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We should consider the possibility that Vaux le Vicomte's apparent hippiness is simply lens distortion. He is tall enough that his hips may be a lot closer to the camera position than his shoulders...
Ed demands at least 50cc lest he grow suspicious that his lover has been stepping out on him.
Really? I get nothing for this? I hate you people. Never a problem if you use braces and have enough to leave them on the pants.
I would stick with your first effort were I you.
That's not Pingson. It's Vaux le Vicomte.
My guesses:Tie and jacket color are neither close enough nor far enough apart. Shoes and pants are too close in color. Basically, it's blue on top, brown on bottom.
And nothing for the 'butch in this Carmina haul, either...
Surely you jest. Twice as many wins is barely handling? Lewis hasn't been perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but that's ludicrous. And Seb's ultimate quality has to be in question after this year. Undeniably quick, but perhaps not the dominant driver that the past four years might have suggested.
Would that mean that we'd have... hot noodles?
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