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Yeah, boyee!
I just measured a shirt I liked and sent them the measurements with the adjustments I wanted. The shirts arrived as specified, and subsequent changes have been iteration, not correction.
Um, so, yeah. I should have been more clear: Please to have auto-spoilered pictures in quoted posts.
PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEE, can we get auto-spoilered pictures? Pretty please?
I guess I share your inclination because I added garlic to the butter before adding the tomatoes and onions.
Made beef/pork meatballs, cooked in Marcella Hazan tomato/butter sauce. Friend roasted squash, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts. My first time making meatballs, but won't be the last.
I agree with Patrick R
Actually, race is a non-biological construct, but that doesn't stop people from using and acting on it. As we've seen here. No one is pretending everyone is the same, just expecting that wildly broad (and negative) statements about groups of people generally aren't useful or accurate, and they certainly aren't pertinent to the subject of this thread. I know it's difficult for some to understand that being offensive is, well, offensive, but they'll just have to muddle through.
Thanks! It's PoloThe blue in the tie gets lost against the blue shirt.
False alarm. It got into the 70s today. I wore flannel, fortunately we have air conditioning at the office.
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