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Is that a salmon-colored suit?
Deeply grateful.
I think it would have been better if you'd just worn it with a navy suit.
Attaboy, Clags.
Thanks! Are you talking about me or my suits? If me, I've been pretty steady at this weight for the past three years or so.
Lands End (true story!), but they change out their stock fairly frequently, so if I see something I like, I buy in bulk. Mostly in @NOBD-approved navy.
@luxire, if you haven't already considered this, a chart showing your shoe sizes compared to given lasts of common makers like Crockett & Jones, Alden, etc., would be helpful for buyers interested in the standard shoe sizes.
GMMcL, what is that on the tie? Cape Cod?
Low-light, rainy morning pictures
New Posts  All Forums: