodles, belts typically have five holes, and a properly fitted belt fastens at the third of the five holes.
Some beautiful stuff (that apparently unloved shortwing and those chelseas particularly), nary a shoe in my size. Next to ambivalent in the dictionary you'll find a picture of sugarbutch.
Did I win?
Say, my man. How 'bout some pre-sale pics? You know, as you say, to get it wet?
Rather than derail WAYWRN, let's discuss here SirJamesWinston's post and Clags' moderation of it. I'll go first: I generally trust Clags' judgment, but I think it would be good process for hall monitors to quote in this thread any non-spam posts they've hidden from a thread. That would allow those concerned to weigh in on the offensiveness of the posts.
Señor Crust, I would like this much more with a less saturated shirt. Otherwise, you go, girl!
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