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I guess we'll get to see what he decides this time...
Those three posts probably contain more text than the rest of thread combined.
I have a friend who lives in that area. If you don't have to commute out of the city, it's a great location. Proximity to the park, the ocean are enviable.
What neighborhood is the escrow house in, M?
Bigger, nicer house next to some open space. I think they're now in West Orange, so still citrusy.
3 this morning plus I tried some 80m hill charges. Terrible, but I should do more of them.
lefty, although not nearly old enough, can say he's been in the shit, man.
My good friends lived in S. Orange for probably ten years. Just moved at the end of last year. I always enjoyed visiting. Lovely area, and they lived within walking distance of the train station. Also, notably diverse, particularly from an SF perspective where you're unlikely to see middle class black families. jcm, it's too fucking hot in RWC, no matter what their signs say.
pBOOTH, your picture link was broken yesterday, but someone helpfully quoted it today. Quite nice, as is your usual standard. Hair, as ever, stunning. Garry, I don't like ticket pockets, either, but if I like everything else enough, I can overlook them. For example, my favorite cut in Polo has them.
Either of these. I have the barbell (wearing them as I type this, in fact): Available in sterling from Brooks Brothers.
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