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3 just now.
I have given up on Texas, Clags. But not on Texans.
Please do. And maybe have your camera assistant take some video to share with those of us without ready access to Museum Station.
I wonder if "cardigan with tailored jacket" would be good. I've been giving AAS a hard time about his use of them, but I do see people employing to good effect on occasion. Weather would seem to be appropriately transitional on both sides of the equator, too.
Well. That was unexpected, but nice all the same. Thanks for the votes! I am open to suggestions for the next challenge.
Not enough contrast between shirt and tie today. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
End-of-day rumple from yesterday
Dissing Mr. Rogers and The Smiths? You people are savages.
6.6 yesterday at lunch. I haven't run that far or for that long since September. Pleasantly surprised by the pace. Really tired today, though.
New Posts  All Forums: