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It is what you guys believe but it is not the fact.I cannot control other people thinking and no meaning for me to explain so many times.People who believe me will believe me and people who do not believe me do not.Are they long hair, Wong Yuk Man or Chan Wai Yip?
Fish, I cannot remember I have repeated how many times.Put in other way, if you find a friend to share your apartment, do u want him to leave if he cannot afford ? It will result I pay for whole expense or find another one to share.As I said, I will not fight with a hugh groups by myself only.People can easily understand why they want to do that. Let them talk is the best.
I will take it easy.Really, I lot of guys kicked me in here or discuss.com.hk WHOM I never seen or know.Tailor Lai cmt price is decided by himself, not me. If people think he is overprice, customers will go away. HK is a free trade soicety.Most of Tailor Lai customers now are previous Peter Lee / Lee Baron customers whose suits are made by Tailor Lai.If people know Peter Lee / Lee Baron CMT made by Tailor Lai, people may think Tailor Lai present CMT is reasonable and...
Haha, you groups of guys keep on promoting Harrison and Dream Bespoke in here and hk discuss forum but kick me hard for promoting Lai sifu.It is O.K., I am alone and cannot fight with you in groups.People who loves Tailor Lai craftmanship, please go to Peter Lee as he is still sub-contract to Tailor Lai .As a maximum, I just let my upstair vacant.
Does anybody know which brand of canvass is Tai Pan Row use as default?
What canvass brand does Tailor Hui use for your previous orders?
If Lai sifui customers like to post their fitting jacket or suits, they are welcomed to do so but it is not my responsibilty.Lai sifu use which kind of canvass and where to source the canvass is not my concern except for my personal orders. I am happy with the canvass which he put on the jacket.Afterall, I would not suggest him to buy anything from Merino Brothers.
If you saw Lai sifu name card, he has his phone number too. But he does not speak any English, that why he ask me as a contact person for English speaking customers. Moreover, a lot of his time is in Shenzhen but I am not.Before he is a employee tailor. He is not a sales person . He has no contact details for customers. He asked me a favour, to shout out for him whom he is independant to take orders now.As I said before, if he cannot make enough money, I need to find...
Ball,Recently, Lai sifu use my upstairs to meet customers such as measurement, fitting and final pressing only. He does all other work in his own home, such as cutting, prepare internal front construction. Therefore, I cannot show you photos.After that, he will send to coat maker to finish the jacket. As he told me before, he use Japan canvass earlier which is HK$40 per yd (3 yd for 4 jackets) Now, he use italian canvass which is HK$60 per yd. In HK, it is difficult to...
My shop is not a tailor shop. My shop is a scientific compnay. Lai sifu use my upstair and he run his own business independent. A guy pay depsoit to him and run away does not harm me. It harms sifu in my upstairs. However, if he cannot make enough money, he have to leave my upstair. My upstairs will be empty and I need to find someone (can be other business nature) to occupy the floor. Two days ago, he received over 10 suits order which were sub-contracted for Peter...
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