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The NBCSN team were calling for a Rosberg penalty. Rare case of US broadcast superiority? The race seemed exactly like the no-radio races to me...
Piob, what are you using for a NAS?
3.25 on Thursday, then off to Willows to race in 100+ temps. Camped at the track, so when the sun woke me up, I hopped out to run before the heat. Discovered that I need to be awake for more than a couple of minutes before running. My eyes were closed for probably a third of the 1.4 on Friday and 1.5 on Saturday. Finally, a single mile yesterday back home in SF to close out my July everyday running challenge. I'd hoped to get in a good 5-6 miles, but the high temps,...
She gets all that shape cut into the jacket, then leaves it unbuttoned.
I'm sure they will be.
He needs all the attention for himself, Derk.
No more safety car starts in 2017: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/125505/f1-votes-for-wet-standing-starts-in-2017
Just one today to keep the streak alive.
Good stuff, Clags.
2 yesterday. Windy and chilly. Went out this evening expecting more of the same and was treated to a gorgeous evening with a light breeze. Got in 5 and managed to catch every light on my route. A rare, non-stop city run.
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