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anyone ordered via email using custom measurements?
If you are there in the fall, order the pici. One of the most memorable meals I ever had was at a friends winery in Greve. The cook made fresh pici, a local pasta. The seasonal dish was made with wild boar and fresh porcini's in a tomato-like ragu. Get a great bottle of brunello (bad idea in Greve) and life is good.
what is your price w/out trade?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cavalier IWC Portuguese Automatic. You say no leather band, but I would reconsider. /IW3714-17.html[/url] +1. And you'll have a few pesos left over after-wards (if you buy used)
Quote: Originally Posted by EricE. what is the double monk?? lowndes...........
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey What is a good Bike Forum to look at while I anxiously wait for my bike to arrive? all the real pussies are at weight weenies dot com.
They look a bit flogged. I like them but would not pay much.
Muir Beach every TU & TH AM. 2:15 door to door and about 30 miles. Great scenery and good climbs.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Anyway with China and India growing very quickly and the resurgence of Russia as a world power, you will need us more than ever.. yes we will; someone has to buy our shit.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoguy Get an IWC Mark XVI or a Speedmaster professional. +1 on the speedy pro. go w/the 3572.50. its discontinued but readily had via reputable sources at a hair less that $2k.
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