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Really? Clearly this falls into the category of resort wear, and it's playful. I think lots of people could wear this. Off the top of my head, I could see AAS, southernstyle, SVB, tira pulling off a jacket like this (whether or not they'd want to is another story).re spectre, I think he's walking the talk. Look at the full-fat pics:Both super sober, but I see nice textures. I agree that a taller collar band would be nicer, but he's clearly not talking out of his ass. All...
Not very?
It freaked me out, too. I took that as a sign that it was exactly the right GIF for the occasion.
The evil that men do...Sort of appropriate, no?
Those clowns wore black, Stitchy.
I sometimes think that if I had a chance to go out and buy a complete wardrobe in one spree, I'd be very tempted to get five navy suits, a variety of textured black ties, and a couple weeks' worth of pale blue shirts.
AAS, why the 'stocks, man?
I come here for a daily dose of curmudgeonliness, and motherfuckers are in here swooning about the beautiful weather?
I always knew you were a dick like that.
We see you, playboy! http://putthison.com/post/92056058856/real-people-the-endurance-of-prep-prep-style-is Monkeyface, does it have the vintage thirst? How many years on its shoulders?
New Posts  All Forums: