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RRL cargo Flat-front, dark gray, flannel 17.5" half-waist 28.25" inseam 40.75" top of waist-to-cuff 12.5" thigh 8.75" leg opening
Brooks Brothers 1818 Regent Single-breaste, two buttons, side vents Brown worsted pinstripe Jacket 29.5" BOC 18.5" shoulder 23.5" pit-to-pit 24.25" sleeve 21" waist at button Trousers 18.75" half-waist 28.25" inseam 38.75" top of waist-to-cuff 12.75" thigh 9" leg opening 2" cuff, 2" to let
Tradly Southwick Single-breasted, 3-roll-2, center vent Gray worsted flannel Jacket 29.25" BOC 22.75" pit-to-pit 18" shoulder 23.5" sleeve 21.5" waist at the button Trousers 17.5" half-waist 28.5" inseam 39" top of waist-to-cuff 12.25" thigh 9.625" leg opening No cuff, 3" to let
Incoming... Free to qualified individual(s) (+ cost of shipping within continental United States) Hart Schaffner Marx Single-breasted, 2 buttons, center vent Gray worsted with blue and red overcheck Jacket 23" pit-to-pit 29.5" BOC 19" shoulder 23" sleeve 22" waist at the button Trousers 18.5" half-waist 28.5" inseam 39.75" top of waist-to-cuff 13" thigh 9.25" leg opening 1.625" cuff, 2" to let
It was much closer to what men actually wore.
Nice. Although the video CM linked is probably how most people do their bar lacing, I think this pattern makes for difficult cinching. I prefer this:
Probably too late to help, but here's the '80s: Low buttoning points, bold shirt stripes, and bold ties.
Creases so sharp you couldn't get them past TSA:
Which one?
Yeah. No.
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