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Would be nice if there were pictures as examples, but nice find anyways...
He seems to have a few pair released every buying cycle. Was watching last couple of months. How are they in person?
so does JCrew
No color for CXL...
looks normal to me, but what about the mark on the front of the toe box??? Gonna need the magic deer bone...
Thanks (my 100th post - yahoo ) Wow, now I'm a senior member - pretty scary...
Is it easy to take footbed out of a pair of 404s? I wanted to put a pair of spenco's in there to see if they'll take up space (1/2 size too big). Tried the spenco's footbed on top of the existing foodbed and was not comfortable. Don't want to accidentally damage them. Thanks!
That's what I did, even have the 404's too. I wear the 403's the most out of the three pair.
Those are the ones to get. How often do they preorder?
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