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Noodles. NOOOOOODLES. Y U SAD BRO? U SAD MAKE ME HAZ SAD. Seriously, though, judging by the pics you've posted, I'd classify the last year as a nearly complete sartorial success story. (And no need to be so harsh with vvv. You're better than that, my man.)
On second look, I'll rescind my comment about the color. My more considered opinion is that the jacket and pants would look better with lower-contrast accessories. Embrace the lightness, if you will.As for the linen/rumpliness, regardless of the material, something with a bit more crispness would look better with everything else. This is my general objection to chinos with worsted jackets, and I think it applies here.It was this or nothing. Full-length pics require a bit...
It's amusing to make fun of the reaction to rain in LA and similar places, but the reality is that people probably don't know how to drive in wet conditions (practice makes perfect and they get no practice). There's lot of oil on the roads that combines with the water to make them extra slippery. Windshield wipers, unused forever, have perished rubber and ineffectively clear the water.
DonC, I wish you'd give up on the chinos. They almost never work with the jackets you wear. In this case, they are too rumply, too short, and too light.
Thanks. I dithered on shoe choice this morning, but was running quite late and I guess that's just where I ended up!
The office needed guarding today...
No, Manton. I won't believe it. Is there nothing sacred?
"Slight"? Braddock looks like what he is: A slim man wearing a nicely cut suit. Perhaps some are looking for the suit to do something different, but I see no problem with this cut for him.
http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/120036 "Valtteri Bottas has called on his Williams Formula 1 team to get to grips with its poor form in wet conditions following its British Grand Prix struggles."
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