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Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod My Chan jackets are quite fitted and clean - no drape. +10 Need to figure out how to help him help me w/drape.
get a 3572.50; sapphire back / hesalite front.
Quote: Originally Posted by forex Are Vass worn or new? It looks like they were worn couple of times? who cares at that price.
in a brown tone, 10D US / 9E UK (or close), 'gently worn?'
How about ANY Settantatre shoe? I don't think they have many lasts.............
Anyone have a pair of Settantatre on the last in the pic? If so, can you post a pic or two? I am not sure if they are 'too' chiseled for my taste (as I've not seem them in person).
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid People on this forum really don't understand that not everyone has £270 to spend on one pair of shoes when there are many other items of clothing and other costs that must be met on a very tight budget. The Cheney Hoad looks decent but cannot find a price.
do you know if those are on the 3B last?
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles alternatively, I'd like to get a $2k watch, wear it for several years, and if I can get 1/2 back in resale, it would position me to make the upgrade much easier. I've never traded up, and doubt you will either. You just continue to buy more watches. If you buy something and later determine its not for you, then you sell. But that's about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by goldknots I then made my way to Turnbull & Asser and spent about 30 minutes talking with the sales specialist and trying on shoes and determining which last I like the most (348). He was very helpful and I have narrowed my choices. Did you notice if a somewhat diminutive, yet rather attractive female w/short dark hair working the C&J section? Last time I was there (two years ago) she helped me. Actually called her a...
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