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Today was the sixth anniversary of my first race (a 10k). Family stuff—starting with an 8 a.m. soccer game—meant I couldn't mark the occasion with a run.
From your keyboard to Mother Nature's ears. It's been so warm this summer, and I hate it.
As I understand it, Dallara will be building a Haas design. F1, under the current rules, can't be like Indycar because each team must own the IP for its chassis and aero (with the exception of the aforementioned sub-assemblies). RBR/Toro Rosso pushed against the limit of this rule initially, but the FIA made it clear that Toro Rosso could not run what were effectively a third and fourth RBR.
I think they're required to design their own monocoque, aero, and front suspension. The power unit, transmission, rear suspension, and rear crash structure from another team can be used.
Yeah, I wouldn't consider mine an example for all. It's just that it rarely occurs to me to take off my jacket during the day. On the flip side of that, once I'm home, I can't imagine sitting around in a jacket. So much so that I don't understand people who lounge in robes.
I don't take off my jacket 99.9% of the time unless I'm at home, and that's usually just getting undressed. I understand that may not be the norm, but side adjusters have the same visual relevance for me as braces: almost none.
Functionally, the fat end of the adjusters spreads out the stress over a larger area, likely making for a more even pull across the waist. Unless you are a jacket remover, no one will see these anyway.
This confirms my general impression of Despos. Commissioning a suit from him now would be imprudent, but one day...
Old/borrowed: Cufflinks belonged to my wife's late grandfather New: Hank purchased within the past six months Blue: Suit, tie, socks
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