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Without getting into any of the preceding analogies, etc., the fundamental problem I have with the "white is formal" position is that the advent of tailored clothing for men occurred when "shirt" and "white shirt" were essentially synonymous. City or country, it was likely a white shirt worn with it. The term blue collar isn't a reference to light blue dress shirts for wearing with country suits.
No snark. But in retrospect, I should have snarked.
Hey @chocsosa, Spoo's about to give away a tie for you giant people.
Perhaps the winner will be the person with the best internal/external image coherence.
I feel like a million bucks in these first two... ...but I love texture. I feel like my true nature is probably a bit more casual than this, though... I think this probably best represents the essence of SHUGGERBUSH!
Clags, if you think the one you choose best represents you (or your self-conception), that's the one. Even if it doesn't match our perception of you. At least, that's how I interpreted HF's challenge.
All you beardy types stick together...
I'm wondering whether there's a line in the lease requiring the use of Edison bulbs.
Stitchy, in my mind's eye, is wearing a Formosa suit with a cashmere tie and some pointy-ish shoes in a shade just lighter than conservative. And he's doing something goofy in the photo.
Manton hasn't been around to gainsay their appropriateness.
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