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Turk o' da plains: That tie isn't particularly shiny, but that's neither here nor there. The only strongly idiosyncratic idea I have about ties is my dislike for slubby silks. Clags, mostly it was your notion that knits don't go well with tweed. That's kooky, my brother. But also the strong opinion that the two knit fits would have been junk had you worn grens instead. But I'm not mad atcha. Whatever logical structure gets you where you are seems to be working.
MoK : Birks :: AAS : bit loafers
Sure, but only if you like that sort of thing. A nice herringbone tweed, the striped shirt, and a medallion or emblematic tie would be a good look that wouldn't have the same frisson with a solid tie.
@Koala-T, I left 16+ years ago.3R2 is sooooooooooooo much better.Are you open to suggestion on the bold pants? This seems to be your "thing" so perhaps it's pointless to criticize them, but your odd-jacket combinations with the bright pants almost never work. In this case, you have a very orphaned suit jacket look up top with a rustic brown tie, and then it just a red fest down below.
I...disagree. (But I wouldn't choose that tie's pattern.)
I come away from these first 100+ posts with the impression that Clags has some funny ideas about ties.
Iso, it's really hard to give useful feedback on the cut based on those pictures. From what's shown, though, it looks nice.
The change to the Austin skyline since I left there is disorienting. AAS, I don't love the hard three config. What's it look like as a 3-roll-2?
Mazel tov, SeƱor Crust! heldent, that's the best from you to my recollection
I would like to lodge a protest on behalf of the Left Coast forumites.
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