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Really? The radios are open, so I'm sure that there is a recording somewhere. It's not the first time the TV broadcast has cherry-picked radio conversations to heighten the drama.
Wolff says Hamilton did not disregard suggestion to remain 2s behind Rosberg: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/115779
The podium! I'll take it.
21273.4 + 6 = 21279.4
6 in recovery mode
As of this writing, I am in third place. SUCK IT, HATERZ!
No hate for Rosberg, but I do think he's a smug rich kid who will have lucked into this WDC. I certainly have no issue with his command of various languages. He's clearly an intelligent guy. I just found it funny that his attempt to win over the crowd had the opposite effect. I don't buy the conspiracy theories.
Headed to Miami this week. Will not be taking corduroy with me...
New Posts  All Forums: