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That's just a trick of the lighting. The wheelbarrow is gray.
That's a good color. Chestnut, chocolate, too.
Do you have any fat-wale cords in an earthy color, AAS? They'd look good with that jacket.
1997 Silverstone 2000 Indy 2001 Indy 2004 Indy 2008 Silverstone 2012 Austin My buddy and I hung out at the end of the old Bridge bridge in '97 for a good chunk of the race, with the cars passing nearly directly underneath, about 15' feet away. That's as close as I've been to the cars at full chat. Outstanding. 2000 we were in the GA at the end of the infield straight. The best view I've had for the fearsome stopping power of the cars, and also where we saw Hakkinen's car...
Nothing but elliptical and PT exercises at the moment. Looks like my 1200-mile goal for 2014 will not be reached.
I'd be concerned about shiny elbows and seat, but otherwise I don't see any problem with the moleskin suit. Looks pretty tits to me.
Open to suggestions. Hadn't really contemplated the possibility of winning...
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