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SVB, I commented in SW&D, but I'll elaborate. The jacket is a "finely" tailored piece, and the pants are super casual, not at all crisp. It goes beyond juxtaposition into discordancy. A softer jacket or pants that take a crease would fix this. Just one man's opinion, of course.
SVB, the rumple of the pants is letting down the side.
Circumstances vary. In San Francisco, for example, most of the housing stock is old, and built for lifestyles 50 years ago. It's nearly impossible to find a piece of land and build a house, even if you can afford to. Renovating/adding on is pretty much the only game in town.
Rather than staging a photo shoot, I concluded it was more likely that I would get occasional shots and post them as I took them. More tk...
Agreed. I have a stone floor in a bathroom, and I can't be arsed to reseal it every year.
I don't understand you at all.
As promised, some briefcase action...
heldentenor, I think the tie would work for that purpose. (It's a nice tie, too.)
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