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is the second jacket a Porter & Harding herringbone w/blue and gray windowpane?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant I rarely unbuckle mine and always use a shoe horn I never buckle mine; Sprezzatura and all.
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym As you may have seen from a few pics I posted last week, I got the boots. But... I had a similar experience to vettemike. I just got a bill from TNT express for $260. Crazy. As vettemike said, the agreement with Tom included shipping, as one can see from Tom's first post in this thread, which also mentions TNT as the shipper: I talked with a friend who's a lawyer, and he said I shouldn't pay the bill or...
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Anyone know what the deal is with the blue soles? Do they exclusively indicate the higher line, or are they used on both higher end and mid-range? Ed? - You seem to be an expert in SM. I really don't think the blue sole equates to any exclusivity (based on trying on these shoes vs. other much nicer Sutor's). Actually, I would not be surprised if they put blue soles on the low end shoes just to...
Quote: Originally Posted by earthdragon BIG Pilot I like the BP; its huge. I tried the XXI on today; gorgeous watch. But, I felt the deployant was total crap. I didn't feel the love when it was on the wrist. C'est la vie. The search continues.
where (i.e. the bay, tz, etc.) did you purchase?
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm did you see the bottoms of the sutors? thanks :-) They were all blues....I posted last week about the quality (or lack-thereof) on the baseline Sutor's. I thought the double monks felt cheap, although I liked the style. They also has a few pair of Grenson's @~$300 retail. Not sure what line.
Stopped by the shoe dept. as I was passing through Bloomingdales. Sales rep said all Sutors (and random other 'high end' shoes) are going on sale tomorrow for 20% off plus another 20% off of that. I snapped a couple camera phone shots of the available Sutors. Retail was mid-to-high $400's.
"The store specializes in suits that run as high as $4,000." I think they meant starting at $4k......
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 I know they're sold (and the price is good imo) but FTR, these look like they were a store return that were likely worn and reconditioned, which is what the two holes indicate if they came from Nordstrom Rack. Probably not much wear but it's hard to tell from the pics since the soles look like they were painted over. Boy, I feel like I've been called a liar. When I purchased these, I was told they "were only...
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