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Bathroom has been tiled, plumbers arrive tomorrow morning to install the fixtures. I still need to build the cabinet for the vanity, but the garage my workshop is filled with the former contents of our storage space. I will probably stop at the hardware store this evening and pick up a cheap utility sink to give us full functionality in the interim.
Fucking academics...
In a challenge where a decent fit was merely the price of admission, DipTie's set was photographically head and shoulders above everyone else.
I'm waiting to hear from someone whose construction project is finished on time and under budget...
Thanks for the write-up, P. Great looking clothes.
He may not have been able to challenge for the win, but 2nd place was certainly well within the realm of possibility.
Raikkonen put all four wheels across the line. Other drivers put only two.There is nothing entertaining about having engineers tell drivers which settings to change. What is entertaining is having cars at full power racing each other.As it turns out, Rosberg didn't really demonstrate greater troubleshooting ability, he started with different settings:
It's not for nothing that I refer to him as The Villain Alonso. I think he's amazing, but I don't like him. Raikkonen: My understanding is that he crossed the line on the way into the pits. I think that's pretty much the letter and spirit of the rules. Given the undulations of the pit straight and the speed differentials, they wanted to be ensure that following drivers would know for sure that a driver was entering the pits.
In San Francisco, if all you had was the dinner jacket, on a boat, in the summer, you might freeze...
Planning, my man! Run conduit in the concrete, sized to future proof. Or build chases into your plan. I don't recall the specific version of paint, and since we've returned all of our stuff from the storage unit we were renting, it's buried behind a ton of crap I wish I didn't own. :-)
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