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SeƱor Crust, that picture of you on the train platform is a winner.
My SuSu wish is for non-functioning sleeve buttons.
I used to get up to watch them live. Then I had kids and realized that I could enjoy them just fine via DVR and with no commercials.
iPhoto? That is some Apple dedication. Maybe it's better now, but it got so terribly bloated that I had to give up on it a few years ago.
The cuffs are bit much for me, fairlynerdy.
Have you vowed never to speak the name Formosa again?
Good US news... Tavo Hellmund talking about buying Manor Bad US news... CoTA may lose government subsidy
AAS, that looks great. The bow tie certainly amps up the Professor vibe, but I suspect that you're able to pull it off IRL. A nice paisley madder standard tie would be nice with the suit.
Fresco is great, but is effectively only available for MTM or bespoke. Even on StyFo, that is hardly a practical recommendation. Check out that BrooksCool, broseph. Also: Benefits of machine-made suits include no seam blowout from shower steam.
New Posts  All Forums: