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"Wu-Tang is for the children. No more Ol' Dirty Bastard. No more Osiris. From now on it's Big Baby Jesus." I never watched TRL, yet somehow the stars aligned as I was flipping through channels and I came across Mya & Co doing "Ghetto Superstar" with ODB wildin' out beforehand. Big. Baby. Jesus.
The plumber had to come out again to cinch it up after a couple of weeks, but it seems to be holding up fine over the past six months since. There is, however, a metal piece that seems to be working its way up through the joint between the toilet and wall. I can't figure out what it is, and I haven't gotten around to calling the plumber back out. Something I've noticed with both this toilet and the streamlined (but still floor-mounted) toilet in the other bathroom is that...
Tits, what is the nature of your confusion?
We went to a trade-only tile showroom to choose what we wanted. I then found the exact same tile at Lowe's for 60% of the contractor's price. It turned out to be a pain in the ass, though, because no single Lowe's store carried enough for the job. I think I ended up going to three locations to find enough in the same color batch.
Further to what Skinny is saying, I was planning to buy everything from Amazon, but paused when I saw a ton of complaints that the in-wall Geberit tank was damaged in shipping. I went to the plumbing supply guy in our neighborhood, and he was within 10-15% on everything. Plus, I know he will personally stand behind everything. He also let me take the floor drain for the shower without paying so we could make sure it would work.
I would suggest that if one finds navy inherently informal, then avoid navy shoes made up in a more formal style.Or this. Personally, I think the navy shoes above are fine, albeit dandyish.
Navy or not, those shoes are best worn with a suit. The spectators partly in denim (?) are a novelty item and and they're a, ahem, walking contradiction.
Sounds like you moved to the right place!
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