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Only if there are fairly large seam allowances. Turn 'em inside out and see what's there.
Shame is not my goal, TH. I'm trying to help you skip forward in what I presume to be your journey toward looking sharp as a tack. You can go back (waaaaaaaay back) in the original WAYWRN thread to see where I started. I cringe when I look back. Generally, people were encouraging and I got some positive feedback, and that felt nice. But I didn't really make progress until a senior member gave me a dose RealTalk™. If I recall correctly, his critique was very similar to the...
Will.i.n (Sorry for the delayed response. You've been gone so long we're out of practice.)
Cox, I prefer the frames in the second picture. Strongly prefer...
TH, the jacket fit is terrible. I hate to be so blunt, but there's really no silver lining here. It's too long, the balance is off, the vent is gaping, the sleeves are too long, and it appears to be too tight in the chest and back. You appear to have an other-than-flat bottom, so I strongly recommend side vents for everything.The top half looks good, but, even taking into account picture quality and leg positioning, the trousers are too slim.
What Greg said. I think you're thinking of silk sharkskin, a la Godfather II.
AAS, you need to get on the Luxire train, my brother. Shirts that fit properly are not optional. CP, I like the combination. A bit ambivalent about the vibrance of the hank, but it's far from a deal-breaker for me.
What is your climate? • 10 oz. doesn't wear much warmer and drapes more nicely. • No ticket pocket. • Birdseye/nailhead is a good weave if you want some visual interest. Sharkskin is a no-brainer. I would stay away from mini-herringbone or any sort of mini-check. • I would suggest a gray a bit darker than mid-gray
Do not want either, rtc.
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