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2.1! With my 8 y.o. son. Nothing particularly exciting about the run or distance, but it was my first time out in a month. This neck/arm thing has really knocked the wind out of my sails.
The shirt sinks this one for me. Save the salmon for dinner.
Men of character who don't resort to the modern flimflammery of computerized villainy, that's who.
NOBD, you might actually get people to pay you if you dropped the royalty to €1 per shirt...
tUnE-yArDs is the, um, bizness.
I think that's well within the bounds of this thread's mission. Clags himself posts links to various ties and hanks he comes across.
Thanks! I'm, uh, not sure... It's a fairly open weave like fresco from an Italian mill that is apparently kinda middle of the road (my recollection from looking them up initially), a notch below Loro Piana, but substantially cheaper IIRC. It's a lighter weight than I had set out to get, but I decided to trust the tailor's recommendation. I think it's ~10 oz.
That espresso hopsack would make a nice casual jacket.
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