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It's not Spoon. I haven't asked him if he wants to be the subject of internet discussion, so I hope you don't mind if I keep that to myself.
I chose a single button not for formality but out of a desire to reduce the elements to minimum. There will be a single cuff button as well. If I don't like it, I can always have him add a second button. I think it's the angle. From head on, it doesn't look like that. And, Elio, they aren't as closed as they appear, but probably not as open as you might prefer.I think it looks pretty good overall, if not as expressive as cuts from other makers. For this first jacket, I...
Thanks! Dark red.
Thank you, doods.
It would seem so.
The Return of the Sheep. 'Sup, bro?
Murl, no, this is a different tailor.
Honestly, it's further along than I was expecting. I think it's basically MTM, essentially finished except for the buttons/buttonholes. He's going to slim the waist a bit and move the pockets down, too. Also, despite the chalk marks, I'm getting only one button, in a medium brown horn, and one button on each sleeve. (And having him remove the name tag from inside which bugs me for some reason.) Greg, what makes you think it's scissoring? The overlap of the fronts?
Clags is no respecter of tradition, though. I didn't specify which of my two posts last week was my entry, and he included both.
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