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Thank you for enforcing standards, Spoo. You're doing God's work.
rtc, yep, it's the Indigo Canvas Oxford
Except that they clearly say different things to different people.Clearly the irony of my all-caps retort was lost. For both of us, I think this is appropriate:
Why are you too skinny and too tall, Spoo?
What I'm saying is that Ricciardo was the victim in both incidents. I don't think either required a penalty, though.
Please don't start another GNAT thread. As for the Grad Lounge, my sense is that most of the content boils down to "Why does X work or not work?" A title which captured that essence would at least be descriptive. But is it necessary...
I see what you're saying about the "pegged" look. It's not a bad thing, necessarily, but if it bothers you, you're going to need a much wider leg opening so that the hem can cover most of the laces. I like the big cuffs. I don't buy into the notion of shorter cuffs for shorter men.
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