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Yes, I understood that you were referring to that, but how does this make him "my boy"?
Er, what?
19781.5 + 6.5 + 5 + 14.2 = 19807.2
AAS is in his wheelhouse with these summer fits. I choose to ignore what was spoilered in yesterday's shorts fit...
I have a wider knit, and the issue with it turns out to be the knot. Since it doesn't taper like a sewn tie, the knot can be pretty hefty. I'm sure it's something that could be accounted for in the design, but as it is, you end up with a great width and a so-so knot.
Clags, GMM, EFV, Stitchy
5 miles on Independence Day along Silverado Trail. Got out early while it was still cool and gray. 14.25 this morning, again on Silverado. All of the more interesting roads in the area go up the hills on either side of the valley, and, frankly, the 14 miles of rolling crests were enough for me! Forgot to charge my phone last night, so I had to wait until later. Missed the cool gloom, and the end of the run was getting warm.
GMMcL, you should try to remember the height and distance of the person holding the camera for your pic with the missus and Ferrari. You finally look like you're as tall as you are, and the bothersome proportions I notice in your regular WAYWRN shots are absent. Speaking of your missus, that was a very thoughtful present.
Gotta say I'm a bit disappointed by the treatment of Kira in this thread. The piling on was unseemly.
Those are skinny. Too skinny, in fact.
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