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Sander, you should definitely not wear colors that cakv doesn't like.
By that logic, as soon as the leader moves to the left or the right, the following car would be obliged to back out, no matter how much room there is to pass. The reason Rosberg is unambiguously at fault is that this occurred before the braking area. Had Hamilton dived down the inside on the brakes, not getting any overlap until Rosberg was turning in toward the apex, Hamilton would be Kvyat at fault.
"You ... don't know what you want. Luigi knows ... what you want."
I don't know if I like it, but it definitely elicits a heartfelt "Wow" from me.
The relevant section:
Well, he hasn't really been challenged in a few of those races...
It doesn't matter that Rosberg was making his move. Once Hamilton is alongside at all, Rosberg is no longer entitled to that piece of tarmac. That's the rule. The stewards took the easy way out. Also, to be clear, I don't blame Rosberg for his jink to the right. He just failed to realize that he wouldn't be able to complete the block. Shit happens. I do think it was worthy (under the current rules) of a reprimand.
Awesome picture, Clags.
Dude. At that closing rate, either Hamilton was going off the track or directly into the back of Rosberg. Rosberg was entitled to move over, but once Hamilton was even partly alongside, the rules say he had to leave racing room. And Hamilton was alongside, still on the track. Rosberg failed to shut the door. There is no ambiguity here.
The videos are an excellent addition.
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