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Ask Lumber Liquidators about MIC... But you could also ask Apple...
You're reaching now. Wait for some hate you can really get behind.
I saw 100+ comments since I last read this thread, and I knew that there would be a lot of noodling. I was not disappointed.
Do you have measurements on that gray Brooks suit yet? (and single- or double-vented?)
2.9 mi at ~9'00"
I cast four votes, at least 100 percent more than I expected I would do.
T'anks for the fumbs!
But only the Chevies, apparently.
It's not bad, but I would prefer medium-dark gray.
AAS, the vest is still too short (or the rise on your pants too short). I don't think the patchwork vest works with these other elements. If I might make a left-field suggestion that could very well suit your aesthetic, I would like to see you try the vest with a blue/white seersucker suit. It could be a train wreck, but in my mind's eye, I see a suit that's strong enough to stand up to the boldness of the vest, plus some of the dissonance that seems to float your...
New Posts  All Forums: