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I like Donegals, but black (or very dark whatever that is) with the flecks was a look that was applied (not always in tweed) to many odd jackets in very '80s cuts. The white was more exaggerated back then, but that's the association I have. I had a DB overcoat in such a fabric in high school/college, so I clearly didn't hate it... Fine. As long as you feel bad about it.
I am a usual critic of your criticism, but I think you're mostly on-point with this.
Most of you regular posters seem to be too young to remember the '80s, but I do. And this jacket fabric screams 1985 to me.
I don't get the "prison cell" reference. From the pictures and drawings, it looks like the bedroom windows are 5 or 6 feet square. Plenty of light for what is, after all, a place to sleep. I'd still hit it.
blah, I thumbed "lazy pizza week" not the cancellation of your race.
Clags, I think ties in a similar color to the jacket work best with suits. In your fit today, the effect is a lot of blue up top and a completely unrelated bottom half.
5 miles. Achilles seems okay.
That house is the bee's knees. I don't have a strong feeling about travertine in general. Works for me here.
That's a rather personal question, Stitchy...
Did you start with the basement staircase as a lower-stakes practice run?
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