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Assuming appropriate scale, I could see the utility. It would end up covered in coats and bags in my house.
SYCSYC, I agree that it's a bit jarring. But I generally find the cream hank hard to use in a pleasing way.
Hey there, Atlas! Long time no see. You made the right call. A spotless home is insufficient recompense for the loss of your manhood.
Yeah, I can't imagine any non-fascist scenario in which the swastika is rehabilitated.
Link to the new challenge? Didn't see one in the previous challenge, so didn't know it was on.
She is not. The primary user is the cleaning lady, but between the two of us, I am probably the more frequent user by a small margin.
6 miles in the rain this morning. Rolled my ankle a bit on a broken curb. Didn't bother me, but now that I'm just sitting, I am, for lack of a better word, noticing it. Doesn't hurt, but...
My bet is on a sea island cotton/Irish linen blend...
I think not being a nazi is enough to counteract the haircut, but YMMV
It's fiddly bullshit. I especially hate the air-driven beater which stalls out in the face of any real obstacle. Ours is a canister type, and that adds to my irritation. Why is this considered a desirable configuration? Instead of a single object, you have the thing you're actually using, plus an anchor to drag around which catches on every fucking thing as you move around the room.FTFY
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