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Can't speak to the less $$ part, but I'm certain that you can specify which elements you'd like to be handstitched.
Also, Kinski was known to me and my friends in college as Nasty Kinky.
Absolutely right. I googled Quincy Jones Peggy Lipton, and picked this without looking too closely. Here's Q with Peggy Lipton:
I'm not commenting on your respective tastes in movies, just calling you morans. Why do I need to have a reason to call you morans? I thought we were cool, Moo.
Another moran.
You know that's Rashida Jones, right? Good genes:
I have a lightweight flannel suit, and while it's not as sharp as the heavier stuff, it feels great. DonC, the colorful cords seem to be your thing, but if you're going to wear them in these combinations, I think you should get cuffs to help make them look sharper and drape better.
I'm sorry, honey, but you have to choose. You can plug in either your phone or the lamp, but not both. We can't afford more outlets.
The TWAT Master has spoken.
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