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wearing a baseball hat backwards.
Is that a 9E and what color?
Efff.......... The shoes I want but wrong size.
I fit a 10D US - 9E UK. Looking for brown (not cognac / British tan), new or lightly used. I didn't like the Polo's from GG sale a few months back so I'd pass on those (as well as standard Ferragamo & AE)
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy I met Mr. Bragman, associate at Barney's, last year. A very accomodating and nice gentleman. Hello waist suppression. Must be his suit from college.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal_1 you're just jealous you didn't make the 7x7 magazine list of best dressed what a travesty this list is - click the link (it takes a few seconds to load the pics) http://www.7x7.com/surveys/2009-styl...san-franciscan That list is an abortion of fashion. I really don't see much style at all. Some nice pus though...
Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz +1 both options are rather sub-par. Go Lowndes
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal_1 anybody know which wool textile maker produces something like the suit on the left? brown with a blue pin stripe anyone seen anything similar in wool fabric books? I'm scheduled to see Patrick of WW Chan in a month and would love to have a suit made up with it I have a bespoke suit in that exact fabric. Its Zegna; Trofeo or Mil15, I'll have to double check. It was in the fall '06 book I...
can someone cross-reference this thread with the thread about off-color pick-stitching?
Quote: Originally Posted by spdst13 Is pick-stitching still in style? Currently I'm not a big fan, it seems a little ostentatious. I guess originally it designated a higher-quality suit? Now you can find it on many OTR suits. Just looking for some opinions... machine-done pick stitching w/contrasting thread looks great if you are a TNT analyst covering an NBA game. Otherwise, nope.
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