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Nah, bruh. Too much. You've been doing so well lately!
Well, others don't seem to be able to pull it off, so I think there must be something more to it than DRS.
It could go either way. #1 wasn't much of a cryer. #2 was colicky as hell. I wish you many restful nights...
Man, I haven't been there in years. It makes it impossible to have hope for humanity.
I gave the nod to DipTies, but it was a close call.
Yes. This is pretty much where mine gets used.
http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/127475 Impressive.
Craftsman used to be the go-to for the hobbyist or home-gamer, but I don't think that's true anymore. The nicer lines of Kobalt and Husky from the hardware stores are the equal of or superior to the stuff you find at Sears today. Snap-On is ridiculously priced, but their hand tools are incredibly good. I would put the Mac stuff just a step below, but still better tools than 99% of people will ever need. If you're willing to do the leg work and don't mind non-matching tool...
I am an ardent advocate of spoilering quoted pictures, but we should acknowledge that many of our fellow forumites consume via their mobile devices. The spoiler button does not appear in the mobile version of the site. The real answer is for the site to spoil quoted pictures by default so that any unspoilered photos are a conscious decision. Many have requested this approach, so this change is either impossible with the current forum software or the management do not agree.
New Posts  All Forums: