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More evidence that not everyone at Pitti looks like a clown:
The shirt and tie are a little too slick for the jacket, and the hank is just wrong and poorly folded/stuffed. With a knit tie, I think this would have gotten more love because the colors are nicely put together. The socks, especially given the explanation, are fine by me. I know people get offended by fun socks, but maybe those people are taking things a bit too seriously?
Also, not everyone shows the same number of posts per page, so page numbers aren't particularly helpful.
I don't expect most MC folk to dig it, but it's groovy.
These photos of the Vaaaaaaaash and G&Gs really do them a disservice. The photos posted by members are usually much better than these.
I'm not sure I would call that a contrasting buttonhole. Isn't it just picking one of the colors from the fabric? Whatever the case, it looks nice and didn't stand out for me at all.
He looks kinda silly, but his companion's outfit looks pretty good to me.
Blah, that looks fantastic. wingin', all you need to make that complete is a kick-ass fan to blow the sweat away.
Sorry, Tweedy, I guess I misunderstood the direction you wanted for the discussion. I thought you wanted to talk about why it might not have gotten past the threshold. I'm not surprised that I thumbed it. It's a good combination, and I'm sure it fits well. I can't say that I'm immune to the effects of pose and lighting, but I like to think I can generally see past them to assess what's being worn. This would all be so much easier if AAS could send out an easily...
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