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An even 100 posts since I last checked in and, well...
Dat blowjob art, tho...
They'll start to use eminent domain on large farming operations and revert the water rights back to the state.
Does she want to adopt a middle-aged man? I can provide my own room and board and promise to be around only at race tracks.
3.2 this morning, again up and over the hill.
He's thinking that he fucked himself.
lefty, in the first cabin, do you sleep on the pelts?
Ignore the details, just look at the palette. This is the best look for a tan summer suit, IMO:
As it happens, I won't be in jacket and tie for the rest of the week, I would have worn one of these three:
I believe the Noodles thread was swept up in the Great Renaming of Threaks to facilitate navigation for noobs or non-diehards. I agree that it's not really about building a business wardrobe, but that was ostensibly the jumping-off point.
New Posts  All Forums: