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Love the grounds of the Dallas house. House is pretty swell, too.
"To my eye..." I'm not trying to persuade those who like triple-patch tweeds that they're wrong, just offering my opinion in response to h'tenor's request for... opinions. Of the specific examples given by lordsuperb and Elio, the latter works better because he has a very thin hank which doesn't really affect the line of jacket. lordsuperb's bulging pocket has more of that tumorous look, but, as noted, the pattern diminishes the effect. As in many things style-related,...
Works for me, YRR92
But no love for my sophomoric punning? I haz a sad.
Welcome back, Citan!
Nothing like some warm Cuc' on a winter's day...
I don't think a license is required to remain code-compliant. You just need to do the work properly and pass inspection.
h'tenor, I like your spec pretty much as-is. I generally don't care for triple-patch jackets, but especially with chunkier fabrics. To my eye they end up looking like a tumor on the chest, particularly the curvier variants. You might consider an inner pocket for the hip pockets to hold your phone. Sort of like a coin pocket, but larger. I have jackets like this, and it helps to keep the weight of your phone/keys/whatever from bagging out the main pocket.
3.1 in the rain yesterday morning. Felt halfway decent if not much faster. :-)
No worries, AJL. I totally get what you're saying.
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