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2 this afternoon. I recently found the charging cable for my Garmin that I hadn't used in forever. Just two weeks shy of a year, in fact, as I saw when I sync'd. Confirmed that the pace I've settled into naturally is right at my target heart rate.
It's the rules. They can't make changes to ride height or other settings after qualifying starts, and the Pirelli wet tires don't have a sufficiently larger radius to produce the necessary increase in ride height to avoid aquaplaning. With things as they are, they literally wouldn't have been able to drive around the Hungaroring without floating off the track.
I would keep the wainscoting even around the room. Establish a datum which will work as a reference for the whole room.
Thanks! I think this is my first CJP
The blinding white overwhelms the TASSEKS
I'd center it on the window
4.5 this afternoon
Twice the bridesmaid...
I wish you had worn different shoes.
To be avoided if possible.
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