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I was referring to this ludicrous Button "sabbatical". Ron always thinks he's innovating. How many races this year have featured good starts for both Merc drivers? Not many, I think. Their clutch was clearly designed with the assumption that the team could give feedback on the bite point. Each of them has said that the take-up is not consistent from launch to launch.
I'm pretty sure the phrase "too clever by half" was coined to described Ron Dennis. How long until Marchionne runs Ferrari completely into the ground? Button recently remarked that when he made his F1 debut with Williams, Max V was 1 year old.
I thank all who post pictures, whether professionally shot, self-shot, beautifully composed, oddly cropped, posed, candid, gorgeously lit, or barely illuminated. Empathy and benefit of the doubt go a long way...
Leanderthal is coming for the king...
Condolences/congratulations (delete as appropriate)
I think you'd want more counter space either side of the cooktop. Especially with the sink so close, I imagine dishes will get in the way when cooking. Maybe you're neater than we are, though...
DipTies brought a howitzer to a knife fight. Barring the entry of a Full Wooster™, I think he's got this in the bag.
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