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Not me, but I do want a pale gray university stripe. Maybe you're thinking of my pale blue university stripe which can appear gray in some pictures.
That's not unreasonable. It's also not the rule. The clip above is funny and highlights how drivers will find new ways to drive beyond previous rules considerations.
I like them best with low contrast.
2.1 yesterday morning with my younger son. He wants to run the Giant Race 5K so he can get a bobblehead. :-)
There's nothing in the regulations about starting a move. It's also impossible to write a rule which encompasses every conceivable scenario. And it's fine to believe that Rosberg was in the right or Hamilton was in the wrong. But it's not what this rule says.Hamilton probably fell afoul of this same rule in Austin. But, it was the first corner of the race, the wet conditions gave plausible deniability, Rosberg wasn't hit, and they're on the same team. Who was going to...
Sander, you should definitely not wear colors that cakv doesn't like.
By that logic, as soon as the leader moves to the left or the right, the following car would be obliged to back out, no matter how much room there is to pass. The reason Rosberg is unambiguously at fault is that this occurred before the braking area. Had Hamilton dived down the inside on the brakes, not getting any overlap until Rosberg was turning in toward the apex, Hamilton would be Kvyat at fault.
"You ... don't know what you want. Luigi knows ... what you want."
I don't know if I like it, but it definitely elicits a heartfelt "Wow" from me.
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