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It's not my favorite shirt (from either my first or second round of MTM years ago), but It doesn't really bother me. It's worth noting that my unstructured jacket is not buttoned, and the lapels are falling away from the collar. With the jacket buttoned, the points don't tuck under, but they do touch.
I think Manton gets the credit because when he leaves, you get great weather, and upon his return, swamp ass. pB, if you can demonstrate such a solid record of performance, you can make a claim to the throne.
I choose to ignore them so that I might enjoy your submission.
21119.3 + 13.7 = 21133
Pretty miserable 13.7 yesterday. Went out for 15, but never really got in the groove. Beautiful day, though!
21115.2 + 4.1 = 21119.3
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