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Agreed. No one is in F1 for rational reasons. It's a pure passion play that some have managed to make profitable after many years of not being profitable. What you say about the 107% rule is exactly why Ron is full of shit. If they don't spend, they go out of business. They have to bet the farm in order to keep the farm.
NOOOOOOOO. He said "TASSEKS" not "butt loafers"!
And why does that Marinella have to be 63" long?!
Ah, well... I probably didn't need to spend that money anyway.
I asked in that thread about whether the snuff suede Carmina in 9.5 UK would fit my US 10D
Totally forgot about the FC when I got ready for work today. Dammit.
re Ron Dennis, he was criticizing teams like Sauber, not defending them. His point was that McLaren never spends enough to endanger the overall operation. You could be right about the profit-taking, but I don't think you are. Virgin came in more on the basis of restrictions on spending than on the promise of equitable distribution of revenue. Mosley sold them a bill of goods, and by the time that was confirmed, they were already committed.
Thanks for the nod
This right here is everything I'm looking for in an AAS post: Trad, loud, color-coordinated, TASSEKS.A+, broseph.
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