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DWalter, that tie is just too fat to get away with your default DB placement. AAS, the blues in the black watch and fair isle are clashing.
Cleav, is that the club's tie you're wearing in your official picture?
The Alfa proved unpopular with my teammates, so it has gone to a new home. We are working on another car which should debut in March.
For race weekends, I live in one of these: CARGO ONESIE
Indeed, Ac. The pendulum has swung back toward a dandier zeitgeist. Which, to be honest, is probably more entertaining...
For your future pickpocketing needs: Wallet: Inside right breast Glasses: Inside left breast Phone: Right hip pocket Keys: Left hip pocket Cash: Right front pants pocket I don't understand what the back pockets on pants are for...
Happy Thanksgiving, noodlers! I thought I might kick off a fight discussion today: I like cargo pants for casual wear. As long as they're made with a relatively trim cut, they're a good option. Especially on days when you aren't wearing a jacket, and miss the jacket pockets that typically hold your phone, etc. No pics, but WIAWRN: Dark gray cashmere v-neck and olive cargos.
I certainly won't be having pie.
25 seems like a good threshold.
New Posts  All Forums: