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Well done, Andy. I don't even like yellow ties.
If you like gadgets and enjoy them for their own sake, by all means, automate your home. Except for lights, unless you have some specific problem you're trying to solve, it's pretty useless IMO. I have connected t'stats, lights, cameras, door lock, etc. I didn't even pay for them, and I still think it's probably not worth the money.
Apparently Rosberg would have had to retire the car without the assistance from the pit wall. I suspect that this is the reason they decided not to appeal the penalty. The appeals court would have heard this and likely just DQd him completely. Now that teams know the price of violating the rule, I suspect there will be more violations.
Careful with the advice from SG. He will lead you down the path to wood fetishism.
4.25 yesterday evening
The window in one of our bedrooms is about that high off the floor. We got new windows, and it's standard glass, so I guess no is the answer. For the bog roll, it seems like a fair few brands of paper are too big for those recessed holders.
I am confident that those windows will not pose a hazard. But you gotta do what makes you feel at ease.
Better. Still needs lighter pants...
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