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Are these your bedroom eyes, Monkey?
Cox out to a provisional lead...
It's okay, Tira. Those words mean different things to each of you.
Nice, Betel.
Yes, exactly. 10 oz seems to be the "light" option in the Unfunded Liabilities thread. My impression is that the only time you see recommendations for 9 oz or lighter is for things like fresco.
I'm not sure I'd put Perry on the other side from Putin...
The bright side is that you can go directly from your interesting summer fabrics to your interesting winter fabrics.
Cox, I think your preference for modern, lightweight fabric over the sturdier stuff of the past goes against the StyFo Groupthink. The general preference of the bespoke crowd seems to be 10 oz. or heavier for the superior drape and shape. Notably, though, Despos seems to like working with lightweight stuff.
Where you goin', Stitchy? Moar Jewish holiday? Noodles, I think you have learned something, but that something has been fit. We haven't really seen you do odd jackets, so who knows? Maybe you have a latent genius for pattern and color combining...
Not to put too fine a point on it, but bullshit. CBD is dead nuts easy. Go to good haberdashery, have them help you pick out five dark suits, then have them altered appropriately. Buy some decently fitting white and/or light blue shirts with a nice collar. 5-10 dark ties in a mix of neats. Black captoes. Done. You can put any of these things together in the morning without thinking about it at all. With the assistance of the good store, you don't even have to know how to...
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