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Quote: http://www.sutormantellassi.com/ I believe this shoe is the second from the left under Collections. Does it have the center design down the middle? Sutors kick so much ass it's sick Can this be confirmed?
Monk strap shoes w/suits or blazer/trousers? Bad style? Acceptable? I wore them back in the mid-90's last time I wore suits, not sure now.
Can anyone comment on the quality of the Sutor Mantellassi's (vs. an Alden, Martegani, AE)? Nice looking shoes.
I'll wear them w/ suits or blazers & trousers.
I need new shoes; I want the most versatile shade of brown/burgandy. I'm leaning towards a chiseled toe, maybe a balmoral or or something w/ floating medallion (is the medallion a "safe" bet as far as lasting style?). Here are a few options, please comment on versatile color option as well as style: 1. 2. 3. 4. These are all Martegani's. I guess I'll need black as well. If you have suggestions under $400, let me know.
Selected one of the latest Trofeo's by Zegna for the suit and blazer in taupe/brown w/blue windowpane from H&S. Patrick was attentive and seems to have an excellent eye for detail. I had over an hour of personal time with the only interruption being my mobile phone. He made some excellent 'comments" on the custom suit I wore in, and I concurred w/his comments. Looking forward to seeing the final product. I think the suit was about $1700 and the blazer about $900....
What is his price range for a 2 piece suit and for a blazer?
I'm taking a "managed" risk...meeting Chan in the morning for a new suit and a blazer. I'll take my favorite fitting bespoke suit. I'm having him bring the unfinished products back on his next visit for a basted fitting. I'm not in a hurry. I'd prefer a properly fitted suit and I don't see how it can be done w/no second or third fitting. Anyone seen the new Zegna catalog? There is a great lighter gray windowpane; I think maybe molehair. Might go w/that. We'll see. ...
Quote: Quote: Originally Posted by sfo423 Can the post originator post a still shot of the 9th frame? I am interested in seeing the brown windowpane sportcoat. I would be happy to but no matter how many times I count to nine (at my age, that's no easy feat) I don't see a brown windowpane. Can you describe the photo a bit more? I just took a screenshot. If you have a better picture and specs on the fabric, please post. Its the coat on the...
Can the post originator post a still shot of the 9th frame? I am interested in seeing the brown windowpane sportcoat.
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