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Eh, I can live with that.
I suspect they intended for us to read the alternate definition, used to evoke the name of the thread. You don't have an objection to the phrase "explicit porn" do you?
Thanks! The leading fits are plenty good, though. I can hardly complain about the single-voting when I've been one of its biggest advocates.
Pearls before swine, I guess.
It's a hard look to work, thus Doc's comment. Clags: Textured wool goes nicely with corduroy. Woolen or worsted flannel. Faux tweed. For brown specifically, light and medium grays; tans.
CDock got the PTO treatment: http://putthison.com/post/90361177963/real-people-the-much-neglected-derby-the-poor
Or: "describing or representing sexual activity in a graphic fashion." Lighten up.
Still some great mileage, MP. I got in just under 130 miles this month, which has gone a long way toward to getting me back on track to get my 1200 miles this year. 5 for me this morning. Took forever to get my breathing right. Eventually, I tried singing a song to see if I could enforce some discipline, and it seemed to work.
I'ma let you finish, but I had one of the greatest fits of all time.
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