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The consensus seems to be that removing FRIC suspension won't change the competitive balance.
Cabbies drive all over the place: http://nyctaxi.herokuapp.com/
Elio, I think the criticism of the tie is a bit overstated. It's not SF-approved, but that doesn't make it bad.
Elio, give it a shot with a really sharp navy suit, white (or very light blue) shirt, black shoes. I am on the record with my dislike of yellow ties, but it's just another solid color. As Wongolini says, wear without care.
Here's an elevation with a "person" standing on the deck for scale: The bedroom windows look about large enough to walk through. Even if they're only 4' square, that's fine for me. Perhaps it's better to think of them as "sleeping quarters" rather than bedrooms. I'm not trying to persuade you, just explaining why it works for me.
Also, Clags, that SC is 100% YOWZA. I like it, but I imagine you have to be feeling mighty chipper to choose that when you get dressed in the morning.
I like Donegals, but black (or very dark whatever that is) with the flecks was a look that was applied (not always in tweed) to many odd jackets in very '80s cuts. The white was more exaggerated back then, but that's the association I have. I had a DB overcoat in such a fabric in high school/college, so I clearly didn't hate it... Fine. As long as you feel bad about it.
I am a usual critic of your criticism, but I think you're mostly on-point with this.
Most of you regular posters seem to be too young to remember the '80s, but I do. And this jacket fabric screams 1985 to me.
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