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A suited DonC is the best DonC...
Good stuff, Fueco!
They're walls, not flaps. I think they're supposed to block the views (in and out), and the openings frame particular views. As for the halls, isn't progression through narrow spaces into larger spaces a fairly standard move? I'm not sure why concrete would induce claustrophobia, though. It's just gray. I find all-wood spaces to be much more overwhelming.
A rare Dig appearance!
Do we really have to have the white-shirt-with-tweed debate again?
Maybe I'm dead inside, but I just can't get enough of concrete.
Not eating between 8 pm and noon the next day sounds extreme, but it's not uncommon for me to have only a Clif bar and a cup of coffee between those hours. When do you people eat dinner?
I'm afraid this will get me shunned, but I think the Amies suit looks terrible. That waspish waist and long jacket do nothing for me.
For all but the tallest of men, I think a DB should be as short as possible because it bisects the wearer with a hard horizontal line. With a SB coat, the sweep of the fronts up to the buttoning point extends the apparent length of the legs. nabil, is that a suit? The texture is amazing.
scatterbrain, the dark solid hank is less than ideal, and the tie stripes seem to be fighting the tonal palette of the rest.
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