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Coming soon to a Transbay near you: http://www.socketsite.com/archives/2014/12/refined-designs-timing-400-foot-tower-transbay-block-9.html
Maybe. I haven't been running...
If I weren't joshing with Stitchy, yes, I would mean "moron", but since I'm joshing with Stitchy, I mean "moran". Furthermore, you take your single quotes and piss off. [[SPOILER]]
So, rtc, now that you'll be going to medical school in the Dominican Republic, will you need more lightweight suits?
Can't speak to the less $$ part, but I'm certain that you can specify which elements you'd like to be handstitched.
Also, Kinski was known to me and my friends in college as Nasty Kinky.
Absolutely right. I googled Quincy Jones Peggy Lipton, and picked this without looking too closely. Here's Q with Peggy Lipton:
I'm not commenting on your respective tastes in movies, just calling you morans. Why do I need to have a reason to call you morans? I thought we were cool, Moo.
Another moran.
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