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Ferrari has to be the most grandstanding bunch of tools out there. In other news, British pensioner can't keep up with these crazy kids, decrees that they must use only one helmet design per season so he can keep of who's who.
3.1 this morning. Positive splits, but my first run with sub-9m pace in a long time. Slowly coming back!
I think he's bored by MC and enjoys swimming in the open waters of SW&D.
Also, I like the olive gren and the olive with orange and blue florets.
Cox remains true to himself and resistant to the StyFo orthodoxy!
You're making much better use of it than I ever did!
Alrighty then. I guess we have to chalk that one up to interesting cognitive leaps.And don't you forget it!
Now that the weather has returned to something like normal in the Bay Area, I think I'm in.
New Posts  All Forums: