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I don't care for them myself, but it's cool to see variety even if you wouldn't want it for yourself.
Tru dat
6.5 this morning. Still haven't gotten back to my previous pace, but finally starting to feel like myself again.
I thought his disdain was for Lewis' social media presence, but you may be right.
Went out for 6, but it's been so long since I've run out at Lake Merced that I misremembered the distances of the various route permutations. So only 5.5. But ocean!
Obvious differences with the Hamilton clip: They're three wide He locks up He turns the wheel as soon as he can He doesn't try to push the other guy off the track That's racing at the limit, and not at all what Rosberg has done in these two incidents.
3 on Wednesday.
idfnl, do you race cars? If so, is this your approach on-track? I can't think of any sanctioning body which would be okay with The Rosberg™, not even NASCAR.
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New Posts  All Forums: