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sopping... Damn, now you have me thinking of biscuits.
Shoes are dark brown, not black.
What 'tits said.
Iso, I'm late to the party, but the tweed SB is too short and probably too tight at the waist. There isn't just pulling at the button, there's bunching at the hip. Your DB pics are pretty much useless for assessing the length of the jackets. Robopose, camera a decent distance away, between waist and chest high. As for the other examples you posted, any pro shoot pictures are likely pinned/clipped at the back to make the jackets form-fitting in an unrealistic...
Everyone I know out here has LiftMaster.
I am not surprised, Cox. Lest you think that I'm judging you, I should note that I went on a Meyer binge 20 years ago.
Indeed. They're not going to assume that you know what you're doing, so the inspection will likely be more involved. But compliant is compliant.
Love the grounds of the Dallas house. House is pretty swell, too.
"To my eye..." I'm not trying to persuade those who like triple-patch tweeds that they're wrong, just offering my opinion in response to h'tenor's request for... opinions. Of the specific examples given by lordsuperb and Elio, the latter works better because he has a very thin hank which doesn't really affect the line of jacket. lordsuperb's bulging pocket has more of that tumorous look, but, as noted, the pattern diminishes the effect. As in many things style-related,...
Works for me, YRR92
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