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Headed to Miami this week. Will not be taking corduroy with me...
Or, if you like white shirts, wear them in good health. A Ryan, you've heard the arguments both sides. There is no "right" answer. At some point, you gotta do you.
The bolded bit is nonsense. Pleats aren't there to make it easier to fit portly men. They are there to provide ease for *anyone* who moves while wearing pants and still retain a clean line. EVERYONE can wear pleated pants, and slim men look great in them. It's important to keep in mind that pleats don't look great on anyone who is wearing his pants at the hip instead of the waist.As for suspenders and belt loops, who cares? I wear RTW suits, and all but one came with...
Daniel. Fucking. Ricciardo. Nico overdrove the car, desperate to stay ahead of Hamilton (whose luck with the car is just unbelievably bad). I was actually surprised by how much pace Lewis had relative to Rosberg. I wonder if LH's engineer said that stuff about maintaining 2s gap to sell Rosberg's crew a dummy or if they really expected him not to pressure Rosberg until the end of the race. I was amused by the boos for Rosberg; then he tried to kiss ass by speaking...
21195.5 + 16.2 = 21211.7
Ran to the run today. 5k to get to the ballpark, then Giant Race Half for 16.25
It's a solid effort in that he integrated that hideous tie about as well as could be expected. It's so dominant that you can't really play down the other elements because it will overwhelm them (like my tie did for mine), but he managed to avoid raising the already high stakes.
Coxsack, in the context of the FC, that's a solid effort. But I can't bring myself to thumb the post here...
I was able to cast eight votes (including my own good self, of course). Cleav's entry, however, did not garner one of my votes. I think he's trolling the FC.
Surely you jest, sir. That's damned near soporific.
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