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If I'm not mistaken those are the same Ikea shelves I have in my hallway! Like all of the best Ikea items, discontinued... I wouldn't call my response to FlyingMonkey a defense. I was debating the specific point he made. I'm not even sure that I like the combination myself! I think the shirt is too saturated for general use, but such are the perils of ordering shirts from swatches.
I don't understand the popularity of bomber jackets or any other jacket with elastic at the waist. Unless they are super tight, they cinch in at the waist with a pouf of leather or cloth above. Never a flattering silhouette. Gerry, I second the recommendation for slimmer pants with your jacket.
I'm not certain how much useful feedback you can expect from a picture of a jacket (poorly draped) on a hanger.
That was close. The Brioni almost fits me...
5.5 miles + 6 strides
Which green are using for your assessment? The left or right? Because it's actually more like the left. In either case, though, I'm not sure I give this theory much credence. A typical blue shirt would not attract any comment, and it would be a "cool" hue. The hank is blue, and I'm not sure I would call these pants a "warm" gray. I don't think any of this will change your mind but I am unpersuaded.
If it makes you feel any better, the saturation of the green as shown on the left is closer to reality.
Original two-panel spoilered for color inaccuracy. This is my official entry [[SPOILER]]
For the challenge. Not exactly tweed weather, but close enough. I'll be in conditioned space most of the time anyway...
Terrible stuff for Jason and the woman.
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