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Better. Still needs lighter pants...
Kept my streak going with a minimum 1 mile.
It appears that Merc successfully gambled on the radio ban violation. Rosberg would likely have dropped farther than 3rd without the assistance from the pitwall. Pirelli must come up with some wet tires which allow for standard starts instead of this safety car BS. As Hamilton noted, the 2008 race had a standard start under worse conditions.
It definitely has a bit of Hip Man Of A Certain Age vibe about it, Cox. I can see how it would be difficult to integrate it into an MC casual look. Your attempt is not far off, but I think you need more modern footwear.
Two very hilly miles with my younger son. The steeper parts were more like hiking than running.
Just googled those drawers. Look too much like the compression shorts I use on long runs. Swamp-ass city.
They are a PITA. But occasionally worth it. I wouldn't worry about the windows unless they're at a height where a kid could run/fall into them. In which case I'd worry about drunk adults doing the same...
I second Voorhees. If the glass has made it this far, it's unlikely to be a problem. Unless you're constrained in room layout to putting a bed under the window, it doesn't seem like something to worry about.
Track limits silliness. Again.
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