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6 this morning. After last Friday's left me in pain, I took a week off. Felt a little something around 4 miles today, but no pain while running. However, I've been limping around ever since. Something is definitely messed up.
Love that coat, beepbop
Painters left about an hour ago. We went a bit bold with the colors, but it's San Francisco, not some gated HOA community in suburban Houston, dammit. I'm digging it. Interior will have to wait a couple weeks, though, because a delay in getting started means they backed into our having guests.
Perhaps you should put off the project long enough to befriend a general contractor and get referred directly to the subs. You have my sympathy.
Lack of correlation does not bode well for the Silver Arrows...
AAS, I think that would be great without the navy cardi.
That's cray cray. We're talking about finishes and fixtures, right? No structural work?
Vettel was lifting on the main straight when he set his fastest times today. Everyone on-site also says the Ferrari is noticeably more stable setting its times than the Merc is. I strongly doubt that Merc have a full 2s in hand, either. But we'll see.
Ferrari looks genuinely quick this year, so it likely won't be Hamilton v Bottas for the win every race. Who knows how much RBR has in hand, though? The Oz update better be a good one...
Maybe I shouldn't?
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