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I didn't get 25 for that? WTF is wrong with you people?!
Why, rich old men who want to bang strippers, of course!
8 miles this morning
Probably could use two of these...
3 miles with the 9 y.o. which meant a bit of stopping and starting. I let him wear my Garmin so that he would have something to keep his attention, and it seemed to help keep him focused.
I initially used Hemrajani for MTM shirts, before I really knew what I wanted. I tried Spoon and Modern Tailor, too. I then tried Luxire, and I haven't looked back. The end of the useful life of the first rounds of shirts coincided with my trial of Luxire, and I've since replaced everything. But even there it's been more than a year since my last order. I'll probably need to replace 2-3 shirts within the next six months, though. I could stand to both thin and expand my...
I do a similar thing with a large, lidded glass vase.
I'm good for about a mile on the treadmill before I lose my mind from boredom. I used to be able to run 3 on the mill with no problem.
It is admittedly a self-imposed problem, but wearing a jacket and tie to work does require a bit of depth in the rotation. I have, however, taken advantage of the lax (non-existent?) standards to wear more casual ensembles on occasion. e.g. totally unstructured, navy seersucker jacket with olive chinos, no tie. I think I've also come to accept that unless I want to have a really big wardrobe, solids and patterns which resolve to solid at a distance are probably the best...
I hope not learned via a jolt...
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