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Oh, you just want to walk right on the edge with the MotoGP, don't you? Please, everyone, no two-wheel spoilers.
1 yesterday and 1 today. Yesterday was planned, but today a late afternoon movie with the family interfered with my planned run. So I ran a mile in my street clothes after we parked at the theater.
My first 29 years were spent in St. Louis and Austin. I believe my sample size is more than adequate.
Those are his ankle tattoos!
On second reading, it occurs to me that this could be read as a dis of Garry's summer wardrobe. I'm just dissing summer itself.
Hmmm. I never find myself coveting the summer gear... Dat jacket, Garry. Dat jacket.
1.75 yesterday, 3.3 today
Wow. 150 acres for less than the guy across the street paid for his house. I think his whole lot might fit inside the house.
Delin Arkitektkontor Lundnäs House Hälsingland, Sweden
It would be great if one could subscribe to F1 and have the races waiting for you on the Apple TV.
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