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Is it wrong that I want to live in the crematorium?
Bourne Lane Nash Baker Architects Kent, England
Barnhouse Alchemy Blair, WI
Dat Gartenhaus, tho...
Noodles, if you know that your wife's suit sensibilities don't match yours, why take her with you to the tailor? At best, it sows conflict. At worst, you end up mutilating your suits.
I think I've posted one picture with my face. There may be some candids from various meet-ups, too. Nonetheless, facial expression for the non-pro model is another variable I don't want to have to consider, and I think there's some value in the bit of anonymity it provides.
Some weeks I feel like suits and sober ties. Other weeks I look at the suits and then head for the odd jackets. I would be bored to tears with an optimized wardrobe.
I think his point is that the wind tunnels and the supercomputers allow teams with money to verify nearly any idea they come up with. They can pursue multiple design paths before having to choose one, reducing the risk of producing an underperforming car. Smaller teams don't have the same luxury. By eliminating the wind tunnels and capping the processing power, you simultaneously reduce costs and equalize the toolset available to the teams. They are then presumably...
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