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5 miles on Monday. Traveling since then, looking forward to lacing up tomorrow morning.
The STR does look good. Nice livery, too.
If you're laying out that much dating, I think you might be doing it wrong.
Yes. Clean design which both touts the sponsor's brand and subtly references the Japanese flag. Good palette with the white, red, tan, and black, too.
DT's entry is strong
8 this morning along the Embarcadero. Gorgeous weather, lots of fast folks out there. Got passed a lot and passed almost no one.
These companies make a big deal over "evacuation" of the bowl, but the bigger issue with the low-volume toilets is the relatively small area of the, uh, pool.
Hmmm. She would likely get tired of having more work waiting at home for her.
Yeah, those are good, too.
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