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Cannot understand.
I agree with Patrick, if you need deep double forwards pleats style with comfort, you have to accept it.Have you try single forward pleat ?
Do you think the back of your pant looks a bit baggi ?
I would prefer no adjustment belt at the back of the vest if using cloth instead of linning. I think it will look cleaner. If it is bespoke, no need for me to worry about fitting issue.
My mouse was bad and I had it replaced.
Can you show me the back of the vest ?
Go to Dugdale Brothers website, find an item , click for buy, it will display the price. For twon classic is around GBP 29 per m.
Thank you.Checked Dugdale Brothers website, price are relatively cheaper. However, W.W. Chan is offering customers with Dugdale cloth.
Have you lost weight recently? No doubt it is a nicely made blazer but my personal view, it is one size bigger for you.
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