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Of course, Greg. I know I took it exactly as you intended, and I suspect the Caustic one did as well.That headline rather oversells the reaction.
It's so hard to be tall in this world...
Today, at least, we are in agreement.
3.7 yesterday
The same black tie looks lighter/darker/warmer/cooler from photo to photo, so it's hard to assess the suitability of the tie from jacket to jacket.
Just that BOC measurement. Before I realized it was the tails, I thought maybe you'd been dipping in the hooch this morning.
Not something you see every day.
jcm: The stitching on the suede seems out of place (or perhaps just not to my taste), and the color is a bit light. The pebble grain is a good looking shoe that you'll use plenty. If versatility is one of your considerations, I think it's the winner.
Can we get the changed to this?:
None of them really troubles me. Is it ungrateful to wish the exposure and color balance had been normalized?
New Posts  All Forums: