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I look old, too. You need a whippersnapper.
Most of any additional square footage in my house would be dedicated to a wood shop, metal shop, auto shop, and studio. I guess we'd add a guest suite, but other than that, I don't think we need any more rooms. I say this as a San Francisco small house dweller. We recently increased the living area in our house by ~50% and are nowhere near 2000 s.f.
My bathrooms are tiled floor-to-ceiling. My thinking is that a room with water, wet towels hanging against the walls, and bodily fluids should be as impervious as possible and easy to clean. If I were building from scratch, I would spec a floor drain, choose an impervious ceiling treatment, and hose the fuckers down. Why was lordsuperb's question out of bounds? It didn't offend idfnl, and it seems like a legit curiosity thing for someone living in a studio to wonder what...
lefty, you need a hype man to follow you around and challenge these affronts to your virility.
6 this morning
I harbor no illusions of my own speed, so my reaction is mostly just awe. For whatever reason, the majority of fast people I come across on the streets of SF are women.
6 miles yesterday morning. I was trying to keep my average pace under 9min/mi, but was pretty gassed by the last mile and just slipped over that. Encountered a woman whose apparent effort was about the same as mine, but she was hustlin'! She passed going the opposite direction, then later passed me after turning around. I accelerated to her pace to see how fast she was going, and I think she was somewhere between 6'45" and 7'15"
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