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It's been a while since I've seen a clean-shaven gdl. I thought it might be Cantabrigian.
Clags, I'm not really looking for ties at the moment, but those look good. I second the shout for the first green, but I'd go for brown number, er, two.
Right-sized pics...For the ties, 4, 6, 7 are the top tier for me. The neat is nice, but probably not the first I'd pick, so second tier along with 1 and 2. 5 is third tier, and 3 looks like someone dragged a stiff brush against a loosely woven tie. No me gusta.The dubs use the more pleasing swept-back config of the straps/buckles. Thumbs up.
Greg's works better because there's a huge gap in the values of the jacket and tie, plus there's little contrast between the field and medallions on the tie. The fit that Murl just posted would work a lot better without the cardigan, IMO. Otherwise, like Greg's the difference in value between tie and jacket deemphasizes the similarity of scale/pattern.
More evidence that not everyone at Pitti looks like a clown:
The shirt and tie are a little too slick for the jacket, and the hank is just wrong and poorly folded/stuffed. With a knit tie, I think this would have gotten more love because the colors are nicely put together. The socks, especially given the explanation, are fine by me. I know people get offended by fun socks, but maybe those people are taking things a bit too seriously?
Also, not everyone shows the same number of posts per page, so page numbers aren't particularly helpful.
I don't expect most MC folk to dig it, but it's groovy.
These photos of the Vaaaaaaaash and G&Gs really do them a disservice. The photos posted by members are usually much better than these.
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