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Not to put too fine a point on it, but bullshit. CBD is dead nuts easy. Go to good haberdashery, have them help you pick out five dark suits, then have them altered appropriately. Buy some decently fitting white and/or light blue shirts with a nice collar. 5-10 dark ties in a mix of neats. Black captoes. Done. You can put any of these things together in the morning without thinking about it at all. With the assistance of the good store, you don't even have to know how to...
The Good Taste thread was really only alive for as long as the establishment commented on the posts. Manton et al had a point of view, and by extension the thread had a point of view. They also had a great deal of experience/knowledge to back up their opinions, so you could learn something. That generation has stepped back and the next has not yet stepped forward. We'll get there.
That's certainly one way to view it. I agree that FOM doesn't care about politics. It cares only about money. If you write a big enough check and can reasonably assure participants that there will be no active shooting or bombing (at least near the track, hotels, and airport), you can have a race.
He has promised me that the funds are sequestered for his birdseye Formoose.
Gracias, amigo.
Need to get these sleeves lengthened a bit.
Not taking sides would be having the opposition leader sitting on the other side of Bernie. Choosing to hold a race in a country is an endorsement of the regime in and of itself. The FIA and FOM are taking sides all the time.
Sitting next to them isn't taking sides?
Other than clearance sales, I can't find compression socks for less than that. I find myself wondering why the price remains so elevated, though. Seems like a market in need of disruption...
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