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My comment offers suggestions to reduce the possibility that *others* will see Iso's partner as looking feminine. By themselves, these characteristics of cut don't make someone "look like a woman" but if there are secondary physical characteristics which reinforce the femininity of the wearer, they will likely lead to the undesired outcome. Given his partner's sensitivity around the issue, it seems a conservative approach is the best bet.
Iso, waist suppression, in, er, isolation, isn't feminine, but given your partner's sensitivity to being identified as female, I would recommend avoiding it. There's lots of room between extreme waist suppression and shapeless. Likewise, built-up shoulders, while not inherently feminine, are common on women's tailored clothing. A natural shoulder will help to distance your partner's look from women's clothing.
Pliny, it's actually an olive green. The true color is probably between those shown in the two pictures I posted.
10 miles yesterday at sunset, along the bay. It was fantastic. On the out leg, the wind was smashing the waves into the rocks along the shore and spraying water across the trail. Temperature was perfect, and once the sun went down, I ditched my hat and shirt for some al fresco action. With my bald head, I almost never get to run without a hat.
C'mon, man. It has many years on its shoulders, only silks of the most ancient thirst. Get it right!
Not just loud. But yellow, too.
Sweet jayzus, PoP.
I could be mistaken, but it looks like there are other houses on one or more sides of the house. Even so, the pictures suggest that the view to the mountains is the focus for some of the rooms.
Does Mrs. Noodles know you're not only on StyFo, but on StyFo discussing the jubblies of another woman?
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