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Will StyleFriends pay mortgage in the absence of a job? If so, I am interested in pursuing this opportunity.
Not complaining about which knot, rather about how it was tied. Note how it's all pushed in and unsupported at the top.
Don't be sad, Andy. Costume can be fun, and it generally doesn't hurt anyone. I encourage folks to wear what makes them happy. But we're having a pedantic discussion here!
You do see that Hamilton is turning the steering wheel, yes? This is the difference that I and others have highlighted to you repeatedly. You can dismiss the importance of this factor, but at least acknowledge it. I would also prefer a formula which allowed for flat-out racing. But that's down to tires, fuel, engine/transmission longevity, etc., not radios.
Shirt seems a bit too suity for that combo, Derek.
The rule was eliminated because it was impossible to enforce consistently and non-ridiculously. Prior to the change, the team could have told Hamilton everything except for Rosberg's pace. Gaps, strategy, position were all allowed. As was "Hammer time, Lewis". You may not like the phrase, but there's nothing new about keeping pace in reserve and speeding up at key moments in a race. Fendered cars have different racing rules because they are less susceptible to disabling...
I would wear Garry's combos in temps from 50-59 (old money, please). I wouldn't need the parka, though!
Tentatively in. May be traveling.
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