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There's nothing objectionable about it, but it doesn't hit the notes that seem to draw thumbs like flies. It's not great execution of a classic look. It's not high-degree-of-difficulty. The check is noticeable, but not WOW notable. The pose leaves him all wrinkled up. The lighting is washed out. Photographed better with a better pose, it would have gotten 20 thumbs.
There's a Home Depot in Chelsea? I guess I always assumed you'd have to get out of Manhattan for that sort of big-box suburbia.
I LOL'd.BTW, I came across that rarest of rare second-hand finds today: A staple three-piece suit in a short size. The only things holding it back from full-on grail are the pants with a bit less rise than I would prefer and not enough length to get a good cuff. Even better, it fills the hole left last year when I LuxeSwapped a similar suit in a larger size which no longer fit me.
NPHAF, I like that. Maybe black or burgundy shoes would have been better, though.
clarinetplayer, I've always enjoyed your posts generally, but in the last few weeks you've been executing flawlessly. Really good stuff.
At least in this picture, the lapels look pretty awkward at the notch, and the barchetta looks unrefined.
We're not worthy: http://sfist.com/2015/01/23/local_badass_completes_7_marathons.php Seven marathons, seven continents, seven days
That's what we tell ourselves...
By this I mean that not everything has to go with everything. He likes variety. He likes color. He likes pattern. Giving him useful advice requires factoring those things into our recommendations. A large wardrobe of interchangeable stuff seems unlikely to tickle his funny bone.
I don't consider spotted hanks to be statement pieces, but I guess YMMV.
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