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No one, but the shorts ratchet up the "incongruity" factor.
Also, pics are too small. Quoted so we can actually see the textures:
Damned near pB-esque. (I don't think he'd go for that jazzy shirt fabric... )
If you do go out in your winter shorts and fur coat, please take a picture. It will surely blow the minds of the anti-winter coat no socks contingent.
This confirms my inkling. Black knit all the way. WHITE OCBD shirt. White linen or cotton hank with a TV fold. Also, this latest picture of the jacket makes it look almost like a denim-style weave. If so, you could even try white jeans for a more SW&D approach.
No you're not. Don't front.
You might want to get more fiber in your diet.
I meant the more general "you". We're good, right? Cool.
Hmm. Maybe it's a color-rendering thing because on my screen it doesn't look random. Anyhoo...
I believe it. What I don't believe is that you somehow restrained yourself from posting it.
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