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kira, the problem IMO starts with the shirts you've selected. Both are too saturated, and the peach/pink is just not very versatile.
Yes, like Alonso would. But I expect that he is the contractual #1 at Macca now, so that shouldn't be an issue next year. KM is the test/reserve driver.
White shirt / brown jacket is bangin'.
Not quite. A clip-on bow tie is fundamentally different than a hand-tied tie. It's not even a tied tie, typically. Just some folded-over cloth with a band around the middle. Clip-on suspenders versus buttoned suspenders is like snaps versus buttons. Also, suspenders are functional unlike ties, and a clip-on suspender very clearly satisfies the functional requirements...
A poor analogy in my mind. A clip-on tie is faux. For suspenders, they're doing the same thing, but the means of fastening is different. Like button-fly versus zipper. Both the clip and the buttons allow the suspenders to hold up your pants.Still nope. It's the sweater.
I saw that you have a few items listed as TIMELESS. But are they CLASSIC? @Tirailleur1
I am always a bit surprised to see how worked up clip-on 'spenders gets people.
Agreed. And if Button thinks that he's getting the short end of the stick, he's much more likely to have a quiet word than spit the dummy, throw his toys out of the pram, etc.
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