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What are they, Newc?
Ah, yes...
I agree completely about linen ties. I would include my own orange and tan linen ties for a fall/transitional wardrobe, but they are a bit bright to make the top ten.
In the interest of MOAR PICS, I will post the ties even though I don't yet have the pics of them in context with the jackets. I want to stress that these are my *seasonal* choices, not necessarily the ties I would recommend for a ten-tie wardrobe. Knits: navy, brown, olive, dark orange, and black Wool blends: Olive with red paisleys, plum, just lighter than navy, and green with just a hint of teal Wool bows: Navy and mid-gray
It may take me a bit to put this together, if at all. I confess that I don't really do any file management with my fitpics, especially since SF started supporting uploads. Nonetheless, I am flattered by my inclusion.
Are you talking about the tan cooch? That'sa very nice.
4 mi this morning
What say you, New Yorkers? http://www.thespiralny.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/feature-v5-revised.mp4
I wish this fella had been around a few months ago when I tried to give away those suits! I finally ended up donating them locally.
I went for RogerP, but a strong field.
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