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The hidden costs of bespoke tailoring...
That's kind of how government-funded projects work, right? It's unlikely I will ever use 99.9% of government-funded facitlities/services, but I still pay my share.
I'm assuming color distortion from the nuclear flash. (But, yes.)Black captoe oxfords. I don't understand what folks don't like about the hank. Without it, the whole thing was just too blah. Perhaps a silver or gray ground might tone it down, but I'm still diggin' it!
I LOL'd. He has some sleeker designs on his site. At least, I'll drop in for a visit. The location was a martial arts studio until a year or so ago. The transition of the neighborhood continues apace!
I think most of that "light" is long exposures, but I guess it's possible.
Bootmaker opening up in my hood: https://bernalwood.wordpress.com/2015/01/09/fancy-boot-workshop-and-store-opens-in-la-lengua/
Vestimenta fatto a mano, from maybe 2004?
Only if you get the pink ones.
Murl, can you not wait until they're back in stock? I think you were on the right track, and if it's just a delay, the end result will be worth it.
Mine is...10D.
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