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Don't lie to me, longhair!
7 miles yesterday
Cleav, your picture reminds me that I've been looking for an answer: Shouldn't the sides come together when laced? Both on open- and closed-lacing shoes? My understanding is that the V indicated a less-than-optimal fit. (No disrespect to you or your shoes; I have some which do and some which don't)
I had to google "larping" Nerds.
Let me help you. You feel great about them. Definitely working the same navy-and-white for tie and hank, but I'm not sure you could have more disparate patterns. The grounds are even reversed. Also, looking now on the big monitor, I feel I should clarify that the shirt is blue.
I don't even like them. I'm just reacting to your comment.
I'm not sure about that hippie raw silk stuff...
I choose:
Thumbed despite collar sprezz
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