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Dat Wang, tho...
If I'm in town, I'm there.
I don't need any ties, but this here, tho...
Knowing, objectively, that there is more to be had, and an idea of how much more, is of great consequence in development. It's not for nothing that the cliche is "moves the goalposts." Where you aim is generally where you land. Ferrari knew after 2014 and early 2015 where they needed to work, and the effort has shown results. I'm not saying that this is the only factor, just that it was a large advantage that Honda squandered.
I'm not sure it's as mechanistic as that. For me, there's no exact, ideal placement for a breast pocket, more a zone in which it will look correct. I would be surprised if Chris had no preference.
As competitive as M-B? No. Competitive relative to the Ferrari and Renault? Yes. Unlike everyone else, they knew the targets they needed to hit. Their own partner was using the benchmark power unit during Honda's final year of development. M-B, Ferrari, and Renault were in the dark about the competition until winter testing began in 2014. None of them could know whether they had been ambitious enough. Renault found that they had settled for not enough.
Drakes, maybe two or three F/Ws ago.
I'm not sure what kind of weave this is. But it looks like an embroidered neat flower on a standard weave silk. I like it.
Cleav, what size shoe do you wear, old chap?
I did not, but I wouldn't be surprised.
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