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Not at all, but it's not hot, either. The suit gives the impression of warmth, but it's actually a very open fabric with traditional lining only in the sleeves. The upper back is self-lined (which, honestly, is less than ideal because it hangs up on the shirt), so air moves freely.
Well, technically, he wouldn't be eating *at* McDonald's. Spoo would be providing it in the hotel room. Plus, that's a weird enough order that it counts as an eccentricity.
For me, the pleat is a large part of the menswear reference/charm. The pants almost come off as the tailored equivalent of "boyfriend jeans"
Do you not see that the screens close to prevent that? And that there are glass doors between the house and porch? Or are we suggesting that photo shoots are reality? If there were stairs without some sort of baby gate shown in the photos, would you assume that's how they actually live?
I think the cut of each places them squarely in the menswear on women bucket.
Really? How so? To my eyes, it has many fewer potential hazards than your typical suburban tract house.
I have two barrel-cuff shirts. The denim-y looking shirt you've seen here and a casual shirt I wear only occasionally. All the rest are FC, including the oxford cloth shirts. None is a button-down, however. Obviously, I don't mind wearing them with odd jackets. I also tend to wear very simple links. As for the correctness of linked cuffs with odd jackets, does the advent of buttons predate the advent of country clothing?
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