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Block stripes.
22200.8 + 4 = 22204.8
Yesterday/FC x-post: Playing bingo
Dearest AAS, I'm afraid this one has gone off the rails. I suspect most of the blame lies with the choice of sweater, but that shirt's pattern isn't helping. If you insist on it, then a less refined tie is in order.
Wool/cash blend
Okay, perhaps that was a bit forcefully stated.
I'm fine with it. There's a lot going on otherwise, and the white/cream is a simple accent.
Sorry to go back, but on the car thing, an experienced tester/journalist is perhaps the worst judge of whether a car will meet the needs of a typical buyer. Excepting those who will take their cars on a track, an extensive test drive will reveal the character of the car and consumer data will tell about the reliability. For 90%+ of car buyers, getting comfortable in the car, seeing if they can make sense of the controls, and confirming that the car has acceptable...
It seems to me that threads with Foo turn into threads about Foo because everyone makes them about Foo. So, gentlemen, your move...
jcmeyer, I don't find the tie as repellant as others seem to. I think it would be lovely in a spring/summer combination (including a blue linen or fresco suit). It's horrible with the recent combo, though.
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