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FM, for the love of whatever you cherish, please get a camera. Or a phone with a camera. Or something that takes non-blurry/grainy pictures.
As part of my occasional, ongoing ego-limiting campaign, I present to you my WIWWFYA: EDIT: I still own and like the tie.
Duuuuuuuuude. Quit trippin'. This looks great, not feminine, not hippy.Gray K-Dubs are a very versatile shade, more so than lighter or darker. Ideal, almost.
4 realz
I think Monkeyface's attempt was generally successful. And I'm going to start asking mods to intervene if people don't start referring to TASSEKS properly.
I haz it. Prolly wear tomorrow.
Yes, but please note that I haven't ordered a jacket from them. I've just seen what's in their thread and one of emptym's pieces (and his opinions).
I like low-contrast combos, probably more with lighter jackets, but I think a dark suit, white shirt, and silver tie is a timeless, classic look. @Tirailleur1
A bit off-topic, but holy shit!
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