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I don't know what you guys are talking about. Señor Crust's tie looks great with that suit.
Both look good to me. When you ask about the angle, are you talking about the acuteness of the peak?
Trouser versatility is an over-considered criterion. If you can wear two different colors with it, it's certainly versatile enough. Frankly, it's not like any strongly patterned jacket will be worn frequently enough for it to matter.
I guess. But damn...
You wouldn't? Why not? Thems is the tits, especially the first one. BTW, I'll be in NYC the week before the NYC Marathon if any of you suckas wants to meet up.
How do you bespeak a vicuña jacket and then just be like, "Fuck it. I ain't even want this no mo'"?
Yeah, Motherfuckers, It's A Corduroy Suit Award: Gerry Nelson Hacking Your Ticket Pocket Award: tchoy Loving Life Award: bytor See, I CAN Do That Boring Shit, Too Award: AAS Set Your Watch To It Award: Cleav Rare But Deserved Appearance Award: Señor Crust
When will Mrs. Stitchy stage an intervention?
Thumbed for general impression, but I think the chukkas may stand out just a bit too much. Maybe a darker color or more elegant last?
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