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Don't you have a peak lapel odd jacket? Dudeman, that's a missed opportunity.
I know exactly what you mean. I haven't even purchased new running shoes in two years...
Get navy.
Thanks! It's Brooks Bros.
No, just skeptical about the extent of your restraint on the clothes-shopping front.
Light/medium gray below with tan suede shoes.
Iso, I like it for you, or at least the you that you've presented to us here on StyFo. I think it accomplishes what you want to accomplish.
9.25. Misjudged my improvised route in the park and overshot my intended 8. My Garmin's HR function kinda flipped out for a couple of miles. It suggested that I was maintaining a HR between 85 and 99 bpm while running. After a bit, it started reading more plausibly again.
My friend put one in his living room when he had two kids under 8 y.o. and rambunctious puppy. As far as I know, it's never tipped over. That block is pretty heavy.
How much work is that "pretty much" doing in the sentence above?
New Posts  All Forums: