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Iso, those are probably the best pictures you've posted since joining StyFo. All of them appear to fit much better than we've been led to believe. Even the RAF blue sportcoat with its excessive suppression ain't bad.
Did this actually happen to you? Because that's super weird.
I'm not so sure about this last pair...
I guess I'm just chopped liver...
I'm sure she is a woman of taste, intelligence, and distinction. But she's dead wrong here. No wider than this. Ever.
Love the tie, Rob.
Other than your suit, this thread hasn't really affected my rate of acquisition. If anything, it's slowed. I've even skipped the last two sales at my favorite local shop.
I wonder how (not) Mrs. pB feels about this notion.
12, 18, 19 are the ones I'd cull. The rest are fine (depending on taste) to good. Of the three new pairs, 1 is a definite, 2 less versatile but still useful, 3 is a loafer which is bad enough but also a not particularly lovely loafer.
New Posts  All Forums: