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Ferrari have unlearned the lesson of the Todt/Brawn era: Strong team leadership which shields it from the car company's meddling executives. Anyone who thinks that Marchionne is helping the situation is mad.
We seem to be descending into the pit of condescension, ill temper, and general dickishness again.
Good to know. Thanks!
I had a madras jacket back in high school/college. I acquired it after some rich kid's graduation party when I was doing sound for my friends' party band. It was left behind by one of the guests, and the options were put in the trash or take it. It was too nice to throw away, and it fit! Would wear again.
I'm not as artisanal as SG, but I do like to build my own stuff when I can. Just picked up these to build cabinets and closets for my remodel: The plan is for 3/4" prefinished plywood carcasses with solid walnut face frames.
It's a progress update. Who cares whether some other tailor would have done it back in the day?
Wut? You've been holding down a day job on top of all the LuxeSwap stuff? Man, I'm tired just thinking about that.
I assumed the adjoining room is a bedroom, but who knows?
Yoshiaki Yamashita Architects & Associates Garage Terrace House Kyoto, Japan
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