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Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm did you see the bottoms of the sutors? thanks :-) They were all blues....I posted last week about the quality (or lack-thereof) on the baseline Sutor's. I thought the double monks felt cheap, although I liked the style. They also has a few pair of Grenson's @~$300 retail. Not sure what line.
Stopped by the shoe dept. as I was passing through Bloomingdales. Sales rep said all Sutors (and random other 'high end' shoes) are going on sale tomorrow for 20% off plus another 20% off of that. I snapped a couple camera phone shots of the available Sutors. Retail was mid-to-high $400's.
"The store specializes in suits that run as high as $4,000." I think they meant starting at $4k......
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 I know they're sold (and the price is good imo) but FTR, these look like they were a store return that were likely worn and reconditioned, which is what the two holes indicate if they came from Nordstrom Rack. Probably not much wear but it's hard to tell from the pics since the soles look like they were painted over. Boy, I feel like I've been called a liar. When I purchased these, I was told they "were only...
That was quick. Thanks theyare The are new Canali antiqued brown double monks, marked "43." I would estimate that the fit a 10D-10.5D. I have my eyes on another pair of shoes so these must go (hey, I'm a minimalist). I believe Canali shoes are made by Settantatre, which was founded by some ex- Sutor folks. $200 plus actual shipping. Trees not included.
Quote: Originally Posted by techstyles These are beautiful shoes. I read some posts on 888 sizing and am a bit confused about how these compare with, for example an AE sizing. Is the 10/10.5 888 closer to a 10D or 10.5D, or should I expect a snugger fit in the toe box akin to a narrower 10 or 10.5 size? Interested in feedback on both length and width... IMO, these will fit like a 10.5D. If you are larger/wider than a 10.5D, they will be...
Quote: Originally Posted by earthdragon This now look 'puny' next to my BP. Fifty Fathoms?
I had the local AD order one of these for me to try on. It just arrived and I will go check it out on Tuesday. Its looks like a beauty, but it may be a bit overwhelming on my puny wrists.
Quote: Just saw a pair of what I believe are John Lobb bespoke loafers not to dog the op, but be serious......
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel hmm, that face tells me that there might be a hidden surprise I also like the quick access attire.
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