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Foo's or Goomba's? Or both?
For the sake of variety (if only in units): 5K
I'm a maybe. Will be flying back in to town late the night before.
Thanks, I was thinking that it was somewhere around a week, and you've confirmed that.
Yeah, that's the problem. My Default album has 27 random pictures from ages ago. Nothing that I've uploaded to StyFo in past couple of years and certainly nowhere near the number of pictures I've posted.
I would have purchased that FIAT hank but it doesn't include my (former) car even though it goes up through 1969.
The full sugarbutch can't be done with a three-piece because the tie is captive. A drawing for those unfamiliar:
Clags, out of curiosity: What's the ideal lag time between posting and selection for this thread?
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