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Nice kicks, Garry. How ya been, kulata?
With equal reliability, Hamilton is in front or level with Rosberg. He's the same guy that he was before.
Yesterday I ordered some prefinished maple ply to make cabinets for our new bedroom and bathroom. If they turn out decently, I'll post pics...
pBOOTH, do what you'd do if you hadn't made conversation with him. Look at it this way: If a newsstand vendor had asked you the same thing, you wouldn't feel compelled to buy a paper every time you saw him, would you?
5.2 this morning through Mission Bay to the ferry building. Gorgeous day in the city!
I wish I could say the same...
5 this morning, second run in the Kinvara 6 I got last week. Feels similar to the 5, but not quite the same. The difference is likely mostly that they're not worn down at all, so my mechanics are slightly different.
You agree that slubby ties should be burned? Good man.
3 yesterday
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