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The beauty of ditching the tokens is that the FIA doesn't have to define substantial. If the engine manufacturer and associated team think they have more to gain over the season by taking a 5- or 10-spot penalty in one race in order to do better in later races, let them do it. It's self-policing. The token system (as predicted) enshrined Mercedes' advantage for at least two years, possibly three. I'm not sure how anyone can assess the current situation as beneficial to F1.
The suit turned out well, FM. The tie is a bit vibrant for my taste, but whatever.
He certainly messed up by not just taking whatever deal Ferrari was offering for last year.
Hulkenberg stuck at Force India for two more years. I hope he has a get-out clause... http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/120568
Easy to wear. Just pair it with a white shirt...
Voted for Choc. I liked EFV, Cox, Thin White Duke, Regis, too
7 miles this morning
Supposedly McLaren insisted on tightly shrouding the mechanicals, making cooling unnecessarily critical.
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