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I have a problem. I'm up to 57 suits, and I haven't even really gotten into the interesting patterns... 1 Navy 3-piece, heavy flannel, notch lapel, 3-button, besom pockets 2 Navy 3-piece, medium flannel, notch lapel, 3-button, besom pockets 3 Navy 3-piece, wool/mohair, peak lapel, single button, besom pockets 4 Navy 3-piece, tropical wool, notch lapel, single button, patch pockets 5 Navy 3-piece, medium fresco, notch lapel, single button, patch pockets 6 Navy herringbone,...
What would you get to bring that collection up to the 50-piece mark?Hmmm. This stretches the definition a bit. If you are stoned by the mob, you're on your own.
X-post of my Ain't Got Time For The Blues Friday Challenge entry I have worn the hell out of this tie this summer. I clearly need to get more like it in other colors.
Are you in your beloved Colorado, Stitchy?
I kinda like that pattern. I wouldn't wear it every day, but it's certainly not garish. I think that the groupthink here on StyFo has narrowed the range of acceptable patterns to a fairly conservative common denominator. For example, some of my brighter striped ties fall outside the spectrum of approval, but I still love them.
I was just digging around in preferences to see if I could figure out what's going on, and I set it to show only unread threads, and that doesn't work either. BTW, cleared all cookies, etc.
Just tried in Firefox and seeing the same. I guess this is across the board on the desktop version of the site...
Subscriptions are not displaying correctly on Mac in Chrome. Instead showing the most recently updated, they're displaying in some random order. A thread I started isn't shown at all, but the unread counter at the top of the page showed that I had an unread subscription. In iOS on Safari in the mobile version of the site, everything is fine.
So, each of you has stated your theme. Now flesh it out.
New Posts  All Forums: