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A black grenadine would go well with what we've seen of your style. You can dress it up or down to suit. I have a black knit with a more refined texture than typical, though, and I think it's nearly as versatile as a grenadine. It's also wider than the usual knits.
I offer to buy you a drink, and you threaten to steal my clothes. It's a twisted notion of hospitality you Portlanders have.
We briefly had Valencia with no history. And it sucked.
I hear what you're saying, but I think it's almost an objective comparison. My guests arrived late, so the grill was not as hot as I needed when I finally put the chicken on. I had to finish them in a pan and the oven, which meant the asparagus were a bit past it by the time the food hit the table. The potatoes, however, were excellent!
I think you just need to choose the mobile version and Safari will keep the cookie so it loads the mobile version automatically. It works on my iPad...
Laguna can't pass an FIA inspection. They can't move the wall at the corkscrew back any farther, and changing the corner would be sacrilege. I think 5 and 6 are similar situations. I went to COTA the first year. It's a worthy track for F1 (and MotoGP). I hope that Indycar and NASCAR will eventually race there, too.
That appears to be a much better version of what I cooked tonight.
San Francisco is not a night city.
We know this. That would work, too. I don't happen to own one of those, but was thinking about ordering some yesterday in fact.
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