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Bar stools suck categorically.
iammatt thought I was in my 50s...
I posted this over in the Vincero thread, but it seems like an appropriate post for this thread, too.
I didn't notice the texture of Justin's suit on first viewing. Outstanding.
You look great, Señor Crust!
Mazel tov, Justin!
Sane, with your target prices, it shouldn't be difficult to find a wide variety of items to meet your needs. J Crew, Gap, Banana Republic, Lands End, Brooks, etc. will all have decent chinos and business casual shirts. Focus on fit. Stay away from excessively baggy or tight items. You might actually want to ask this same question over in Streetwear & Denim for less mainstream suggestions which would be professional but offer a bit more character.
Benesyed, that's a good look for you. I think Isolation did alright for the first time up at the plate.
clapeyron, I have the same suspicion about the maroon stripes, and I like it, too. What's up with placket flap on yours?
I understand why they're stupid, but what makes them disgusting?
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