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Wait. What?
Well, you responded to my statement about upper cabinets (and SH's upper-cabinet-free pictures) with this: "There is clearly a group of contributors whose kitchen design views are powered significantly by looks, and that does not mesh well with heavy use." Perhaps you need to be more clear?
Then don't vote for him!
Which tools/utensils/whatever can be placed in an upper cabinet but cannot be placed in a lower cabinet?
It's interesting that you believe that you must have upper cabinets to have room for the required cooking utensils.
Congrats, Fueco! Even at a reduced pace, that's certainly a solid day's work.
Easy 3 this morning.
I would say the same thing here.
You don't need a huge kitchen to forego upper cabinets, you just need to let go of the notion that every wall needs a countertop.
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