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Except that it is a blue shirt...
In a just world, RBR would not be rewarded for their shitty behavior. F1, however, is not a just world...
mcobinad, the colors and fabrics are great. You. Are. So. Close.
National Bow Tie Day
Are you in California? Damn you.
I deeply appreciate Ac's commitment to standards of aesthetic excellence, real and imagined.
PoP, are the pants tailored denim?
Mr. Six, the aesthetics argument is weak, and the cultural argument even weaker. In large part the term "white shirt" is a retronym because there really were just white shirts as this sartorial cul de sac we love kicked off. The blue shirt comes later, and while many prefer it, it's not more correct in the context of SCB's outfit. White shirts are not inherently formal. The type of cloth and cut must be considered when making that determination. I don't object to blue...
Untipped (but lined)
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