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Drakes, maybe two or three F/Ws ago.
I'm not sure what kind of weave this is. But it looks like an embroidered neat flower on a standard weave silk. I like it.
Cleav, what size shoe do you wear, old chap?
I did not, but I wouldn't be surprised.
But you don't like Alonso, so I have to take your thoughts on him with a grain of salt... All of the analysis of the McLaren Honda situation that I've read suggests that engine itself is okay (not great), but that they haven't been able to get a grasp on the energy recovery. The consistent knock on McLaren's side of the equation is that the bodywork is too tight and makes cooling marginal. Certainly it's possible that there are factors that haven't seen the light of day...
You are correct. It is not unique.
We know for sure because McLaren looks like scoring at every non-horsepower track. And the McLaren is gaining time in the corners and being left for dead on the straights. I'm not saying that I would be happy with Alonso if it were my team, but given that the comment was a radio transmission during the race, the reaction is overblown. It's in the heat of the moment and really an intrateam communication. The broadcaster loves the salacious bits, so they get played up for...
The five most recent pictures are clearly (to me at least) menswear influenced rather than actually menswear. Carrie Brownstein's is probably the closest to a man's suit.
That's not iGent. Just gent. (Which is something other than djent...)
kulata, that fit kinda begs to be worn with the jacket unbuttoned.
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