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Wehrlein confirmed at Sauber. Bottas visiting Mercedes factory.
2 miles on Monday. But for a couple of days, I spent December ill. But feeling better now, and looking to get back into my running. Judging by Monday's run, there's much work to be done...
In the spirit of the season, I liberally distributed votes, but Seb McFeezy was the tops in my estimation.
Sheepy! You look well. Yesterday:
There are more drivers than there are seats, and many who would drive for nothing. Without a collective bargaining agreement, this is what you get. What I think is most interesting is disparity between Mercedes and Red Bull. RBR are getting stellar value for money.
Wonderful, indeed. Happy new year, SeƱor Crust!
The lower unit is confusing. How does that kitchen go with the rest?
YMMV, but I much prefer the C9 stuff to Old Navy's line. The C9 has breathability more like "real" brands, but the ON stuff that I tried just feels like running in a polyester t-shirt. Gap had a line of athletic wear years ago that was really good. I have a couple of shirts that have held up nicely.
I do, but not in a manly way. Whenever I use them, I feel like an impostor.
I appreciate your attention to this matter.
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