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Just one today to keep the streak alive.
Good stuff, Clags.
2 yesterday. Windy and chilly. Went out this evening expecting more of the same and was treated to a gorgeous evening with a light breeze. Got in 5 and managed to catch every light on my route. A rare, non-stop city run.
Garry, that last combo is the bee's knees.
AAS: Birks? Dude, you're just killing me.
brokencycle, I think you've just learned that your contractor's taste and judgment is for shit.
Or there's this stuff: http://autostoneusa.com/ Not. Cheap.
I worked as a mechanic for a few years on an epoxied floor. They can be very durable, but the prep work is apparently absolutely critical. I believe the entry-level systems aren't as durable. I don't have a specific recommendation, but if it's something you want to do, I think it's possible to get a good result.
The complaints about backmarkers aren't a sign that the drivers are less committed or racy than in earlier eras. There's a rule, and they have expectations of the other driver's behavior in a given circumstance based on that rule.I'm not sure what Kimi could have done differently. Verstappen took the inside line into T1 preemptively, so the only option was the outside (which Kimi did try). Combine that with a second move by Verstappen to block, he doesn't get by. The...
New Posts  All Forums: