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Four-pattern bingo (Hi, @Claghorn)
Noodles, the Epaulet trousers are nice, but the rise is too low IMO. But you're a belt wearer, so that might not bother you.
And NYC pizza. Don't forget the pizza. Is there any more tiresome discussion of authenticity than those regarding pizza?
Buttoned, the fairly closed fronts give the impression of a longer jacket, and there's less shirt exposed. The second is not bad, just not as good.
That's fine. You guys are free to be wrong.
Forgive the crappy 'shopping, but I think lapels about this wide and breast pocket roughly where the black line is.
Dude, is there anything that you actually like? Other than Houston?
I thought Frontera was supposed to be firmly rooted in central Mexican food. Authentic or not, that shit is tasty.
Nay. It should be "King of TASSEKS"Like neckties?
Better unbuttoned than buttoned.
New Posts  All Forums: