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LOL. That's some serious StyFo groupthink, Stitchy. Think of it as the equivalent of wearing a red flower in the lapel. Classic. Timeless. (@Tirailleur1)
Red hank for the FC
Between dispensaries and online ordering, the Girl Scouts are going to make a killing this year.
IIRC, Clags, your mother is a fan of more modern clothing, yes?
...and wear a corset.
You know me so well. I have always wanted to look like a Tom of Finland drawing come to life.
Agreed.I love how graphic it is. The colors. That the coat is apparently a single layer of fabric and the lapel folds over to reveal the reverse of the pattern. The length. The way the lapel rolls almost to the bottom of the coat.
Okay, so we've heard from jrd. Anyone else?
You're talking about the four million enslaved descendants of Africans, right? The "property" which accounted for more than half the capital value in the United States? It sucked how they were emancipated, huh?I have lived here for almost 16 years. I intend to go every year, but I've never quite managed to get down there.
New Posts  All Forums: