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I'm likely to show up toward the end of the clothing portion.
Def WAYWT. If anyone is likely to rock tuxedo pants in a non-tuxedo context, you're likely to find him there.
I would like to note that I tried to get a donkey show discussion going. I tried.
For @An Acute Style
Miata times? Do you race, bro?
They've had power steering for ages. The limit is the limit is the limit. You can see even in the most recent onboard shots that the steering wheel is alive in their hands, showing the effects of bumps and varying traction throughout the corner. The old stuff looks more exciting because the camera is bouncing around. The cars are just better-engineered than they were in the past. The downforce is greater and more consistent. The damping is better. The torque curves are...
3 miles
For a while there, I was headed for the goose egg. That would have been something!
For the Tijuana Baptism, a donkey drinks the shot off your forehead.
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