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Sky blue oxford
One of my boys likes clothes; the other couldn't care less. The clothes horse has a suit, and the other has a blazer and gray pants.
After all day under my jacket...
I don't like the thick buttons, and I don't care at all about MOP, so these are just plastic buttons.It's good, thanks, Murl. Feels like it's just a bit thinner than the university stripe, but that's absolutely okay with me.
It's not one of their standard collars, just something that we've evolved since my first order. It has a fairly tall collar band and 3" points (that's my recollection, at least). This is my first order where I said, "Like the previous order, but this fabric."
Shirt I received yesterday
Two kids, especially within a couple of years of each other, is certainly more than twice as hard. With one, each parent can take an actual break, go to the movies, get a drink, whatever. With two in diapers, it was divide and conquer, and almost no time for our relationship. It was a very difficult time, but now that the kids are relatively self-sufficient, it's great.
Because you love us, and you knew that it would bring us joy.
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