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if it fits under your cuff, go ahead.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.p...ostcount=56003 And for more immediate thread shock effect: The link........ouch. Taper those trousers (or pinstripes are not your friend)!
Quote: Originally Posted by osc +1 for this gentleman! Agreed. I purchased from him before and highly recco.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Jam's Army I, too, received shoes not sized properly. I have two pairs of Vass that I bought "off the rack" earlier this year from Tom in size 44 U last, and those shoes fit great. So I went the MTO route and ordered a pair of 44 U last Italian Oxford. The shoes I received from Tom are a quarter inch shorter sole length than my two previous Vass and an eighth of an inch narrower. Nothing on the shoe indicates a size,...
time zone or watchuseek you can get the forum ad contact and get a deal. what model you want?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien Sorry, I just believe in calling a spade a spade. no, i suspect calling asian an asian.............
Who makes BS Repton?
I don't think I'd pay $5 for it. Nothing like the original Monaco (McQueen) Heuer.
Quote: Originally Posted by eMacPaul Whoa! What if you combined that with a Snuggie?! what I was thinking......snuggie
Santoni can be found for as cheap as well.
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