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Peal captoe bluchers
Well I did wear a dark suit with a colorful tie earlier this week, so...
StyFo provides...
This jacket makes me feel like I'm a Muppet. Click to zoom first pic for Muppet-y texture goodness.
I think Elio made a comment about that particular button-down combined with that particular Italianate jacket. Also, Cox, I like memes as much as (perhaps more than) the next guy, but I would be ever so grateful if you could refrain from posting memes with hateful racial slurs. Even with whimsical spellings, they aren't particularly whimsical to me.
How unfortunate.
I think they've figured out that most men who buy a suit won't care that their working buttonholes are poorly placed on the sleeve, or that their sleeves are too long. But they are impressed by the working buttonholes because it's a "Sign Of Handmade Quality".
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