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I hate tall people.
Does your wife know?
Are these the recently "ruined" pants with the excessive .75" break or are these the "no break" pants that you like?
Licensing for interior designers seems less valuable than licensing for hairdressers (who might actually burn your scalp with chemicals). I'd rank its public good at about the same level as licensing massage therapists.
3.1 this morning, slower
Long time no see, TB! The jacket looks to be a hair long, but I think it might be exaggerated by the high-contrast pants. With a mid-gray lower half, I think it would be okay.
Noodles, I suspect this tailor has done you a favor. From what I've seen of those pants, they are not the right cut for "no break".
If you define the interior decorator's role as helping you fill a space with socially approved stuff, of course the role is frivolous. But there's no reason a decorator can't look at the space, interview the clients, and come up with a design which respects the architecture, functions well for the client, and looks good. To dismiss decorators is essentially to say that everyone has to be good at this stuff, and if they aren't they have to live in a shitty space with ugly...
Technically, WWYWY...
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