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M, I still think #2 is the best option, #1 an acceptable substitute.Werner is German, at least in name. That should be enough to ward off the cuck. But watch your ass, bud.I have been warding off the cuck here in the People's Republic turning wood into sawdust. Maybe the dust mask, hearing protection, and safety glasses undermine my efforts to maintain my precious bodily fluids. I am using a German saw, though.
Another 4 this morning. Had a late night, and then was startled awake at 4 by some kick-ass thunder. Left me lackluster, but miles is miles. Managed to avoid the omnipresent puddles and kept my tootsies dry.
Yeah, Def cuck territory.
Not so much on the inside of the trouser leg, though. I'm not sure I'm OCD enough for that to bother me, but I did notice...
Is this a knit? Whatever it is, it's quite handsome.
In all seriousness, we have very similar pulls in our kitchen, the smaller ones actually, and other than on the large slide-out pantry they work well. Had I put the pull on the pantry on the side nearer its center, even it would be fine, but of course I wanted it to be centered on the top like the others so it requires more effort.
SeƱor Crust bringing the high heat!
Please use red lines and arrows and stuff.
How long before Bernie gets the boot? http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/127791 Can't be too soon, if you ask me.
A couple of days too late for me...
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