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Quote: Originally Posted by srivats I have had sideburns forever. I usually trim them to end at the bottom of my earlobes. After I get a haircut, I "thin" them to match what is left on the head and let them end a bit shorter than where my earlobes end. what he said. if that does not work for you, go w/mutton chops.
maybe in germany, not here in good 'ol you ess of ay.
Quote: Originally Posted by BHSintheHouse Has anyone used Tom James in San Francisco? Thoughts? the phone book is full of 'em. do you have one in mind?
that is a no-brainer; lowndes. spend the extra pesos.
Quote: Originally Posted by razl Is it 1, 2, or no vents? Also, what's the sleeve/button situation - are there already buttonholes (fake or working) on it? Appreciation in advance. Three button, no vent, four sleeve buttons non-working. Quote: Originally Posted by jtoddaz Any idea how the fit compares with the 15xxx model vs. the 14xxx model? I have no idea. Check measurements. I am a 40 (with long arms) and...
Bumpy and big price drop.........TTT
Quote: Originally Posted by HuckFinn Hi, Your current asking price is more than I'd pay for these second-hand, but obviously a great pair of shoes and is my size so please let me know if you decide to lower your ask. Thanks, A Two posts and already low-balling in public.
Bump & a price drop. A very common size for a very flexible Canali!
Not a Pam fan, but a great deal. Go 'target rich' and put it on TZ.
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