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Now I'm confused. Perhaps you can rephrase Chogall so that I understand what he meant? Because it didn't register for me other than a dislike of light brown shoes with navy suits (which wasn't what I was suggesting).
Like how he's always going on about how he's so sweaty? Or that he doesn't particularly like sex? Or that he's boring?
I don't listen to much hip-hop anymore, but I would consider Run The Jewels and Kendrick Lamar to be excellent counters to the notion that dere ain't no more good stuff. But I'm old, so what do I know? EDIT: I responded from the last page thinking I'd hit the last comment. I see that my thoughts were captured above. DOUBLE EDIT: Murl, my dooooood. No Kendrick?
Thassalotta rain you guys got there today.
So you agree with my version?
Now that's what I'm talking about.
I had the sleeves shortened from the shoulder on the jacket of a suit, and it came out fine. Solid-ish pattern, though, and it cost enough that I would likely pass on a jacket which required that much work.
What, no thanks for me?
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