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I'ma hate you, Stitchy. But just for a couple of minutes. All I can say about the buttons is that they are metal and brass-colored. Their actual composition is unknown to me. I'm considering swapping them out for horn or horn-like plastic because they make annoying noises (the sleeve buttons in particular).
Last tie of the week
I'm only using the one button, so why have the others? Plus, I'm relatively short, and I think the cleanest lines possible should be my target.
Señor Crust, I think your seersucker combo is wonderful, and I'm disappointed that more here haven't acknowledged it. C'est la vie... Clags, the tie is pretty damned nice. I'm actively fighting the urge to buy it (and the similar navy/burgundy Bigi there). AAS, the orphaned suit jacket is objectively a sin, but you're somehow making me like it. I think your generally outré daily style has softened up my critical faculties as far as you're concerned. Damn you. Also, get...
Sometimes I do, sometimes not, but having an ideology about it seems a bit overzealous...
I'm pretty sure that if I made the leap into MTM or bespoke, all of my suits would be one-button. Also, until my acquisition of that navy seersucker jacket, I owned zero blue/navy odd jackets. I do find myself thinking about getting one, but mainly to wear with garishly colored odd trousers.
6.5 this morning from the Mission to the ballpark and back. I'm confronted this weekend with the prospect of a 14 mile run up in Napa. The combination of much warmer temps than my usual and finding a suitable route in an unfamiliar area are kinda stressing me out.
Today is my last day in jacket and tie this week, so I'm out.
I don't really understand what folks have against tie keepers.
Oh, Clags...
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