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A distinction without a difference.
Was that Foo? I thought it was Ed. But good advice either way. The more stripes I see with these checked jackets, the more firmly I believe that block stripes are the only good option.
The universe is speaking to you, Murl.
I mainly don't like the horsies on the tie.
Gary Anderson suggested that the engine manufacturers should provide the power units to the customer teams free of charge since car companies were the ones who wanted them. Hard to argue with that. Also, Bernie needs to die. And the EU needs to invalidate that ludicrous 100-year rights deal to get CVC out of the sport. Of course, so much rests at the feet of Montezemolo for abandoning FOTA for that extra cash Bernie waved in front of his nose. I support Merc's refusal to...
That's too bad because there was fantastic racing this season.
I like everything except for the rogue shirttails.
The worst was Nelson Piquet in Brazil. He basically told Hamilton he had a hot girlfriend and moved on to Massa. Bizarre. A most satisfying end to a championship I thought would be unfortunately decided by DNFs. LH's disproportionate share of misfortune during the season certainly made him work hard for this second championship. For his part, NR's qualifying this year was quite impressive. If he can translate that into better race pace/craft, LH will have his hands full.
New Posts  All Forums: