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I just can't keep up with another sport. I had my chance to get on board the Warriors train a few years ago, but I just can't do it. Fun to go to the games, though.
If this is safe enough for the FIA-sanctioned WEC cars, why can't we have this for F1 again?
I give a lot of leeway on ties, with few absolute no-go patterns. For example, I don't love Fred's tie above, but I wouldn't say that it's bad.
There's a break, and I can't see your socks. I think they're fine.
So people were supposed to draw pictures of @patrickBOOTH?
I hate to stoke CM's ego, but that really is a nice jacket. He even accessorized it in a pleasing way. Dammit.
Good looking bag...
So, F1 tire-management racing is bad, but Rossi's tire-management win is good? I'm not saying that F1 can't be improved, just that it's not bad. The tire situation varies from track to track because there's no way for Pirelli to predict the temperatures with +/- 5 degree accuracy two months out. Given the mandate to produce two compounds, one of which is supposed to degrade sharply after no more than 1/3 race distance, it's always going to be a crapshoot. When they get...
"Lazy Bear is a picture of contradiction, first that it’s a high-end, quite glamorous restaurant right off gritty Mission Street..."
New Posts  All Forums: