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Just a single mile this morning, but I dragged my boys out with me. I had to bribe them with a cookie.
Single-tracking BART results in terrible backups here in SF. It may not be the sole cause of the issues, but it's a large factor.
It's not everyone. It's one.
Rosberg wasn't just off-line, he never made any attempt to turn. It was a naked attempt to take out Hamilton. Rosberg may be a quick driver, but he's apparently not much of a racer.
Driving into your teammate is foolish. Insisting in the face of all evidence that it was his fault is toolish.
2.2 this morning
So far I prefer the rain head to the handheld, but both are an upgrade from the shower in our other bathroom. We have these: Rain head And this set (minus the standard shower head—an advantage of buying locally instead of online is being able to create your own set)
So I shouldn't be enjoying it?
"Same for everyone" is a reasonable response to an issue that affects one driver or team. When it affects four teams, it's a circuit design failure. Human nature is as much a consideration as physics. You can't make a person act as if a wall is there if there is no wall. As for the race, Rosberg is a tool.
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