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Given that Alonso was not penalized, I don't think we are in any danger of "nanny" racing. Not that I think he should have been penalized, because that was a great opportunistic move. The VSC was likely because they used the tractor to remove the car. Not taking chances on Bianchi, pt. 2. I bet Hamilton wishes it hadn't been called. Almost certainly cost him an additional 3 points advantage over Rosberg.
2.2 at a leisurely pace with my younger son. Perfectly timed to catch the sunrise, but the clouds did not cooperate. ;-)
Sure, that's all true, but it doesn't really address Monkey's point that the electrician's reluctance is purely a liability minimization strategy. Properly manufactured and installed fixtures existed before these certifications were insisted upon. A current (heh) European fixture complying with that region's regulations is hardly unsafe.
6 mi this morning
Not willing to commit to hard numbers, eh?
Only 3 this afternoon, shortened by my forgetting I had a conference call. Got in 5 x .2/.1 run/walk intervals, roughly 7 min pace for running part. It had been a while since I ran at that pace, and I think I'm not yet ready to run at that pace...
What is the minimum size of a window which avoids the small, ugly, myopic description?
The scope of these generalizations about US housing stock is just mind-boggling...
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