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what size do you need?
Quote: Originally Posted by VikingsFan82 Definitely not. His most recent was far from "hot." http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/...t_network.html jeeeze. he lost his job and what is left of his family for that? dude has a serious problem, and i am not just talking about his eyesight.
Quote: Originally Posted by JonHecht Seriously, wtf? salesman could detect you were a tire-kicker and didn't want to waste time w/you.
For Trofeo, Chan would charge ~$1700 for a 2p suit. Maybe that will give you a gauge for a final product.
what were you looking for in a trade for the Sutor's?
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 More Vass pr0n, austerity brogue, Trousers are Brioni, chocolate brown flannel, perfect color for the shoes IMO.. And with that, my 5000th post, sayanora SF.. Its refreshing to see that some know how to properly wear/fit trousers; NO BREAK!!!
Golly, what a cute little bow.
Just picked these up; Canali but likely Settantatre. Could not pass up.
That buckle is friggin huge. The last is OK, but the buckle is something you'd see on a Buccaneer in the Caribbean circa 17th century.
anyone ordered via email using custom measurements?
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