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But here you only put out for one person. Maybe you're just a tease.
18292.5 + 12.1 = 18303.6
12.1 at what turned out to be a decent pace. First 10+ run in months. I was definitely feeling the last two miles.
You're such a prude.
I will just note here that in certain parts of the south which might include Texas, some folks say "hunching" instead of "humping". Make of this what you will, and continue your use of "hunch" as you deem appropriate.
I voted for SeƱor Crust Numero Uno, mimo, DonC, and TTO.
You're a softy.
Why so greedy, Monkeyface? We have a tuxedo, a bowler, a fez, and several sharp DBs. All considered, a pretty nice outing.
mimo's fall from equal first is a tragedy.
New Posts  All Forums: