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G'on 'head and wear your zip sweaters and down jackets if you like them, people.
7.6 this morning, inclusive of 5x1000 at 5k pace. It was supposed to be 9 total, but, in all honesty, I got bored running around the track. I should have run to the track to avoid that. Skipped yesterday's 4 mile recovery run because my hip was still sore from Friday's 17.
Utterly within the realm of good taste. If you want a slimmer look, that's fine, but they are great as they are.
What dark magic is Frank performing out there, Rob?
So this is how you and DerekS got together!
Felicitations to you, too, HC!
Mazel tov!
Congratulations, Tira! Beautiful
This Panta tie is outstanding. Nice job, @edmorel
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