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You're missing my point. The radio transmissions are no more or less real than his demeanor outside the car. When I'm racing, I yell at other drivers inside my helmet. That's "real", but so is the courteous, friendly person I am off the track. One is private (even if FOM and other teams can listen in), the other is public. If you subtract from your assessment the whingeing and shouting from the car, he's been funny, honest, and even confrontational, but without calling...
I wish they'd stop broadcasting his in-car outbursts. Who cares, really? As soon as he gets out of the car, he's generally reasonable, and yet still is willing to give an honest opinion on things. It's just tabloid bullshit at this point. He didn't even give Max the finger after the checker.
A delicious irony.
Whiting has said that only the most egregious transgressions at the start will be punished. Had Rosberg and Verstappen made it through the corner in the normal manner, Hamilton's advantage would have been unambiguous. But they didn't, and then the VSC/SC came up. I'm pretty sure others have gotten away with similar (although perhaps not as flagrant) first-corner offs. To my mind, it's a failure of circuit design if drivers can go off the track and gain time. Put some...
Andy and AAS, both superb.
Vettel clearly transgressed the recently clarified rule about moving in the braking area, thus the penalty. Whether that rule should have been clarified as it was is another story. Verstappen had one. fucking. job. The Boy Wonder, Passing God Extraordinaire somehow failed to make the pass on Rosberg stick. Rosberg was a sitting duck, and he blew it.
Whatever happened to @thefoxtooth?
I violated my principles and voted for two: SVB and SeƱor Crust
I used to filter our drinking water, a habit I developed when I lived in Texas, but eventually realized that the SF tap water is great. I wouldn't spend any money on filtration here.
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