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9 miles
I think you meant to say "implying" here.
I was going to ask the same thing about the Gustin. Might fit me, though...
jrd, your "50" posts need MOAR PICS. I like TNM's list of cars. I limited myself to race cars because, as he alluded to, 50 of any kind of car is almost impossible to set definitively. And his reminded me of a sweet lover I left off the list:
The tie was a bit of a challenge, actually. In looking closely, I noticed that most of the ties I reached for have some blue. (Some I could have gotten away with, but I wouldn't cheat my fellow forumites.) I arrived at the linen tie almost by process of elimination.
Also, I just looked at my race cars again, and Being filthy fucking rich would be so awesome.
This laziness is shameful, jrd. Shameful. Also, you are wrong about a few things, namely: Chukkas, boots, PTBs, and your spelling of TASSEKS!
Seems to be working again. Thanks!
50 race cars
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