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Apparently all the hype about millennial disinterest in cars is a bunch of hooey: http://jalopnik.com/millennials-buy-a-ton-of-cars-everyone-was-wrong-1698923293 It's not surprising that StyFo attracts a bunch of participants who prefer clothes to cars...
How does the rise compare to Epaulet? I tried their pants at the SF trunk show, and I found it to be...modern. Fine for casual pants, but nothing I'd wear with a jacket.
SeƱor Crust, I contemplated that very distinction, but concluded that brevity is the soul of wit. Perhaps erroneously...
Clearly not an English professor...
I'm saved! No 40S!
Sucker for punishment, eh? My friend's (much older) brother has worked for GM since the early '70s. He likes other brands, too, but he has rarely been able to resist the lure of the employee discount.
Stitchy, you are such a knucklehead.
As a ~30" inseam-wearing fella, I resent that remark!
Now I remember why I didn't put links for those in my sig. The image search by member function seems to be unable to index the pre-Huddler threads. In any case, this is the thread where I show my work:http://www.styleforum.net/t/160731/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-ii/
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