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Take 1. Just happened to be wearing a tweed SC today (EDIT: Just noticed that my colleague tossed those dry erase markers under my desk. He's weird.)
Ouch: McLaren F1 team loses sponsor Tag Heuer to Red Bull for 2016
Damn, son.
Jeez, Cox. Not just a slubby tie, but a slubby jacket, too?
Nice, Newc. Look forward to seeing the development of this one.
The tires in Russia didn't degrade, they just wore out. Lap times were pretty consistent until the cords were showing. In that situation, the following car may lose time in a given corner, but it's not destroying any chance of maintaining a similar pace over the course of the stint. Using this past weekend's example, with more durable tires LH would have been able to stay within a second or so of NR until the stops, leaving the possibility running a faster in/out lap combo...
I would keep the 'bone, jrd, but if you'll never wear it, then there's no point in hanging on to it.
Gary Anderson suggests that even a bias toward downforce from the floor would still leave following cars in dirty air because the aero guys are better at extracting every bit of energy from the airflow these days. So, better, but not a panacea. The drivers are suggesting that the degradation characteristic of the tires is the real culprit because they get destroyed by the aero-induced sliding.
I want to thank you for surpassing the, er, boldness of my wedding tie. [[SPOILER]]
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