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The cream you use to block the spray on tan needs to be applied with precision. Twice I have gotten too much "tan" on my fingers and it looked uneven. It would not wash off, so over time it wore off. In the mean time, my hands looked dirty.
Do you know of any general Bluefly shopping codes?
Probably a gimme question, but I'm unclear about the color of socks to wear with different color slacks. For example, should I generally match the sock color to the pant color or the shoe color? What about tan colored pants - tan socks, black socks, brown socks?
I'm a big fan of New Balance sneakers. They're comfortable for a casual day or for more intense activities. I also find if you visit a New Balance store, the customer service is great and they really find a shoe that best fits your needs.
I also use Certain Dri, as Andrew V mentioned. You use this a couple times a week instead of a daily antip/deodorant. It definitely works, may sting the first few times you try it, but worth it.
[No question. Pink carnation. ] At all costs, avoid the carnation.
Looking for 2-4 tickets to the Redskins-Vikings game in DC on 1/2/05. If anyone has tickets available, let me know. Thanks.
I use Khiel's facial moisturizer with SPF 15. Works well year round. Worth the money and lasts a while.
I use Paul Brown Hawaii gel mousse. It doesn't have alcohol, isn't drying to the hair, and doesn't leaving a crunch. Give it a try.
I happen to have a few juicy suits - a black velour, navy terry cloth, and just sold a camel velour suit. They are perfect for the weekend.
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