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How do you know this?Anyway, the consensus among F1 folks seems to be that his attempt to back up Rosberg into the clutches of the Verstappen and Vettel was well within the rules and not unsportsmanlike. The criticism has been aimed at Mercedes for trying to interfere. Gary Anderson's take:I do give Rosberg credit for soaking up a ton of pressure in the final race. In some ways, even though he wasn't quick, it was among his best performances.
Mercedes have made it clear that the retirements aren't Hamilton's fault. Short of running into other cars or parts of the course, drivers can't really break the cars anymore.
Moss, care to name the offenders?
Rosberg won, fair and square. He's still a twat. I'm not sure what career retirements have to do with anything. Or Instagram. Or fast laps (especially in races not won by the holder of the fastest lap). Over the course of their three championship years at Merc, Rosberg has had superior reliability. He's also managed to crash into Hamilton multiple times. Is anyone here really trying to suggest that he's a better driver/racer than Hamilton? Really?
Please. Nico is a twat and the second-best driver at Mercedes. I get that you don't like Hamilton, but Mercedes gave that championship to Rosberg with the poor reliability for Hamilton. He didn't suffer just relative to Rosberg, but relative to all of the Merc power units in the paddock. You're right that few will remember the details, but today we know the truth of the season. I agree that the cool-down room action from Hamilton could have better, but he was totally...
If you're going to insist on the honorific, then I think it must be Dr. Breasts.
Thank you. Crockett & Jones for Barney's, 10D
First Stitchy, now Tits. Christmas (and Hanukkah) done come early!
Bernie will want to give the dictatorship in Turkey time to stabilize before returning.
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