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AJL, no picnic attack warranted, but I do think the shorter jackets look better. The first would be fine for a suit, but for an odd jacket, I think it's too long.
A confession... [[SPOILER]]
Is it okay that I'm happy that you're getting rid of that jacket?
Theys hatin' on your khakis, bro.
In addition to the longer points, I think you would benefit from a taller collar stand. Nice look otherwise, DC.
lefty, you should have gotten that place in Pennsylvania. No parades, marches, diplomats, or propane restrictions. Just those train tracks and the river.
MP, you might even consider the elliptical or a bike ride just to get blood flowing through those muscles with little strain on the connective tissue.
21529.7 + 12.6 = 21542.3
Wait. Is your wife Robin? Or Stitchy?
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