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That, in my opinion, is part of what you pay the tailor for.
I am a fan of the SimuShirt 5000™
Erika, as usual, looks great. In the non-Erika category, the green and aubergine suits caught my attention. Hugo's partner did well with the brown pin (chalk?) stripe, but her odd jacket combo didn't work for me.
3 miles this morning
Señor Crust was, for me, the clear leader.
João Mendes RibeiroFonte Boa, Portugal2015 [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
mcobinad, you have confirmed my suspicions about a person of color traveling in Italy. I'm sure (hope?) your experience was not truly representative, but it's enough like other things I've heard and read to make me hesitant to visit.
My suggestion is based on my own experience when I started wearing a jacket and tie. I wanted to wear them, but I definitely didn't feel "natural" wearing them. Obviously, Clags can and should do whatever he wants, but his posts made it seem like he didn't want to want to sell the jacket.
Clags, if you like the way it looks, then perhaps an immersive approach might help make it feel more natural to wear. Maybe wear it every ten days for a couple of months. Your wear cycle will be somewhat noticeable due to its being a DB, but since it's navy (or just off navy), it won't be that big a deal. If after the immersion it doesn't feel any more natural, sell it.
The rooftop pictures were charming. Thanks for your time and effort!
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