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Ha! The shoes don't really match the carpet, but I guess at that low angle, they did reflect the color a bit.
Iso, I don't think any of those qualities is particularly dependent on button configuration. Yes, if the top button of a three-button suit is placed in the middle of the lapel roll, that can affect things, but that's not inherent to a roll-2 or roll-2.5 configuration.
5 yesterday This running-every-day thing is interesting. Despite the much lower mileage, I have the same feeling of being tired that I get when doing 5 days/week for half or marathon training. I would have thought that my one-mile days would be roughly equivalent to having a day off, but apparently not.
Agreed. The first point is bewildering.
It was a good race, no doubt.
Oh, you just want to walk right on the edge with the MotoGP, don't you? Please, everyone, no two-wheel spoilers.
1 yesterday and 1 today. Yesterday was planned, but today a late afternoon movie with the family interfered with my planned run. So I ran a mile in my street clothes after we parked at the theater.
My first 29 years were spent in St. Louis and Austin. I believe my sample size is more than adequate.
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