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I think that Dopp kit will have to come home to join its briefcase sibling.
SVB, the pants look a bit short, but otherwise nice. SF is the IRL center of SF. If you want to meet the folks here, your best chance is in Frisco.
I was talking about bypassing the chicane. The only way you'll see cars that look difficult to drive is through the elimination of downforce or mandating the use of one set of tires for the race. And then they won't be fast anymore. The engineers won't unlearn the past 20 years of car development which have led to cars that mostly look like they're on rails.
Love the tie, unbel.
I just can't keep up with another sport. I had my chance to get on board the Warriors train a few years ago, but I just can't do it. Fun to go to the games, though.
If this is safe enough for the FIA-sanctioned WEC cars, why can't we have this for F1 again?
I give a lot of leeway on ties, with few absolute no-go patterns. For example, I don't love Fred's tie above, but I wouldn't say that it's bad.
There's a break, and I can't see your socks. I think they're fine.
So people were supposed to draw pictures of @patrickBOOTH?
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