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Pliny, you no like black shoes? The hank is actually this one: This suit wears quite nicely IMO. It's almost a perfect weight for San Francisco. I can wear it in all seasons.
Mine are now in Italy, too.
New toilet?
And, shortly after I posted this, my estimated delivery date became "N/A"
In looking at my texture shots on the 'puter, I'm noticing the strong diagonal of the sharkskin. Never noticed that before.
Dem pantses is letting you down, SVB. All that unsightly knee bagging...
Unless FedEx has some secret time-shifting technology, I'm not sure they'll be able to get this package to me in the next five minutes...
I suspect that we'll soon see the airing of grievances, too... Anyway, I'm in!
And some texture shots because it's slow at work today [[SPOILER]]
If the challenge extends for two weeks, then we have the chance to see what everyone wore for New Year's Eve. It likely would make for a very diverse set of entries, from casual to black tie.
New Posts  All Forums: