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Ball.It is because he pm me the amount of deposit he paid for the suit only is under HK$2K (USD 250).I think USD250 is a good price to learn a lesson and still within comfortable zone to cut loss.If he paid big amount of deposit, it is better to carry on until final products and make decision at that time.Most guys in this forum demand a decent suit. I think Achtungbaby07 is the same.
I never saw a fitting as worse as this.I will cut lost my time to continue on this project.
Sorry, I am not kidding.
Remember to ask Moda to fit the collar and the lapel, the lapel bounced out and not even close to the chest. How much despoit did you pay?If the suit turn out bad, cut loss.
How much do they charge you for suit and shirts?
Any guy likes to have such informations can pm me directly.
Your suit is pretty well fit. I believe it will turn out a very decent suit.To me, I prefer a thinner shoulder pad, a little wider lapel , quarters open a little more and the waist nipped a bit more. For the pants, a little tigher at the bottom of the hips area .Can you tell us the price which you paid?
Good question.A Tailor can explain the difference by show a sample of typical shangahi craftsamanship and canton craftsmanship.
As I heard, Peter Lee CMT for a pant with Shanghai style craftmanship is HK$1300. However, he may offer cheaper CMT with canton style craftmanship.
Fish, what are you talking about??
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