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I hope he's getting paid in store credit.
"An abundance of caution" has got to be among the most mealy-mouthed bullshit phrases in use today.
As an owner of a slightly sticky-outy bum, I am bemused by your favoring a center vent. In my experience, either side vents or no vents trump the center vent in all situations.Juxtaposition is fundamental.
Yeah, it's likely that moving the stadium miles closer to me will make it much harder to get to than the current location in Oakland.
http://abc7news.com/weather/sfusd-closing-all-pk-12-school-sites-on-thursday-due-to-storm/430734/ FFS
Oh, Joffrey. You don't truly believe that, do you?
There's nothing on the site at the moment. It was going to be Salesforce's new HQ, but they decided to buy naming rights to the new Transbay Salesforce Tower and put their folks downtown instead.
Warriors Stadium Snøhetta / MANICA Architecture San Francisco proj. 2018
Oh. Snap.
New Posts  All Forums: