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White Wolf Hotel Penafiel, Portugal AND-RÉ
I want to like it, but the combination of the hank in your jacket and those damned shoes means I just can't.
Yep. Did you read that RBR's flow sensors have been damaged by their Total fuel, and that they've modified the fittings? Totally the FIA's fault...
You could submit it as your sole entry. I think she may have outdone you, but there are worse things in life...
That sucks. I had a little dog snap at me earlier this week, but I was already out of range. Only 3.3 for me this morning, but all uphill. 600+ feet. There's also no air up here at 6000 feet! Even on the little bit of flat at the beginning, I was a solid minute behind my easy pace.
Sitting seems to have improved DonC's popularity! ;-)
GMMcL, are those the Spoo Lodgers? And if so, they better not be the flippin' 8.5...
Tira, only one of those would qualify for the challenge.
Speaking of whom, did jrd and Clags succeed in getting him silenced? I've seen nothing from him today. Or Stitchy... What's going on here?
Nice, Slew.
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