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'Twas me. I am generally happy with the solution, but I think a number of smaller jars would be more convenient than the large jar I'm using now.
The post-Ron bloodletting has begun: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/127528
Today is the day. The day I feared. I agree with idfnl about the refrigerators. GTFOHWTBS.
AAS, who made that lovely tweed jacket?
My vote went to SVB. I just can't get down with the FI in a jacket context.
Crockett & Jones for Barney's
The United terminal at SFO has been a dim hole of despair. They recently added a new wing to it which is light, airy, and doesn't even crush your soul. This serves only to destroy all remaining hope when your United flight goes out of one of the old gates.
Have you been mentoring this chap?
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