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Really great suit. In the future, it would be great if you could crop the photos some so we could see your outfit better.[/quote]Really? You guys don't think it's too long? It looks to me that he has pretty long arms, and the jacket length was set relative to them instead of relative to his body. Makes his legs look disproportionately short to my eye. Also, the waist suppression seems either excessive or misplaced, giving a very hippy look to the jacket.
You just visiting, Fueco?
6 this morning. Pissing down rain, puddles everywhere, yet somehow my feet stayed dry. I don't understand how the Kinvara 6 with a primarily mesh upper accomplished this. I have no choice but to conclude that it's some sort of witchcraft.
Sauber launched a car with no sponsors of note. Sad!
Right on, jbar.
You magnificent sonufabitch.
You do not want to put yourself in opposition to me, AAS.
That reminds me of the places they used to show in Metropolitan Home.
Thanks! It's Cantini
Garry, I'm trying to make the loafers work in my head, and I just can't. Ultimately they're just too sleek in this context. The color and material work nicely, though.
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