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McFox, I like the jacket (too late to influence your decision, but happy to endorse it), and I think it looks pretty swell as accessorized in both pictures.
SG, thanks for the sharing the blog link. Love what you're doing.
First home in 2001 for $425K, sold in 2005 for $699K. I was 31.
3 miles yesterday morning
What I'm actually wearing today: Unfortunately, the sun has been chased away, so my contextual synergy has been subverted.
My wedding tie remains part of the permanent collection, and my anniversary is this month, so maybe! [[SPOILER]]
Well played.
Thanks! I assume you mean the tie? I like bright ties in spring and summer. This one and another in sky blue have sharply divided opinions here in the past, but I still love 'em.
Couple days ago.
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