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That's pretty good IMO
I would like the green-on-green with a darker tie.
This isn't fair, Noodles, and it doesn't reflect well on you. Please, let's move on.
What an odd thing to say.
But I'm in both places. Not a very effective strategy. Maybe try the watch thread?
He's back(ish): http://www.styleforum.net/t/504711/sartoria-formosa-suit-minnis-grey-fresco-50r/0_50
Indeed. Whippersnapper.
The safety car was a wash for the MB boys, I think. LH was on track to pass NR without it, and wouldn't have been under threat from RBR etc. without it. Likewise, NR likely would have been able to follow LH home without much pressure from the RBR cars. Oddly frenetic race from LH, though. Lackluster start, near contact/off with NR on the first lap, swamped on the restart, contact with DR. I don't agree with his assertion that NR took his line at the chicane on Lap 1, but...
Unfortunately, I don't have a tan suit, so I can't actually wear the look. I wish Guido's shirt were solid white, too. Elio, a bit richer brown than that, but that's the idea.
Get rid of the cats...
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