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Oh. I misunderstood.
Y'all are nuts. Those Formosas look great on Noodles.
I think this is an overstatement. It's not StyFo-approved. I think more useful criticism is that the waist is too small, as shown by the pulling at the button.Iso, you can do all the waist suppression you want, but at a certain point it stops being suppression and becomes oppression. If you truly want a waspish waist, you might consider a light corset and then a jacket over that fits smoothly without pulling.
Doh. Perhaps I should stick to the grammar?
You are evil, Spoo!
Um, what did we learn? I think I may have checked out of that thread before any lessons were revealed.
B/B/MfB at 48...
Just using earbuds doesn't cause ear damage. If you're listening too loudly, that will cause damage. Get your hearing tested.
Really?Unless the two pictures are of different outfits, I'm voting suit.
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