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Well, you can go to the Panta site and see Ed's taste in action...
My wife was outright offended by the retail price of the Gucci.
We have the right guy on the mound now!
Good addition to the shoe wardrobe, AAS.
Are you serious about George Zimmer at Century 21? If so, I don't know whether to be impressed that he really loves menswear so much that he'd do such work or sad that he's fallen so far.
Maxima is a POS, but not a cheap one. That said, even an inexpensive car can have expensive tires if they are not in a common size. My POS goes through tires relatively quickly at $500 per set.
And here we go again with a starter who can't get through two innings...
I think "correct" is an overstatement. My perception is that AAS puts these combos together, and he's okay with the possibility that they might not work out. I have no doubt that he could achieve a better strike rate if that's what he wanted to do, but I'm not sure that's what he's after. Also, I end up clicking the spoiler on these posts anyway, so I don't mind just having them unspoilered. The folks who need spoiler shaming are those quote without spoilering.
It does have the mesh back. It's full-on country.
Stitchy only competes when he can devote 150% to crushing all you weak bishes.
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