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Do you know the construction of the suit made by empire? Is empire own and run by Indians?
Did you read this post by Old ten hours before? He explained very clearly and ask this to stop.
You are not a judge here and you are not qualified. You are misleading people in here too.
Fish,I never pretended myself as a well knowledge guy, you just accused me. I just want to share my knowledge here. You challenge people on words everytime because you want to show you know more. You try to present yourself as a "well knowledge guy" by picking people's words and stepping down others. I highly doubt you know more than a young guy like add911.
Very very beautiful, my friend had ordered it for me. Can't wait to have it made up.
I had seen the swatch samples of Town Classic, very good indeed, i believe they will well made up and can last for very long time. GBP29.19 per meter (as stated in their website) It is a steal.
As you said above you are not an expert and you are not a tailor. I do not take anything you said into account.
Fish,I did say earlier I had seen the whole process, you can believe me or not but please do not ask again.I said again I am not a good writer to explain clearly the process by words.You are not expert and I am not too. Stop.
It is not meaning to go into all fine details. The meaning of good value tailor in Hong Kong is to find an honest tailor earning honest money.
Zegan shirt fabric may start at HK$500 per yd, complete different with SSP can offer.
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