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This is a nice traditional pinot that drinks above its price (
One good, one pass from last night's dinner party. I opened a mag of '07 Leonardini Family Pinot. Very balanced, understated bottle. The host opened his 'book' of Cherry Pie Pinot's. Should be re-named cherry bomb! Very jammy 15.5 pecenter! I don't get it....Jayson Woodbridge is no amateur, but it seems to fall along the lines of wine as a cocktail vs. something to be enjoyed with food (California marketing).
BUMP. $30+shipping!
I had two splits gathering dust. Outstanding wine by Chris. Deep, complex flavors with smooth tobacco note finish. Home BBQ porterhouse was a great a great pairing.
Love. When wine was not a cocktail.
Opened this as we (tried) to replicate my favorite Tuscan fall meal; pici w/wild boar, porcini's in a ragu style sauce. Can never make it as good as the real thing. Great bottle, not what I would consider a 'true' Tuscan as its more cab, but none-the-less a winner.
Be like Mike! Or, RUN-DMC! Men's retro Adidas sweats top, the perfect urban jacket. Perfect for the '80s admirer / urban throwback or Jordan fan. Shipping will be @ cost.
From the archives: Clearing out closet for annual Goodwill dump. This gem will go in the B&S section for the throwback lovers / Jordan admirers / urban '80s appreciation. What is it worth?
Q for Apple Watch people. I found a series 2 w/GPS on my mountain bike ride today (in the mud no-less). I put an ad on Craigslist to see if the owner comes forth. Q1: Can the owner use the GPS to track the watch down? Q2: Any way to track owner if I cannot open watch? Q3: if no to Q1 and Q2 and nobody comes forth, is it usable to anyone other than the owner? It has a screen lock on it so I cannot ‘open’ it up to see any personal info to help find owner. Battery will be...
Price drop & bring me a B/O! Great X-mas present for the better half! Bought these for the wife a few months ago and they have been worn only a few times. This time she can pick her own. No scratches or blems. I can't find the case but can include a Calvin Klein hard case with them. Here is the description from the Chanel website:
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