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in a 10? Love 'em. Seen them on VCH but 9's only. I think I need both. and Love the shape.
Quote: Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo Do any of them come in a 10D?
The Fairfax is a winner too. I inquired aboiut a BIN price for both. Thanks for the tip!
Does C&J make the Purple Label for RL? I am not familiar w/the fit. Standard D? Run long? He has two pair I'd buy right now if I knew they'd fit.
Quote: Grapevinehill has a bunch of black monks from PL/EG on eBay right now. They should end up less than $500. I didn't see the auctions you mentioned. Just a bunch of cheap black monks right now.
I'm looking for some new black monk strap shoes...under $500. Not too fashion forward, but I must say a slightly chiseled toe looks quite nice. Anybody have any suggestions? I fit a 10D in a Tramezza.
Those shoes work better for casual wear, not suits (IMO). Get a smooth grain finish.
Zegna fabrics will start around $1500 USD w/Chan. I had a suit made w/a light gray Trofeo from their most recent catalog and it was ~$1700.
Raining here so I am cleaning out the closet. All of these clothes are mine so as far as fit, I am 6" 2" and weigh ~165lbs. I have long legs and generally wear a 32-34 in the waist (depending on the manufacturer) and my suit size would be a 39-40L, again depending on the manufacturer. Let me know if you need additional pics or measurements. I can take additional measurements and if you're a student or poor "but like decent clothes" type of guy, we can combine for a...
Quote: I believe this shoe is the second from the left under Collections. Does it have the center design down the middle? Sutors kick so much ass it's sick Can this be confirmed?
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