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No more.As I said, I cannot explain everything in fine details every time. I do not prepare to have people of every level to understand. Some beginners may think too difficult, some expertise like seems not satisfactory. There is no fix rule. Do not ask me any too sharp questions, Sometimes it is difficult to answer in words. You can come and ask sifu in person. Also sifu had introudced a tailor who worked for bararmon and A man before who is station in central as an in...
Different schools have different ways to make a jacket. Shanghai school and Canton school construction differently. For example of constucting the back collar, Canton school have the fabric and canvass together, then attach it , Shanghai school attach the canvass first and then the fabric, almost double the work and time. I do not think it is possible to finish a jacket (Baramon way, typical Shanghai school) at your above time.
Fish,First of all, I am not an author to write a textbook. I am not a tailor too, my carerra is in scientific intruments industry. I cannot describe everything in full details. One master cutter/ tailor is working in my shop upstairs. He has around 60 years of experience in men's tailoring. I had seen a suit from cut to finish including pressing several times. How about you?
I prefer Dugdale because it is only GBP 29.19 per meter exclude shipping, super value to me at this quality.
That is why Simpson Sin ask HK$200 to HK$400 more. I am not talking about low end full canvass. I am talking about high end full canvass jacket. As I said before a good suit is not distinguish by fuse or canvass BUT many many factors.
Yes, for hand sticih base canvass minimum 6 hours, + hand sticih chest piece, a couple of hours, hand padded lapel and collar takes over two hours. . If you buy machine sew rtw canvass, it can be faster. I do not know it is high skill or not but only old tailors do it.How long do your tailors finish above jobs?
Can your package of USD170 for 3 shirt provide non fuse collar and cuffs?
I think if HK$200 to HK$400 extra, it is hard to believe they can offer hand sticih canvass, hand padding at lapel and back collar. Just few things need over 10 hours of high skill craftsmanship.
That's good, do you do CMT for shirts because I have several fabric at home ? Do I need to shrunk the shirt fabric before I give to you? Finally, what is your CMT per shirt?
Do they also do non fused collar and cuffs?
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