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Butler, some of us don't have full seasonal wardrobes. But I have something in mind...
Why do you think the 40 is too big? Judging by the pictures above, it looks much more workable than the 38.
GQ has been advocating dark, check shirts with suits for years. I think the trend acecow has noticed here is more about loud shirts with loud ties. I.e., general craziness.
I was reading the Sartorial Myths Busted thread and came across a few posts from @luftvier. I wonder how he's doing these days.
6.5. I intended to do 4x400 intervals, but after the first 400, I was completely out of gas. Took forever to get my heart rate back down, too. Oh well. Next time, I guess!
FIA says, Suck it, Red Bull.
Glad you like the tie, cp. Desperately sorry that you've been presented with weather which made it appropriate for the day.
I have no idea whether he will be successful, but I don't think that his previous position in the company is indicative of the possibility of success.
I think the early betting would favor pocketsquareguy. I may play, but the warmer weather round these parts may keep me out.
Well, as long as you appreciate it...
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