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I am confused by this post. Is there something in this picture that is supposed to make SVB feel bad?
Stitchy is moving to San Francisco. Oops. Was I not supposed to tell everyone? Dammit, I have such a big mouth...
Noodles, there's nothing wrong with wearing that shirt with that suit. The neat looked better than the stripe, though. Although CM stated his opinion emphatically, that shouldn't give it any more weight than others. Ultimately, though, if you don't like the combination, then don't wear it. I don't understand this notion that shoes truly reveal the character/quality of a person. This seems more a reflection of the priorities and predilections of the viewer than anything else.
Hey, Murl, are you gonna post that "anonymous" pic with the hank?
Thanks, breauxsef!
With apologies to Bugs Bunny: It might be, rabbit. It might.
Elio correctly identified those as C&J, Noodles. So, today I told a tailor to make me a jacket. I'll keep you posted.
They'll cave your head in if you don't?
WtL, I think the jackets are too small for you, and the pants (at least in the first picture) are probably too large and need a pressing. In the second outfit, the tie and hank should never be within 100 yards of each other.
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