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Iso, I like it for you, or at least the you that you've presented to us here on StyFo. I think it accomplishes what you want to accomplish.
9.25. Misjudged my improvised route in the park and overshot my intended 8. My Garmin's HR function kinda flipped out for a couple of miles. It suggested that I was maintaining a HR between 85 and 99 bpm while running. After a bit, it started reading more plausibly again.
My friend put one in his living room when he had two kids under 8 y.o. and rambunctious puppy. As far as I know, it's never tipped over. That block is pretty heavy.
How much work is that "pretty much" doing in the sentence above?
In which case consider referring to the poster instead of quoting the post.
I must withdraw from the last category. That's worsted wool. But I do thank you for your consideration.
Apparently Mercedes tried to get the other teams to close the loophole that allowed them to "use" three engines this weekend so that Hamilton has multiple power units to get to the end of the season. They didn't agree, and now Merc has taken advantage of it. I don't understand why they put Hamilton on the soft tire for his third stint. He was relatively close to Ricciardo could have finished the race on the medium. There was no way the soft would be fast enough to make up...
My tie is probably more accurately described as robin's egg blue.
One of the worst smells is from cutoff wheels. It's almost like they were invented to sell bandsaws.
What chaps my hide is that I have a pair of Nike in the same size which do fit.
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