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OTC for "smart" clothing, and whatever for casual wear. I would prefer OTC for everything, but interesting casual socks are almost never offered in that length.
7.5 this morning. Not exactly a strong run, but it got done.
The camera work at this race seemed designed to make the cars look slow.
The holes I get are on the bottom of my heel. It doesn't happen with every sock, but if it does that's where it happens.
I guess we'll get to see what he decides this time...
Those three posts probably contain more text than the rest of thread combined.
I have a friend who lives in that area. If you don't have to commute out of the city, it's a great location. Proximity to the park, the ocean are enviable.
What neighborhood is the escrow house in, M?
Bigger, nicer house next to some open space. I think they're now in West Orange, so still citrusy.
3 this morning plus I tried some 80m hill charges. Terrible, but I should do more of them.
New Posts  All Forums: