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Luxire quality is exceptional for the price. If you're looking for a great fit on the first go-round, though, you really should send them a suit to replicate.
Exactly. Let your insomnia redound to our benefit.
Love that jacket, ghostface.
If I had unlimited funds, my casual wear would look like a paramilitary as dressed by Picasso, with a bit of the designer running apparel mixed in. Or maybe just go all the way with the YY...
I have a plan, though...
Coincidentally, this was released today: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/118955 Even with a $25M bonus to the winning team, there's still $85M per team to distribute. There's no reason for any of these teams to be struggling. The small teams also give new engineering talent a place to prove themselves. One Adrian Newey started at the hopeless Leyton House, for example. Investing in the small teams is investing in the future of the sport.
Cleav, when do we get a shot of the whole tie collection?
So, you want to watch races with 8 cars? There will never be 20 cars' worth of top-tier money to go around. The midfield and backmarker teams are where new drivers prove themselves, and, frankly, where a lot of the actual racing takes place.
Those lowly funded teams are the real F1 teams. They're in it for the sport, not the marketing. If there were a sane distribution of revenue, they'd be fine. Mercedes will just decide to leave one day, as will the other manufacturers. Red Bull is apparently gone unless they can persuade Audi to supply an engine.
New Posts  All Forums: