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Yes, it is appropriate for a baptism. Depending on how saturated your blue shirt is, it might not be the best tie for that combination.
Rosberg is such a corporate shill. I didn't mention Bernie because I assumed everyone here knows that he bought the rights. My point is that Max has zero credibility.
Not heresy, just inane.
I wouldn't look to Mosley for a judgment of Bernie. Remember that Max was the jackass who sold the rights to F1 for 100 years (!) for £211.76m. Fuck that guy. Without that deal, F1 would not be in the situation it's in.
Hamilton is cheesy. He's also fucking fantastic behind the wheel of a car, so I don't really care. I don't follow him on Twitter or Instagram, I watch him race. Bernie isn't (directly) the issue. CVC is the issue. They bought F1 with debt, and they are looking to squeeze every penny out. Short-term over long. The cars aren't too easy to drive. Younger drivers can drive them because they start much younger than previous generations; they have telemetry; they race with...
This man sums up the feeling engendered by yellow ties:
Yeah, black ties are great with pink shirts. Navy would look kinda weird here, IMO.
This place, right? I hope USPS has some boats to pick up your shipments...
Yes, rather...
What? The outdoor lounge?
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