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SVB: I think I see what you're going for with the fat knot, but the execution leaves a bit to be desired.
Still trying to finish this damned remodel. Taking up my money and mental energy. But mostly can't complain. I continue to follow your LS progress with pleasure.
He's not quite that tall.
For mere mortals, Butler. The Queen wears ermine capes, but they're costume for everyone else. My point is that the Informal category (as defined here) is essentially anachronistic at this point. If we're going to acknowledge modern context by putting dinner jackets into the Formal category, then Informal really shouldn't be included at all.
5 miles
The difference is that Hamilton is actually turning the steering wheel. In both cases where he was penalized, Rosberg made no attempt to turn into the corner. He doesn't fade the other guy out wide, he just drives straight on. Reducing all of that stuff to "radios bad" is oversimplification to the point of meaninglessness. Do you think that if there were no radios the driving and pit strategies would be materially altered? They would still work out the theoretical ideal...
Would wear.
Where are strollers worn these days? In context, I mean.
Under the restrictive rules, the team could set strategy with the driver, so there's no change in their ability to tell the driver to back off or push. I believe Hamilton's request to know Nico's pace would not have been allowed, though. NBCSN has two Brits and an Aussie. Diffey did cover a lot of US racing as did Hobbs, and the latter also raced in the US, including Indy. Emmo's being a steward wasn't material, I think. Rosberg has twice driven straight on at a hairpin...
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