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Now I'm confused...
I would probably prefer a separated kitchen, but in our small house, I prioritized longer sight lines to avoid the claustrophobia. We have a galley kitchen with upper cabinets, too. I had a more adventurous design which would have incorporated the dining table with a long island projecting out of kitchen into the dining room. Cabinets only on one side of the kitchen with the opposite wall a continuous plane of loveliness. The missus wasn't feeling it because who knows why....
I'm not as troubled by the green tie. I suspect that the IRL subtleties of color and texture would give the the navy trousers a bit more life to stand up to the lively green of the tie.
It's been a while, so I hope that I'm getting this right for @patrickBOOTH's sake:Will I In(That doesn't feel right, though...)
4 miles in Pacifica.
Olive seems like a standard summer suit color. Why not for ties?
For that last one, you just need an apartment in one of those fancy new residential skyscrapers.
I have RSVP'd
Although I liked Clags' outfit most, Bienluienapris' doily hank was really the only subtly odd note for me.
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