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de Blasio read the Onion piece for reporters yesterday: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2015/01/de-blasio-does-dramatic-reading-of-onion-story.html He squandered the opportunity, though. He should have said only the quotes, not read the story.
For posterity:
WTF is up with Cuomo? How does the governor get to decide whether NYC's public transit picks up passengers? And the travel ban? Come the fuck on, man.
Frequently I decide at the very last minute whether I have enough time to get dressed for work before dropping the kids at school. On those days, the likelihood for regret is high.
Camel lady looks awesome except for the stacking. If those just kissed the ground it would be
This is almost as bad as the Bay Area's overreaction to the rainstorms last month. But at least NYC was threatened with snow.
Featuring Luxire's bulletproof denim shirt and overly saturated color
Someone recently said he doesn't understand the point of black bluchers. I think they're perfectly at home in gray-based odd-jacket fits or even gray suits in cozier fabrics like flannel.
9th, what I'm really getting at is that if women (or men for that matter) are physically comfortable in the winter with bare ankles and a coat, I see no basis for a rule against such. If you want to say that traditional menswear doesn't look good with bare ankles, I think that's a more defensible statement (independent of my personal dis/agreement with it). And hose is a tool of the patriarchy, so I'm hardly going to decree that winter ladies can't be well dressed without...
It's a baseball bat, so the verb remains bat.
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