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Fish, what are you talking about??
Hi add911, very good cut and craftsmanship especially the pagoda shoulders looks excellent on you.
Fish,I cannot explain in words. To my eyes, it looks better.
Hi Kenny,If you decide to have the jacket remake to full canvass, have the right shoulder dimple fixed as well as lengthen the right sleeve to make look balance as your left sleeve. Have the right sleevehead rounder and rotate the sleeve pitch a little bit . Better to have the vest remake to canvass too. Pants need to do something, from my eyes, they look like uniqlo cotton pants. Unacceptable for dress pants.
Hi Johnny,I am not a tailor but I asked this question from a tailor before. I am not sure I am absolutely correct about this answer. Canvas vest is harder and takes longer to make, that is why cmt charge is higher than fused. Also, some tailors use thick cotton inside instead of wool canvas to make vest. It also wears more comfortable than fused. But I think it does not drape not as good as wool canvas.
The front shoulder part is softer.
For me, canvass vest is more easy to dinstinguish than canvass jacket when compare to fused.It is more breathable and softer at the shoulder area. It is much more comfortable.
I think It is better for me not to suggest any tailor on the internet too.I have enough suit now and do not plan to make more in near future.
From a brief look, my comments are bad cut for the trousers, not even properly hanged. No attention to your lower right shoulder, your right sleeve is shorter and a dimple in your right shoulder from the back. Trousers need a remake more than the jacket. Their fitting is a MTM standard and below bespoke.
Excluding Lai sifu, can you suggest some middle price tailor who can do canvas vest?
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