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The B pattern was a easy choice for me, leaving only color. I voted for B11, B12, and B15.
Love the suit, bienluienapris
But I really only dislike them for me.
Et tu Brute?
I think you're referencing a non-existent orthodoxy. You're free to dress by this principle, but the notion that a "bright" outfit should have a subdued tie is hardly canon.
Yes, I got that from what you said. I'm suggesting that if the only difference is that the tie is silk and woven, perhaps this is really more preference than principle. If the tie is solid, not shiny, and textured, the objection is (again, IMO) a bit rigid.
Who woulda thunk that a design-focused thread could be so bro?
Okay. I think that might have to go into the personal preference bucket. I think most would agree that solid knits, solid-ish wool ties look great with tweed.
White isn't a color, it's a value. The blue and brown are muted, but even if they weren't, tan/brown pants and a white shirt are plenty neutral. Plus the field of the jacket is cream. The pattern is loud, but the colors aren't.
Well, he is wearing it in the city. By that standard, the tie isn't even the most obvious transgression.The city/country dichotomy can be useful, but ultimately you have to judge what's before your eyes. If a solid tie isn't inherently displeasing with tweed, then hanging your objection on the method of manufacture is getting out into the weeds of fussiness IMO.
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