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Condolences/congratulations (delete as appropriate)
I think you'd want more counter space either side of the cooktop. Especially with the sink so close, I imagine dishes will get in the way when cooking. Maybe you're neater than we are, though...
DipTies brought a howitzer to a knife fight. Barring the entry of a Full Woosterâ„¢, I think he's got this in the bag.
That's what I thought! It was nice to see that the improvement I felt translated into real gains.
Indeed. Happy to see everyone!
The scourge of low-rise pents is pervasive...
4 miles early evening yesterday. Felt strong, and even spent some time below 8m/mi. The run goes by much more quickly at those speeds... Another 3 this morning. I thought I'd compare my run-every-day July to August: 31 runs vs. 15 runs 73.9 mi vs. 73.5 mi 2.38 mi/run vs 4.9 mi/run 9m45s/mi vs 9m22s/mi I know these speeds are dawdling for many of you, but I'm pleased to be back to running and seeing progress.
You louche bastard, you.
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