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Dunno, man. That car selection seems right in line with the house.
I think Reeves just pulled into the lead.
10K this morning. I was disappointed to discover that I didn't give myself a medal or a commemorative technical shirt.
We are waiting, Clags...
Spoo, you have to list Stitchy's stuff as SHATNEZ-FREE
I can understand resistance to Hirst, but I am surprised that Morrison can inspire that much negative feeling.
Our expert witness has weighed in.
Choc, aren't you holding that a bit high?
Yes, you could put the box over there, but it would almost certainly be too tight to have a drawer open and the car door open and still pass between them easily. And in a garage like this, why would you want to be cramped? I think having the lift in that area is fine (natural light would be really nice), but I'd move one car back into the open area and move the lift more toward the center. The garage doors look to be at least a couple of car lengths away. If it were my...
"Ickx killed Bellof" is a strange way to put that...
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