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Yeah, bruh.Yeah, bruh.
Okay. With TweedyP's helpful suggestion of trawling my previously posted pictures via my profile, combinations of some of the above ties with five jackets. Those are a brown tweed SC with a bold check, brown herringbone tweed SC, a grayish brown tweedy suit, gray flannel suit, and gray worsted flannel SC with a small pattern and faint reddish overcheck. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Shorter men might consider exactly the opposite. I know I do.
They're both Black Fleece
4.25 yesterday. Ran with a crew from the office, expecting to go out for 3ish. I was pleasantly surprised to find my legs relatively fresh given that I haven't run on consecutive days in probably six months or more. The last mile and change was rather faster after I got a meeting reminder and realized I had only 15 minutes to be back at my desk. Fortunately it was a teleconference...
Looks like Shoreman is using a Mac, too.
What are they, Newc?
Ah, yes...
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