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I have RSVP'd
Although I liked Clags' outfit most, Bienluienapris' doily hank was really the only subtly odd note for me.
With Manton out of the city for this heatwave and pBooth apparently MIA, we're missing the usual center of complaining gravity.
For $75M, I want a better video.
wingin' it, your 32 miles in two days is about two weeks' worth of my running right now! I simultaneously do and don't envy you. 7.6 this afternoon. Intended to do just 7, but improvised my route.
This is why contractors love the cabinets that arrive assembled!
Not unless you come into an inheritance or a jackpot.
Assembling IKEA cabinets is hardly difficult. I assembled and installed them in a day.
3 at sunset. Negative splits, last mile mostly gently up. Felt good!
Really dig the second shirt, AAS
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