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Will you stop posting on StyFo when you're an MP?
CruzAzul's jacket is right up my street. I have a similar jacket made to a lower standard that I wear most days when I am not in jacket and tie.
Stitchy's out to an early lead!
Certainly possible, but it's definitely pulling at the button.
It's pretty close, but it looks like the lapels might be gaping just a wee bit, and the converging pattern suggests that it's hinging on the button.
12.6. Was supposed to be 13 with 11 at marathon race pace. With about 2 to go, just completely ran out of gas. I was able to pick it back up for about a half-mile at the end, but that just meant I was completely drained and had to stop. This training cycle has been feast or famine for me...
If I'm not mistaken those are the same Ikea shelves I have in my hallway! Like all of the best Ikea items, discontinued... I wouldn't call my response to FlyingMonkey a defense. I was debating the specific point he made. I'm not even sure that I like the combination myself! I think the shirt is too saturated for general use, but such are the perils of ordering shirts from swatches.
I don't understand the popularity of bomber jackets or any other jacket with elastic at the waist. Unless they are super tight, they cinch in at the waist with a pouf of leather or cloth above. Never a flattering silhouette. Gerry, I second the recommendation for slimmer pants with your jacket.
I'm not certain how much useful feedback you can expect from a picture of a jacket (poorly draped) on a hanger.
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