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Having had the benefit of seeing jcm in three dimensions, I can say that most of CM's critiques are more truthy than true. The supposed beneficial optical illusions don't really accomplish much IRL. You can choose to cover your ass or visually lengthen your legs. You can make the lapels proportional to your head or to some theoretical ideal. You can get the improved drape from cuffs or gain (maybe) some extra perceived lankiness from no cuffs. They're all tradeoffs, and if...
Please to wear the Yohji, Clags.
jcm, my wife prefers flat-front pants for me, but it's not her ass that needs to fit in them. She also doesn't care for the higher rise stuff. Too bad for her, though. She's stuck with me.
That is pretty damned nifty.
There's nothing weird about a standard knit tie.
Long time, no pics...
Bathroom has been tiled, plumbers arrive tomorrow morning to install the fixtures. I still need to build the cabinet for the vanity, but the garage my workshop is filled with the former contents of our storage space. I will probably stop at the hardware store this evening and pick up a cheap utility sink to give us full functionality in the interim.
Fucking academics...
In a challenge where a decent fit was merely the price of admission, DipTie's set was photographically head and shoulders above everyone else.
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