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NO0B. Your a stupid face dumb dumb. (For Stitchy, not presidente)
Iso, those pants don't fit well. I think they might be better if they were hanging from braces, though. As you're wearing them, they're sitting on your hips, the pleats are opening up, the ass is dumpy, and there isn't a clean break at the hem.
False, Stitchy. All BD evil. Death to BD. GMMcL, dem shoes is... wow. Bold move.
It was at Last Call for a reason...
I may have to sit this one out. Traveling, and I brought only a couple of tweed jackets. Maybe the herringbone will work...
False. No TASSEKS.
TWSS (Sorry. Couldn't resist.)Cox, as Stitchy said, I liked that when I thought it was a suit. As an odd jacket combo? ABOMINATION!
Noodles sold me a suit, so he could say that StyFo is a revenue-generating endeavor. Or just stop sneaking, and surf openly when it's appropriate...
It seems silly to bemoan the rather populist nature of a thread devoted to popular posts. It's simple enough to quote the 20-thumb fits you think are undeserving and offer your critique, though. If you think something's missing, fill the need!
New Posts  All Forums: