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4.4 this afternoon. I indulged my school pride and ordered these: They arrived today and are too small, despite sizing up. Also a bit grabby around the achilles. I was bummed.
I haven't gotten new shoes in a couple of years, just rotating through my various old pairs. On a lark, last week I wore the shoes I got in 2014 in the lead-up to the NYC Marathon. Immediately felt twinges in the same places that ultimately derailed my training that year. Maybe it was the shoes...
You are comically contrarian.
Understood. Maybe photograph as you wear it?
Hard 3 this afternoon. Out-and-back with essentially no flat sections at all.
I think you've done just fine here. I think someone could object only if they don't like the color itself.
Bruh. BRUH. This is not good.
The heart is willing, but the wallet is not able.
I would get in on that action except that I have DSNLI (Dinner Suit Notched Lapel Insecurity).
New Posts  All Forums: