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mcobinad: I want to preface this by saying that I like your Gazelles, but the picture without them shows how much of your face they obscure! You're a handsome guy, and the Gazelles become the focal point instead of your face.
Terrible. I read that they're going to use the F1 track layout for the rest of the weekend to take that corner out of the mix.
I think Clags started a thread on a very similar topic.
3 miles on Wednesday afternoon, 3 miles yesterday morning. Wednesday featured long inclines for about 325 feet of climb which made me realize that almost all of my running lately has been pretty flat.
I got a couple of Nest t'stats through work. They look cool and work just fine, but I've found that the "learning" aspect is pretty much useless in an active house. We have two other "smart" t'stats which don't have a learning function, and they work just as well. I can't imagine spending my own money for them, especially in a zoned system with multiple t'stats.
That video suggests that Hamilton actually did leave Ricciardo enough room on the outside, but that Ricciardo assumed (quite reasonably, I'd say) that Hamilton's trajectory would cross his. In my view, Hamilton's only offense was cutting the chicane. After that he was fair both by idfnl's standards and the rules.
3 miles yesterday morning
Hmmm. If so, it would be an odd choice to investigate the ambiguous portion of the interaction rather than the clear-cut violation.
mcobinad, your boys are adorable.
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