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There is evidence above of my bike consumption. I also had the pancakes. No weed. No ladies. No beer. No Van Gogh (lines too long).
Sometimes the Inner Dandy demands to be the Outer Dandy... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
+1. Textures are really nice.
I didn't love the suit in the stills, but it shows to much better effect in the video. Nice tune, too. It would seem that your drummer was dressed for a different gig, though...
Thanks, gentlemens. Sorry to miss you on Saturday, Moral Squirrel. I somehow missed Pete's post. Now I have to go back and find it. Cox, that suit is bananas (in a good way). Steeeeeeeeeeeeeches, that is so flippin' great. Teh jelly, I haz it. (Internet slang just for Clags. )
Noodles, the island picture looks a lot like northern Cali. Which is another way of saying it looks awesome.
Amsterdam shot to the top of my favorite places to visit.
Thanks. I figured it was something like that. I'm not bothered about my face in the photo. Unlike fit pics, there's nothing weird about touristy pictures.
I was going to post these in the photography thread, but I realized those doods don't really care about my iPhone pictures from Amsterdam. But you folks, my people, might. Most spoilered for browsing efficiency... @NOBDAnd, can someone tell me what the "NEE" and "JA" on mail slots means? [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: