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Hi Kenny,A fuse jacket can made into a full canvass jacket by order about one yd of same fabric. Remark made the front part including lapel. Sleeves, side body and jacket back can save.
No, Lai does not carry fabric. He just sell his handwork. He has no money to invest for fabric. He has been moonlight alternation for Canali for very long time too. If he is free, he will alternate clothes for famous brand.One reason, he told me he wanted to work independent is he had to handle 100-200 suits per month when he work for his previous boss. He is 71 years old now and he cannot stand for such heavy workload. His present target is 20 suits per month. Now he...
I am not a tailor, better for people to ask Lai sifu or Peter Lee directly. Lai sifu share my place by using upstair for his own use. Lai sifu is totally independant in his own business.
I welcome any guys go to Peter Lee and ask for Lai sifu. I hope he can earn enough for his living. It is his personal wish to start his own business. According to his age and health, he is better to reduce smoking .
Now, Lai sifu delivery time is relatively fast. He also do half -canvass at cheaper price.Whether you like his work or not is completely personal taste. You will have no advantage as to his other customers.Did you make a suit from Dream Bespoke? Please give us own own personal comment.
Maybe I can explain the delivery time. Before Lai sifu become independant last month. He was full time employee for a shenzhen workshop whose boss is a HK guy. The workshop received orders from ten tailor shops in HK. Lai sifu's responsibilty is a fitter for two tailor shops. One of them is Peter Lee / Lee Baron. Peter Lee gave an order to Lai's boss and Lai will follow up.Why Lai sifu took so long time before because he had to moonlight for his own customers. After...
Is your Chan suit measure, cut and fitted by Patrick Chu?Normal range Zegna fabric are not that expensive. Aprrox. HK$1K per yd. For you HK$3K maybe enough for 2 pc with Zegna fabric. People go to Chan mainly for top craftsmanship instead of fabric. You can see another guy using general English fabric Fresco 520 can made a beautiful suit from Chan.
Very very nice. How much did Chan charge this 3 pc Fresco 520?
It depsens on the colour and fabric, some of them are really nice.
I think db are not suitable for small size people. It may help to go with lighter colour especially for pants.
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