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I'm trying not to take it personally that you scheduled this trunk show for the weekend after I left NYC.
Agreed. I get a lot out of running with my much faster friend, but that's an infrequent occurrence.
I need to find people to run with.
It's all about those two inches, yo. [[SPOILER]] I'm talking about cuffs, y'all. Cuffs. Turnups. You know.
Au contraire, friend. It is you who has misunderstood me.
Four days. Even with the dropped charges, that's some injustice right there.
What? Because I used them, you can't? Now they're sullied or something? I am OH-FENDEDED!
I mentioned in the NY thread that I was coming, and only unbel gave me a shout. I would have happily bought you a cuppa. Next time.
Since we're talking about cold-weather gear... Knowing that I would likely walk a good portion of NYC (and remembering how cold I was in shorts and a singlet during the last three miles last year), I planned to wear tights, long-sleeve shirt, the singlet from the charity, and running gloves for the start and later. When we got the wind advisory e-mail late on Saturday, I decided to add a windproof vest between my T and singlet. I also had a knit cap and big gloves over my...
I wanted to like your compliment, but realized it might be taken as an endorsement of your character assassination of Tira. So, thanks!
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