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I don't consider spotted hanks to be statement pieces, but I guess YMMV.
Really? Let's go to the tape:
AAS, that's the best implementation of that sweater to date.
I would like to point out that arnathor is advocating killing people over shiny rocks. Yet, it's the UK that's doing it wrong...
jfrat, the spotted hanks can be great as long as you don't pair them with ties with small, repeating patterns. Given the depth of your bench, I imagine versatility isn't something that needs to be high on your list of criteria. To the others here, I think we should be counseling jfrat with that in mind. He doesn't need stuff he can easily mix and match. He just needs stuff that looks good.
I think this may be the last spin for the camelhair. I had a camel-colored camelhair jacket a few years ago, and I just didn't get on with it. Thinking it might be the color, I tried again with this olive jobby, but I think it may just be that I don't like camelhair. At least not for sportcoats.
Is there anything more important than the approval of anonymous iGents? I think not.
But in Korea, yes? I can't imagine Texans' hassling you like that.
Iso, those are probably the best pictures you've posted since joining StyFo. All of them appear to fit much better than we've been led to believe. Even the RAF blue sportcoat with its excessive suppression ain't bad.
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