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The San Francisco store has been "opening soon" for months. How flippin' long does it take to build out a retail space?
Really? I would have guessed you're my height (5'8").
Stitchy, bootses much better with gray pants.
It's not that I don't have sympathy, but you live in the Central Valley, you know what you signed up for.
No. No, you would not. We see you.
Also out...
You're blazing because someone gives compliments. Sure, he could multiquote, but this is hardly a mortal sin relative to the other asshattery that goes on here. I second the suggestion that you block his posts.
Gianni posts actual content in the PS and ties threads, plus he has commissioned some Bestettis and posted about that. I know that my tolerance for a lower signal-to-noise ratio is greater than many, but even so, I'm surprised this bugs you so much.
New Posts  All Forums: