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Hot damn. That's gorgeous.
We put in recessed lighting for our addition. I like it because it's even and well lit. We have various other light sources for more intimate situations. Also, the cans are on a dimmer.
Dude. Look at the picture. Rosberg is on a piece of track that no one who didn't crash had been on all weekend, and he's only just begun to turn the wheel toward the apex. He's not squeezing, he's ramming. Lewis wasn't "entitled" at CoTA, he was racing. His explanation was plausible because he started turning toward the apex at something like the normal spot. There's no double standard, Rosberg is just a clumsy racer.
1 mile
Huh? The suit is a herringbone with an accent pinstripe, the tie is a neat, and the hank is a large-scale pattern. None of them is similar in scale to another. The tie and hank are nearly the same color, but apparently the combination of satin-y and matte textures makes this hard to see in the photo.As for the knot, it looked much better when I tied it (but not good). Short of re-tying it at work, there was nothing to be done at the point I took the picture. I appreciate...
The truth is out there...
3 this morning. Just as I started my last mile, another runner turned on to the street, about a block ahead. I gave chase and ran my fastest mile in a while. Didn't quite catch up, but it was nice to have a target.
Apologies for ultra-meh knot
HBO is airing a doc about Bindle & Keep, suitmakers serving women, transgender, and other non-traditional suit wearers: http://www.hbo.com/documentaries/suited
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