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I think I like the screen.
Who pissed in your Cheerios?
Cox, I think you'll find that clarinetplayer's tie does have a repp weave. My endorsement of it takes it as given. Should it turn out to be a satin, I would be less enthusiastic about it. Elio, I see the tweed there as gray, not particularly warm, so the blue and pink don't clash for me. If you don't see it that way, I certainly understand your objection. I had to get Google to translate CP's Latin, but I chuckled.
If you look up thread, you'll see I asked AAS if Regis could post despite the tie requirement. He agreed.
The city button-down shirt? It might not be the most rustic fabric, but that's not a city shirt. I like silk with tweed for the contrast in textures/finish.I am surprised that rtc and Elio are so fervently toeing the line of traditional correctness. Especially rtc...
I get 10 percent of his votes as a finder's fee.
lefty, you posted a video about the maker of this, yes?
Didn't run this morning because my manager said we were going to have a morning meeting. Which we didn't have.
Striped repp? I think that spans a few levels of formality.
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