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Turning into more of a shopping effort that expected. Now open to indigo and or selvedge. Lots of manu's seem to like the neck strap, I don't.
Looking for a couple Black Friday deals on a chambray short. I like the RRL but in the mood for >$200. Anyone have a lead on decent quality, non-button down, semi slim, maybe more work-oriented? Just looking for something to wear casually. Color shade below or slightly darker. TIA
Hello fruit bomb! Reminds me of mid 90s v2 wanna be cult wine "tailored" to Bay Area big spenders.I had it a few times over the past two years and again a few months ago at neighbors for dinner. I don't get it. Brutally over priced.
Colors, patterns, textures, materials.........
That time of year. Looking for a quilted jacket. Slim fit / tapered, something that I can layer (under), a poly exterior (no wool or cotton), buttons and zip. Maybe hacking / ticket pocket or patch,
The heel was darkened because they spilled cordovan dye on them.Are you suggesting a light brown polish or something else?
Not the best images. The toe was 'toned down' but I'm kinda ho-hum w/the outcome. They are not cognac per-se anymore; more of an orange hue to the leather. Some sun will do them good. I see a good excuse to look for a new pair of cognac shoes.
I actually asked him to lighten up the toe. My model is this G&G.
Update; I "gave" the shoes to Chris @ AShine. Pretty much told him my direction (antiqued toe to cover oiled stains) and gave him carte blanche to do as he wishes (keeping it as understated as possible). After foundation was laid, he started to strip it all back.Here is the latest before they are ready for conditioning. Unfortunately, someone spilled CORDOVAN stain on the heel. After as good as cleaning as possible, the heel will now be slightly darkened (dirty heel look)...
After further inspection, the two soft stains on the outer toe edge is some kind of oil. Still a candidate for stripping & dye? Or, will the oiled section of the leather be doomed forever?
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