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This morning I got into a clothing conversation with the receptionist at my dentist. She expressed her enthusiasm for eBay and Chanel, so I had to point her to LuxeSwap.com.
Thass what I was saying!
Wait. No, that was just a fleeting picnic attack. I officially unquilt.
Fine. I quilt.
I settled for a nice orange hank. Great to see everyone! Thanks, Gus and Jim. (I can confirm that @Murlsquirl's freakishly large hands are a photographic artifact, not a physical deformity.)
thafuck? How can you diss me like that, brosef? You think so little of me? I'm through wit you.
Black moire:
Do you think I disagree with this? Because I don't.
noo·dle (ˈno͞odl/) verb verb: noodle; 3rd person present: noodles; past tense: noodled; past participle: noodled; gerund or present participle: noodling informal to picnic and almost quilt "Noodles noodles on a regular basis, but he comes around" Origin early 21st century: of StyFo origin.
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