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The NBC hank isn't particularly useful, but it certainly is cool.
Indeed. The Williamses were hopeless in the wet.
5.5 this morning
Happy Independence Day, Noodlers!
Maybe PM CottonDockers and have a heart-to-heart. I think you could go in that direction and look more youthful without falling into the trap of mutton-dressed-as-lamb.
Dat SoKo lyfe, yo!Noodles, it is undeniable that a traditional suit will impart the grown-ass man vibe. Your wife is married to a 34 y.o. man who wears suits. She's gotta come to terms with that. You can improve your casual dressing, though, dressing like a grown-up, yes, but a stylish grown-up.
I believe the phrase you're looking for is "sumpin' sumpin'"
More my style
Don't give up on me now, sprout.
Ohhhh, is that what we think?
New Posts  All Forums: