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I so rarely get to wear a DJ that I think I might just get something interesting as my default and fall back on my existing meh black suit if I need to be somber and correct. I promise it won't be gold.
So, if he isn't perfect, his lifestyle is at fault? That doesn't seem like a reasonable interpretation of events. He's won two WDCs with his lifestyle.
Or, if it doesn't come out well, his Pity Tux.
We used Benjamin Moore to paint the bedroom we just added. Coverage was much better than the Lowe's/Home Depot paints we've used before. But, fuck, that shit is expensive. Also: I hate drywall. It may be the shittiest material this side of vinyl siding.
SeƱor Crust, what part of town is that?
Is this the biggest blowout in FC history?
Hamilton hit the wall in Q3 because of night life? Why didn't the night life affect him in P1-3? That's just not credible. He's behind and has to push to make up ground. It was a messy weekend all around for him, though. Lots of lock-ups and offs.I don't think the reality is as simple as "Nico fixed it right away." Things are falling his way more than not this year. That's how championships are won. When shit could go wrong for you, it goes wrong for the other guy instead...
Caustic, McFox, and Moss were my top three, but McFox's goofy hat puts him over the top for me
New Posts  All Forums: