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You misunderstand my point. I'm suggesting that your approach forestalls discussion about the actual subject (not the meta discussion about the discussion). This isn't really the best venue for monologuing.
So, a situational awareness. Seems prudent.
Be careful with the choice of cushion material, though. Some can be overly squishy and unsupportive.
Perhaps you would benefit from self-reflection on your posting style, then. Frequently your tone (and your words, for that matter) says "these are the facts" rather than "this is my view, let's discuss."
Purple and gray. Purple and brown. Purple and tan.
Who would suspect an iGent of burglary, though?
Thanks. University stripe oxford from Luxire.Aww. It's been a long time since you've mentioned my earrings. Now I'm all nostalgic.I continue to be amused/amazed/bemused by Caustic's confident declarations. Whatever. Up with sauce!
lordsuberb, you're a black man, right? I have no specific advice to offer about Milwaukee or the other mentioned cities, but you might want to seek out some feedback which accounts for that factor.
Oh, Noodles...
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