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Some ideas / the direction I am likely going. I'll check in w/KeaLani this week.
A medalion toe looks great with a burnished finish. I like the cognac (my only pair in this color) but would be happy to go to light brown. Another good reason to buy another replacement pair in cognac.
Anyone have a "shoe guy" recco in San Francisco? Somehow, still unknown to me, my Martegani Lucca seems to be soiled/stained/ruined. I want to antique or something; not sure if salvagable.
Anyone have suggestions on some casual derby style / work boot or ankle cut shoe? I like the white crepe sole. The only ones I've found yet are the Red Wings and for a comparison, the Quoc Pham shoe (albeit cycling shoe, but i like the style). Just looking for something casual to wear w/jeans.
Ummm, so your unhappy with your purchase? Did you try to work it out w/seller or are you just want to bash him first?
bump and $ drop...
I have a Riviera that does not make the rotation anymore. The sale comes with watch, box, case, all paperwork (and folder), x-tra links and I have an appraisal that I had performed for insurance purposes ($3,100). I am the original owner. The watch band shows some light wear and the watch is very clean. The case is very slim and wears well. This is a great gift watch or super watch for a 'starter' to a new collection. Dress it up or down. I am located in San Francisco....
Quote: Originally Posted by scribbles Try running a search before you open a new thread. Try asking here Sixty something posts and already getting all uppity
They must be a bit more diligent on QA these days. I just received this message: Dear Mr X Thank you for your order: 1) Crockett and Jones Lowndes, Colour: Dark Brown Burnished Calf, Size: 9, Fitting:E, GBP258.40 Shipping Cost: GBP0.00. Total Order Cost: GBP258.40 We regret to inform you that the Lowndes that was available for despatch did not pass our Quality Inspection prior to despatch. We are expecting a replacement pair to arrive from the factory...
I read this in the paper the other day about the new store on Fillmore: Then, I went to the website to take a look at the product; Not my cup of tea. Closed quarters, skinny lapels, (too) short of jacket, yada, yada, yada. I do like the slim/tailored fit and excess sleeve/cuff though. That's about it. It will be interesting to see if this line sells.
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