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That's great, Clags. Genuinely happy for you.
Why would you say that? Don't jinx us, dammit!
We just got the interior of our house painted, so the rooms are mostly empty. It's making me want to get rid of everything and just sit on the floor, enjoying the space.
Beginning the thought process around a new dining table. We have these: Our dining room circulation suggests a circular or oval table. Needs to seat four daily, but no fewer than six for occasional dining. Designs which use a leaf are fine. Note that the arms on chairs are high enough that they foul on a table with a skirt. Go.
Right? Or at least a get a nice little machine shop going in there.Also: Who wants to hang out in a loft above the garage to watch television? WTF?
Dunno, man. That car selection seems right in line with the house.
I think Reeves just pulled into the lead.
10K this morning. I was disappointed to discover that I didn't give myself a medal or a commemorative technical shirt.
We are waiting, Clags...
Spoo, you have to list Stitchy's stuff as SHATNEZ-FREE
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