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Dat shoo serkle tho...
For whatever reason, the shop where I worked didn't play music when I got there. I couldn't get by without it, so I brought in a CD boombox. The guy on the lift next to mine was the only one who seemed to care much about what I played, but we had lots of overlap in our musical taste. I did not play a lot of classic rock, but we did enjoy listening to the Ten at 10.
21665.3 + 4.1 + 9.1 + 4.1 = 21682.6
Shooting sweater?
It's lame that the other passengers didn't stand up for her.
4 instead of 9. I think I'm overtraining. Or undersleeping. Or something. I think I might skip tomorrow's run and see if I can't be a bit fresher for Saturday's 20.
I can think of many better options which aren't the uniform you describe.
hooker, it's probably for the best. That tie was straight-up porno, and it would have led only to trouble.
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