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I think the reason shorter men can get away with the same cuff that taller men do is that the width of the pant leg is roughly the same for both.
What's your team, Murl?
I'm shorter than helden, and I get 2" cuffs.
So... because they're wearing a coat, they have to wear socks? Does this rule apply to the millions of women who regularly wear skirts and pants in the winter with either no socks or only pantyhose? They should go without coats? Or should they wear socks with their heels?
For the true fan...
What can I say? I likes the Giants. I likes Bumgarner. I likes camo.
You two are similarly chinned, at least in cropped fitpics.
And, thanks, unbel. Nice of you to say. For the record, Murl, it was this righteous fucking piece of headwear:
Do not want Luca's shirt. Of the bold stripes posted above, I like all but the second last to varying degrees. For me, it's vital that the color not be too saturated/vivid, though.
Stitchy, agreed, but there won't be any joy on the cuffs front. Not enough fabric. I could get a false cuff, but it wouldn't help the drape. I'll probably get my tailor to add some hem reinforcing tape to add weight.I think a Fair Isle would be more comfortable with tweedy things. That sort of traditional. But don't be sad. It's just this man's opinion.Thank you (and the others who thumbed). Our house is being remodeled, and non-cluttered areas in the house are few these...
New Posts  All Forums: