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Other than the orange tie, which are the bright colors? In any case, I've worn this jacket with all of those colors, and they do look good. I think this looks good, too.With an orange tie? I can't get with that.
A grossa gren is relatively matte and has lots of texture. Hard to see how it is inherently incompatible with tweeds, especially refined tweeds. It seems much more suited to that than it does to smooth worsteds.
But he's doodlin', not fightin'. But what do I know? I'm just a noob.
That's crazy talk.
And, no, in case you're wondering, I haven't considered eating a dick.
Can you really be that aggressive with a member name like cock a doodle shoo? It kinda undermines the menace.
Without some indication that the sofas are actually shoddily made, I don't get why this is worse than the established mainstream furniture purveyors.
Really? That is a large ticket pocket.
That seems like an overly strong reaction to a customizable sofa.
New Posts  All Forums: