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From SW1 in oxblood...
I used Andy Gorges for a few. Good selection of fabrics & buttons. Standard pricing for common fabrics; ~$130/each. I have found better outside of SF.
I love summer; but San Francisco is not really a 'four season' locale. Fall/Indian summer is our best season; rarely topping 80s in the City. Women in skimpy clothing, shorts & short sleeves on the bike through most of Nov., less tourons, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by 888style Very pointy!! Tough call between pathetic and disgusting.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo I don't think that's how I go about things - I would be broke if it were the case. How does one develop a taste without trying things out? Buy what you like/appeals, not what the forum says to you should buy.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff Lowndes definitely no question about it. a/e are so...........sub par.
Quote: Originally Posted by binge It's a djembe. Ever been to the drum circle in GG park? Can't say I have. Would I look out of place wearing a blazer & Edward Green cap toes? Wanna-be hippies wearing patchouli oil coupled with drunk bums is something I try to avoid. I did have a tie-dye in college though. Wore it to Ken Keseys house. I think I might have even smoked a doob with him. Ahhhh....memories. Now I am a republican. I digress.
Quote: Originally Posted by 888style Bit pointy but that could work, if you have small feet. I was thinking the same thing. if your feet are larger than a 9.5US, those will probably look huge. Love the color, but a tad too pointed.
Is that a bong or African drum next to the massive speaker?
I am ordering a pair. Shipping for one pair; $50e, two pair; $60e Anybody else ordering and want to combine shipping?
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