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Y U NO LIKE BIG PICTURE? No, seriously. Why don't you like them?
Just ordered new shoes for the first time in a couple of years. Kinvara 5 has been my main shoe, but it's now old enough that I missed the cheap part of the price curve, and now they're scarce enough that they're back up to about full price. Multiple reviews suggested that Kinvara 6 was effectively identical, and what had changed addressed my niggles with the 5, so I ordered those. If they're a good fit, I'll order a couple more pair. Got 5 in around sunset this evening....
Andy, jacket looks great, particularly nice with those shoes.
What is a glue closet?
I quite like that second picture, SeƱor Crust
2 yesterday
So we can actually see it...
Andy, that is a wonderful jacket.
I love when a professional endorses my suggestion.
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