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Lined 3-fold ties, hand-sewn of quality silk are the best in my opinion.
Sorry to hear about the blowout, Cleav. I keep meaning to put a small pad in the car for just such an eventuality. Your tale of woe may inspire me actually to do that.
I did down-to-the-studs renos of my kitchen and bathroom. While I do derive a fair amount of satisfaction from having done so, I think the projects have essentially cured me of any desire to work on my house again.
I think this could be easily resolved by saying "ARB-licensed architect" instead of regulating use of a common word.
4 easy miles this morning with my friend who's in town for the SF Marathon 2nd Half. I stretched out for the last 1/4 mile. Felt light on my feet and fast. I LOVE the taper.
Oh, you Brits...
A reliable, reasonable contractor is right up there with a good lawyer and doctor.
This. (Except for the back pockets thing. If I need to carry more than what fits in the 5-6 pockets of my jacket, then I need to carry less stuff.)Hey, man, it wasn't as bad as all that. But thanks.
See Bee Dee
Also that GIF is weird as fuck. Is he calling her a banana?
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