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We occasionally fantasize about selling our house in San Francisco and moving to a less expensive where we could buy a house with cash. But then we'd be stuck in that place.
Also, Elio, I liked your combo. To wear it with light gray would also look good, but it would have a completely different effect.
There seems to be a lot of overlap between people who don't like "northern lights" combos and those who don't like charcoal/dark gray odd trousers.
This thread could be about what lordsuperb's about, but the current execution falls short of the mark. To lordsuperb I say, Keep trying.
You're a 50, Murl?
SP=Sartoria Partonopea?
If the shirt were shorter, you could wear it untucked.
Keep us posted. I don't think my wife could ever bring herself to spend the required amount, but I would like to get her some suits.
Nice avvy, Fueco!
New Posts  All Forums: