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You're rebutting with a Wikipedia entry which highlights flaws in the work that supposedly rebuts my position?
My guess is that they think that they're dressed as their customers dress (or want to dress). They seem to be doing okay with this approach.
I've long said the problem with NYC is that not enough people are packing heat.
What, exactly, do we supposedly want to be?
I have no problem with this.
Our former nanny married a man who later taught English in South Korea. While she was there, she actually appeared in a Korean soap opera. To my knowledge, she had never done any acting before then and hasn't done any since.
I was pleased to give the 20th thumb for AAS' post.
Speak for yourself, fulky.
Why do I get that pre-rickrolling sensation...?
From itsstillmatt's era... http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=12876146
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