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Quote: Originally Posted by theyare how much? How about two hundred. shipping included in conus.
If no trade, open to sale.............
I bought these shoes from SW1 in Milan and have only worn them twice, which means I must make room for another pair. The shoes are very nice, color is bordeaux and sized at 43.5, which fits my 10D well (I am 9E in C&J and 10D in Tramezza for common reference). If you are not familiar w/SW1, they have been referenced several times on Will's blog I am not sure who made the actual shoe, but I believe they are at Grenson masterpiece standards. I would place the last...
Quote: Originally Posted by JesseJB I have a Hart Schaffner Marx suit that I bought at Nordstrom and had tailored there 2 years ago and have attempted to wear maybe three times. I want to return it because it is just way too big. I worked there at the time I bought it so I kind of got that baggy "Nordstrom fit" that their sales reps are known to sport and that's exactly how I look in it. No shirt cuff showing, and that weird feeling that the shoulders...
wearing a baseball hat backwards.
Is that a 9E and what color?
Efff.......... The shoes I want but wrong size.
I fit a 10D US - 9E UK. Looking for brown (not cognac / British tan), new or lightly used. I didn't like the Polo's from GG sale a few months back so I'd pass on those (as well as standard Ferragamo & AE)
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy I met Mr. Bragman, associate at Barney's, last year. A very accomodating and nice gentleman. Hello waist suppression. Must be his suit from college.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal_1 you're just jealous you didn't make the 7x7 magazine list of best dressed what a travesty this list is - click the link (it takes a few seconds to load the pics) http://www.7x7.com/surveys/2009-styl...san-franciscan That list is an abortion of fashion. I really don't see much style at all. Some nice pus though...
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