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Yes, bright orange can be used only for hunting. No one ever wears it outside that context. Ever. You can be arrested for such misuse in some countries.
17 on Friday
Not sure about this new pose and locale, Clags...
So no one should use Flickr or Dropbox or...?
I'm pretty sure everyone shares info (they'll say anonymized and aggregated, of course). Google's entire business is based on that. As for simple external drives, I remember the bad old days of MP3s pre-iTunes. No thanks. iTunes is slow and kludgy, but still an improvement in my book.
Can they? Certainly. Are they? I have my doubts.
mimo, if you really think that anyone is locked into the Apple world, I'm afraid you just don't know much about how iOS, MacOS, and iCloud interact. For example, all of my music is stored locally, but it is accessible on any of my devices without having to transfer files. In theory, anyway. Match still has some wrinkles, but it mostly works without a hitch. Apple does make some things around music and video files difficult, but it's a legacy of the time when media...
Time to put away the hooch, Clags. How are you settling in back home in the land of the free? It looks like your clothes survived the crossing intact.
There will likely be local storage as there has been for iTunes Match. iPhoto has sucked for years. No experience with Aperture. Adobe has moved to a subscription model for its software and fuck that noise.
Quoted for awesomeness.
New Posts  All Forums: