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a picture of the fabrics/suits that are displayed in the laest Zegna catalog. I saw the catalog at my tailors, but have not been able to find the selections online. There were some great grays with window pane, almost a brownish green hint. Also some nice dark selections. Can anybody point me to these online?
looks like Chan will get a shot. Any other traveling tailors that I should look at for SF scheduled visit?
That is sad.
who do you like in SF and whats their forte?
in San Francisco? If so, whats the feedback on his suits? More traditional? More fashionable? Easy to work with? Catalog of fabrics? Thanks in advance.
So I recently started to rebuild my mid 90's suit, sportcoat, shirt & trouser wardrobe as I have changed professions (from casual to needing nice suits, etc.). I have a tough "off the rack" build (tall & slim) as I am a bit picky about fit & finish. So, at the suggestion of my tailor (never had a bespoke suit before) and common sense, I had a suit, several shirts and a sportcoat made and am ready for my next suit, etc. I love the suit & sportcoat as well as the...
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