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Germophobe much? Everyone on the podium gets sprayed with "driver saliva" after every race. I don't go in for the religion stuff, but I think Hamilton's god is the conventional Christian version. I am utterly dismayed by this recent practice of starting wet races behind the safety car. Make the wets with sufficient tread depth to handle the water, and let's get on with it.
Also, the (non-)decision re Hamilton's short-cutting the chicane was curious. Obviously better for the "the show", but I imagine that had Perez done that with Vettel behind, the call may have been different.
Didn't see the post-race because NBC ended the broadcast right after the race finished. Sounds like I should have no regrets about that, though...
Garry got the nod.
Clags has apparently decided to introduce the wide-ranging nature of this thread to the main WAYWRN thread, so I guess it's surplus to requirements now.
Garry, that is '70s-tastic. Captures the complete vibe without looking costumey.
Hard to disagree...
A few from the past week or so...
Hook 'em, TWD! Congratulations! Nice beard, DonC.
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