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If he didn't have his hand in his pocket, holding open the left quarter, I don't think there'd be any defense of the length of the jacket.
TheoP, I'm struggling with your use of that seersucker as an odd jacket.
So... no summary post?
4.6 this morning. Also walked my kids to school (about a mile) and then walked another 2.25 with colleagues at lunch.
I bet Hamilton starts from the pitlane if he's in similar circumstances in the future...
Where is your commitment, SeaJen?!
Well, I *am* American. It is my birthright to over-prescribe antibiotics for maladies unaffected by their use.
Right. My comment about moisture was more about having a substrate that offers no place for mold to get a foothold.
I like concrete backerboard. More effort, but there won't be cracking or moisture issues.
Nice jacket, Garry.
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