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If I seemed to be singling you out, that was not my intention. Most recent polls have skipped it, too. It's true that it's a bit of a pain in the ass, but noblesse oblige and all that...
Yet still quite nice.
We seem to have dropped the custom of adding all of the entries to the original post. It was a useful custom...
Hamilton needs to be in front of Rosberg in all the remaining races and win probably three of them. Far from over, but close... Rosberg did the same thing at Malaysia that Vettel did at Spa. It was indisputably Vettel's fault then, and Rosberg's fault this time. He chopped in front of Max without realizing that Vettel was there, too. I thought Max made a legit move in Spa and Vettel the same here. idfnl, are you suggesting that Hamilton is responsible for the engine...
When did you get the Maser, Spoo?
I suspect anyone willing to sell out their principles for a free $30 tie will betray their spinelessness in many other ways.
Why would you not feel positive about paisley madder? Sure, some colorways can be garish, but I think that applies to a lot of patterns.
First tweed of the season
6 miles yesterday evening. Looked back at Monday's run and saw that we climbed nearly 800 feet. I felt that.
5 miles with SFH3 yesterday evening, up, down, and around McLaren Park. At the mid-run beer check (I had seltzer):
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