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6.5 this morning from the Mission to the ballpark and back. I'm confronted this weekend with the prospect of a 14 mile run up in Napa. The combination of much warmer temps than my usual and finding a suitable route in an unfamiliar area are kinda stressing me out.
Today is my last day in jacket and tie this week, so I'm out.
I don't really understand what folks have against tie keepers.
Oh, Clags...
You must wear this to the next meet-up.
aka Make Stitchy Sad Challenge
They're embalming corpses in the courtyard? Nice posts, SH. Should you or anyone else feel inclined, some commentary on these or my posts would be greatly appreciated.
My resolve is faltering... What's the inseam on the black watch trousers?
19750.5 + 9 = 19759.5
9 this morning with the middle 7 around half-marathon race pace. Actually a bit too fast, to be honest, but I'm kinda at the mercy of my GPS, and its estimation of my pace can be so variable over the course of a run. Same thing happens with both my Garmin and the Nike+ app on my iPhone. In fact, a couple of times recently, the two devices have disagreed by as much as 1'50"! What am I supposed to do with that?
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