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Amazing. It doesn't change my opinion of him as a racer, but I think I may have to reassess him as a person.
I do give credit to Max. But it is unlikely he would have beaten Ricciardo without the strategy cock-up. Had he not spun at the beginning (his own fault, BTW), he very well may have beaten him on merit. Toto Wolff agrees with me: "This year, clearly Malaysia cost him the championship." That's putting it mildly. Read this: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/formula-1/2016/10/04/lewis-hamilton-has-been-desperately-unlucky-and-should-be-leadin/ That's conservative because it...
I have made a few pieces. In my living room now is a coffee table made of .5" square stainless tubing with a plywood top. We had a different sofa when I made it, though, so it's a bit taller than ideal now.
Verstappen was ahead of Ricciardo in Abu Dhabi because RBR fucked up the strategy. Literally everyone was mystified when they called DR in so early. If MV is clearly faster, why was DR ahead of him in quali? I like Max, but let's see how things play out. I loved Senna. But you're telling us more about you than about Hamilton. How many hours a day do you think a driver needs to spend on racing-related activity? I guarantee there's plenty of time left to take selfies and...
Thanks! To the best of my knowledge, this is '80s Polo. I got it and another, bolder, check suit from @MBreinin. I believe both have front darts. They need some alterations, but I've been cheating and counting on the stun factor to keep people from noticing.
Resized for readability...
Also: What are the stairs made of? If it's terrazzo, I would want to get rid of the paint on them entirely and do something that works with it.
emptym, of the options you gave, I would choose the light gray. I also like lefty's suggestion, but that would depend on whether or not there's another blackout house on your block.
Thanks! I put on the tie this morning, turned to my wife, and said, "Too much, huh?" She agreed, and I said, "Fuck it! I'm going for it."True story.The lapels are right around 4"
Nah. Pure iGent. Look at that unstructured shoulder.
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