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Williams can't have two young guys with little/zero experience in the first year of a new formula. With Bottas gone, who else can they get besides Massa? Button probably wasn't interested in driving an also-ran car; he could have had that at McLaren. Who else is left? Ironically, Rosberg's hasty departure seems to have screwed both of the teams he drove for in one fell swoop. Speaking of Nico, I've watched a few post-season interviews with him. It didn't change my...
It is very much too short.
#1: I liked this the first time around. Jacket sleeves are a bit long, but the combination is tasteful and the textures are nice. With nicer photography, I suspect more thumbs would have been given. Shirt definitely does not need to be darker. #2: Weird angle, bad light. Hard to overcome #3: Can't really see much #4: Suit's cut is kinda meh, it's wrinkled, and the fit is indifferent (at least as pictured). Socks are too vibrant for the rest of the outfit.
All in one, and probably too many for the size of the vessel.
This is among the best things I've ever read on StyFo.
There's merit in CM's last post, but the rationale is misapplied in this case. The only people likely to notice and read it as nonchalance are menswear geeks, and likely not even them. The general population will likely wonder why he's wearing a tie when you can't even see it.
'Twas me. I am generally happy with the solution, but I think a number of smaller jars would be more convenient than the large jar I'm using now.
The post-Ron bloodletting has begun: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/127528
Today is the day. The day I feared. I agree with idfnl about the refrigerators. GTFOHWTBS.
AAS, who made that lovely tweed jacket?
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