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It's true. He did.
Damn, wingin' it! That is a high-quality week on your feet. I failed to get up early enough this morning to run before the work started, so nothing for me today. I will try to get in a swim in the hotel pool, though, and get up tomorrow morning for a run.
What the fuck, Lewis?
Dammit. Just looked again, and now mid-90s.
I need to get new shoes, but it's been so long that I fear I'll essentially be starting over again. *sigh* Got in 5 miles this afternoon, out-and-back, basically downhill, then back up. Managed to do the uphill faster than the downhill. Next week I'm in south Texas for work, forecast around 90 degrees. I'm sure someone has to be running there, but the last time I was there I certainly didn't get that vibe. Nothing but wide streets and feeder roads...
Finally, the beginning of the end for Ecclestone. He's still CEO, but I would be shocked if he's still in that position in five years. http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/126097/liberty-media-announces-f1-purchase Maybe we'll finally get a rational digital strategy.
You have to buy an apartment just so you don't have to look at it.
5.5 miles yesterday evening and 6 this evening. Today's run started off kinda miserable and sluggish, but I just kept focusing on keeping my heart rate in the zone. Ended up with negative splits for miles 4-6 and the lastest mile the fastest mile.
My beaters are Wolverine 1000 Mile boots. Currently out of the rotation because they need to be resoled.
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