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In all seriousness, we have very similar pulls in our kitchen, the smaller ones actually, and other than on the large slide-out pantry they work well. Had I put the pull on the pantry on the side nearer its center, even it would be fine, but of course I wanted it to be centered on the top like the others so it requires more effort.
Señor Crust bringing the high heat!
Please use red lines and arrows and stuff.
How long before Bernie gets the boot? Can't be too soon, if you ask me.
A couple of days too late for me...
4 this morning between the rain showers. On a lark, I tried to get my Polar HRM to pair up with Nike+, and it worked! Some combination of iOS and Nike+ updates seems to have resolved whatever was going on. I got HR during the run, but it still needs work because the average was not displayed once I finished. Anyway, staying in my zone yielded ~9:30/mi. I think I was overall faster on Monday with elevated HR and a couple of half-block walking spells.
I have joined the ranks of the flat-capped
Take the cannoli.
Your kitchen is telling you which configuration to choose. Will you listen?
#2 by a large margin
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