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Iso, you have to stop posting these wide-angle pics which make your shoulders look huge and waist look tiny. They aren't helping your case or goal of getting useful feedback. The Chan pic is, literally, worthless to us in terms of giving advice. I suspect that suit's not as bad as you say, though.
Oh. Snap.
No one should listen to this idiocy.
I've never seen a style like this. Very striking.
Iso, you're experiencing the pitfalls of commissioning too many pieces at once with an untested tailor. No matter how much you're paying, it's usually better to have one suit made to make sure the tailor can deliver acceptable product.
Iso, it looks too tight at the hips. Also, if you want solid feedback, you should have the person taking the pictures take a couple of steps back to reduce the lens distortion.
If the code is as I have interpreted MF's to be, I suspect the rationale is that they want to look "professional" but they think that the tie would make them look "stuffy" to the customers. To which I say:
So, um, yes? These are great general suggestions, but I think MF is saying that his company's dress code is a CBD suit, sans tie.
Did you see Slewfoot's brown fresco? It looked pretty damned good to me.
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