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Also: NOODLES! Stop individually spoilering pics, dudebro. That is so tedious. Spoiler en masse and save us the clicks.
I think the solution here is to banish the "hipster" thought from your mind. It's such an amorphous concept that it's little more than pejorative. Most of my tie clips (and all of the pins) come from my wife's grandfather who died in the mid-'70s. Not too many hipsters at the Douglas Aircraft factory...
I noticed the same thing about the pants when I saw the picture. I'll get them to the tailor for fixing. Sleeves could be taken up a bit, but the situation is exacerbated by my wearing one of my shirts which is on the shorter end of the spectrum. If I'd worn a more recent shirt, I think there would be some cuff showing. I would have liked this with my light blue university stripe, but I still like it with the solid. By the time I got around to getting dressed today, there...
@luxire, will this be restocked? If not, can you recommend a similar fabric for my future orders? http://custom.luxire.com/products/sky-blue-oxford
BTW, thanks, @edmorel, for articulating what's good about Scbrown's combo today. I gave it a thumb almost reflexively despite the "issues" you raised in your comments. It's a winning look.
This shows better contrast between the tie and jacket, but I stand by my comment about the pants and shoes. You need darker shoes (and a more refined shape while we're at it).
We should consider the possibility that Vaux le Vicomte's apparent hippiness is simply lens distortion. He is tall enough that his hips may be a lot closer to the camera position than his shoulders...
Ed demands at least 50cc lest he grow suspicious that his lover has been stepping out on him.
Really? I get nothing for this? I hate you people. Never a problem if you use braces and have enough to leave them on the pants.
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