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3 yesterday morning. Wet and gray, but not actually raining.
My sarcasm was in response to this. I think everyone likes winners. Even the UK.
Yes, because the US is the only place like that...
3.1 yesterday
So...is there needle between Ricciardo and Rosberg? The radio transmissions sounded like he genuinely doesn't care for him.
Given that Alonso was not penalized, I don't think we are in any danger of "nanny" racing. Not that I think he should have been penalized, because that was a great opportunistic move. The VSC was likely because they used the tractor to remove the car. Not taking chances on Bianchi, pt. 2. I bet Hamilton wishes it hadn't been called. Almost certainly cost him an additional 3 points advantage over Rosberg.
2.2 at a leisurely pace with my younger son. Perfectly timed to catch the sunrise, but the clouds did not cooperate. ;-)
Sure, that's all true, but it doesn't really address Monkey's point that the electrician's reluctance is purely a liability minimization strategy. Properly manufactured and installed fixtures existed before these certifications were insisted upon. A current (heh) European fixture complying with that region's regulations is hardly unsafe.
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