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I saw Sexton stitched the crease on a donegal suit, and it looked good there. I think it's best on a variegated fabric so that the stitching blends in a bit.
The tie is just a bit too rustic for me, ss.
Stop encouraging him, rtc!
Seriously, though, I think is a case of the jacket's being too high contrast for the rest of the outfit. The pants, tie, and vest are very dark, the shirt is pretty saturated with a dark-ish color, and then you have the jacket on top. Also, I have trouble conceiving any mix of pieces in which I like that shirt with that jacket.
Pick one
I think the sweater is what puts it over the line into a solidly non-tie look. Ditch it and you'd be fine.
You know what you like and you'll brook no argument about it.
I'm not really talking about curling, more about the expression of the collar. Without stays, it gets a soft S curve over the course of the day. With stays, it's a gentle arc from the button to the lapel.
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