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Monk strap shoes w/suits or blazer/trousers? Bad style? Acceptable? I wore them back in the mid-90's last time I wore suits, not sure now.
Can anyone comment on the quality of the Sutor Mantellassi's (vs. an Alden, Martegani, AE)? Nice looking shoes.
I'll wear them w/ suits or blazers & trousers.
I need new shoes; I want the most versatile shade of brown/burgandy. I'm leaning towards a chiseled toe, maybe a balmoral or or something w/ floating medallion (is the medallion a "safe" bet as far as lasting style?). Here are a few options, please comment on versatile color option as well as style: 1. 2. 3. 4. These are all Martegani's. I guess I'll need black as well. If you have suggestions under $400, let me know.
Selected one of the latest Trofeo's by Zegna for the suit and blazer in taupe/brown w/blue windowpane from H&S. Patrick was attentive and seems to have an excellent eye for detail. I had over an hour of personal time with the only interruption being my mobile phone. He made some excellent 'comments" on the custom suit I wore in, and I concurred w/his comments. Looking forward to seeing the final product. I think the suit was about $1700 and the blazer about $900....
What is his price range for a 2 piece suit and for a blazer?
I'm taking a "managed" risk...meeting Chan in the morning for a new suit and a blazer. I'll take my favorite fitting bespoke suit. I'm having him bring the unfinished products back on his next visit for a basted fitting. I'm not in a hurry. I'd prefer a properly fitted suit and I don't see how it can be done w/no second or third fitting. Anyone seen the new Zegna catalog? There is a great lighter gray windowpane; I think maybe molehair. Might go w/that. We'll see. ...
Quote: Quote: Originally Posted by sfo423 Can the post originator post a still shot of the 9th frame? I am interested in seeing the brown windowpane sportcoat. I would be happy to but no matter how many times I count to nine (at my age, that's no easy feat) I don't see a brown windowpane. Can you describe the photo a bit more? I just took a screenshot. If you have a better picture and specs on the fabric, please post. Its the coat on the...
Can the post originator post a still shot of the 9th frame? I am interested in seeing the brown windowpane sportcoat.
I came across this picture of an outstanding looking velvet blazer on Alan Flussers website. I think I need one. Short of having one made (probably will not get worn more than 10x / yr.), anyone know of a decent OTR buy?
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