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Yes, your are correct.But I like to change the words from "Best Value" to "Good Value" because nobody knows who is "Best Value" ?Maybe, "Good Value Tailors under HK$ 5 K. (approx USD 650), because many people cannot afford high price.
Hi Guys, please share your experience.
Maybe you can take a look of Peter Lee, Lee Baron.
Another tailor shop in the same area call Beaux Tailor. It may worth to take a look.
I agree. The rent and living cost in HK are not low at all. HK$4,500 is reasonable for a relatively good suit.
I doubt you are more knowledgable than me too. I have confidence for that.
Fish,You did not read carefully of what I say. "Depend on CMT charge". Do you know amount of aton pay for CMT? If Baramon or other similar level CMT charge, the canvass may do by a sifu.Maybe there is some misunderstanding here, I asked several sifu before including who works for A-Man, Baramon, Lao Hop Hing and William Yu, they all said it takes over 6 hours to finish back structure for the front part of the jacket.
Depends on the charge of CMT, many of the stitching are done by old ladies or tailors' wife. Normal stitching needs no high skill. In HK workshop , several ladies stitch the canvass and sifu pay as low as HK$300. per jacket (approx. $50 per hour) Other parts requires high skill such as lapel, collar, shoulders and sleeves are normally done by sifu level.
I am.
Nice summer jacket. Where did you get this linen? Do you mind tell us the cost of the jacket?
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