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I actually asked him to lighten up the toe. My model is this G&G.
Update; I "gave" the shoes to Chris @ AShine. Pretty much told him my direction (antiqued toe to cover oiled stains) and gave him carte blanche to do as he wishes (keeping it as understated as possible). After foundation was laid, he started to strip it all back.Here is the latest before they are ready for conditioning. Unfortunately, someone spilled CORDOVAN stain on the heel. After as good as cleaning as possible, the heel will now be slightly darkened (dirty heel look)...
After further inspection, the two soft stains on the outer toe edge is some kind of oil. Still a candidate for stripping & dye? Or, will the oiled section of the leather be doomed forever?
Some ideas / the direction I am likely going. I'll check in w/KeaLani this week.
A medalion toe looks great with a burnished finish. I like the cognac (my only pair in this color) but would be happy to go to light brown. Another good reason to buy another replacement pair in cognac.
Anyone have a "shoe guy" recco in San Francisco? Somehow, still unknown to me, my Martegani Lucca seems to be soiled/stained/ruined. I want to antique or something; not sure if salvagable.
Anyone have suggestions on some casual derby style / work boot or ankle cut shoe? I like the white crepe sole. The only ones I've found yet are the Red Wings and for a comparison, the Quoc Pham shoe (albeit cycling shoe, but i like the style). Just looking for something casual to wear w/jeans.
Ummm, so your unhappy with your purchase? Did you try to work it out w/seller or are you just want to bash him first?
bump and $ drop...
I have a Riviera that does not make the rotation anymore. The sale comes with watch, box, case, all paperwork (and folder), x-tra links and I have an appraisal that I had performed for insurance purposes ($3,100). I am the original owner. The watch band shows some light wear and the watch is very clean. The case is very slim and wears well. This is a great gift watch or super watch for a 'starter' to a new collection. Dress it up or down. I am located in San Francisco....
New Posts  All Forums: