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Cox, to be clear, I object to the hand-in-pocket pose only when you're asking for advice on fit/whether to buy something. If you'd said, "These fit me well, but I'm unsure about which fabric(s) to choose," I'd have said nothing.
The tie is lovely, Stitchy. I covet it. Best not bring it with you should you come to San Francisco...
Mint in color, condition, or both?
Have to take advantage of the special! I presume that the actual billing via PayPal doesn't occur until later and the discount will be reflected at that point. It's nice to be able to do Christmas shopping so easily for my most difficult to please person. Myself of course...
Not white. But not Asian, either. Unless you're thinking of the Nation of Islam Afro-Asiatic black man thing. But that would be weird.
Indeed. That is probably too heavy for 350 days of the year in Texas, especially San Antonio (that's where you are, right?). The scale and colors were the essence of my recommendation.
I have a feeling that we're seeing Stitchy's new favorite hank...
I sometimes wonder if you're sending a message about the direction you think our wardrobes need to take... Thank you, Spoo.
I agree, although JYS lately has been veering rather close to "Get off my lawn!" territory sometimes.
Cox, my thought: Stop sticking your hand in your pocket for pictures, dammit!
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