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I'm picking up on a theme here, Piob...
Big Ag is upset that they can't have all of the water they want. Yet somehow the state continues to produce fruits, nuts, and veg. What they don't mention is that agriculture represents a small share of the state's economic output, so constraining their consumption of water so that the rest of the state doesn't go dry is a rational choice: "California’s gross state product (GSP), the value added by all industries in the state, was $1,891 billion in 2009, according to the...
flvinny, Clags' tie recs are generally solid, but the pindot with herringbone would not be in my ten-tie wardrobe. And I would hold off on adding grenadine until the second round. For solids, I would strongly consider just having Sam Hober make you repp silk ties in three or four colors you like. For shoes, black, dark brown, and burgundy captoes would make a good rotation with applicability to all of the suits you mentioned.
Excellent, SG!
Yes, because HIGH TAXES and DAMNED DEMOCRATS caused the DROUGHT!
When we remodeled our bathroom, I wanted to delete the tub, but my wife insisted that we keep it in the design. It almost never gets used, and she's not the one who uses it. I should have fought harder. In our market, folks might want a tub, but it certainly wouldn't keep them from buying the house. Plus, I plan to be here until they carry me out in a body bag, so I make choices to suit our needs. There's also the issue of water usage. I might get lynched wasting all of...
Fortune favors the bold, Ac.
Wow, I'd forgotten all about that. It occurs to me that an enterprising person with design sense could partner with Luxire to create a line of clothing.
A snapshot of the decline of western civilization.
That's Lord Hoodie of Cotton Jersey to you, buddy.
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