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Wut? You've been holding down a day job on top of all the LuxeSwap stuff? Man, I'm tired just thinking about that.
I assumed the adjoining room is a bedroom, but who knows?
Yoshiaki Yamashita Architects & Associates Garage Terrace House Kyoto, Japan
Generally speaking, I think the flooring should match whichever space it appears to be a part of.
F/W Garry is the best Garry.
6.9 this morning from the Presidio over the GG Bridge and back. Unfortunately, the same lower-calf issue that took me out in the fall came back toward the end. Now Bay To Breakers is in doubt, and I was going to run it with my 11 y.o. son. I haz a sad.
I think he felt some moves the Rangers made were a slap in the face to the fanbase, so fuck those guys.
There's the "sack" cut, and then there's the "sad sack" cut...
Just read the blog post, SG. Looks great.
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