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21092.7 + 6.8 = 21099.3
6.8 miles this afternoon with 8 striders. I need more sleep. Earthquakes at 3:30 a.m. aren't helping.
For Ian? Apparently, yes.
Above-the-counter cabinets generally don't look very good. And, in terms of the feeling one gets in using the kitchen, they're right in your face making everything feel cramped. I tried to persuade my wife to go with a design which eliminated them, but I failed.
Just missed the podium, but still a gratifying result. Thanks for the votes!
The penalty for Magnussen seemed a bit harsh to me: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/115569
My man. GMMcL, a spread collar isn't inherently formal. A spread might be *more* formal, but a shirt in that same fabric with a soft collar would look fine. Does the jacket CYA?
The team's and driver's objectives don't always align. I don't have a problem with his lobbying for his position. In any case, the selective broadcasting of radio transmissions is one of my pet peeves. From what I can tell, many of the top drivers are kinda whiny/complaining on the radio, but some don't have their transmissions broadcast so frequently.
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