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I may wear a tie that some (most?) on StyFo think is ugly, but I like. It's difficult because it's a non-dark blue and I mostly wear blue shirts.
I have two buttons on my Polo DBs. I appreciate the option of rolling to the bottom button, but I never do.
So, um, wow.
I predicted that that handsome summamabitch would be impossible to beat.
Thanks for the votes! A tied second place with TTO is a result I can live with (although I'd rather have the shirt...)
Fueco, is your wife still doing the ultra cycling—it was cycling, wasn't it? I was going to do a duathlon (run/bike) last summer, but I never got around to riding my bike. I have set myself a 2017 goal of riding my bicycle to work (~20 miles) once a week, though, so maybe it will happen this year.
4 this morning because I woke up late and had somewhere to be at 9. Ankle was okay, not tender, but a little stiff.
I forgot that pBOOTH was back on the loose.
Just between you and me, I've found a buyer for DT and the CEsspool. To ease the transition, both will appear to be part of StyFo for six months, then they'll do what they will. And speaking of StyFo, I'm hoping to maximize the initial synergy of StyleForum/San Francisco and StyFo/SanFo. We'll be using them interchangeably. I apologize in advance for any confusion.
I recently completed a highly leveraged takeover of StyFo. No more LAGuy; now it's SFGuy.
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