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I have been looking to purchase a Navy Blazer or Sport Coat for a little while and just picked up a Brooks Brothers Milano Fit 1818 Blazer at the private sales event. Before I get any tailoring done to the jacket, I wanted to get some feedback on the overall fit. Also, in one of the photos, I have tried to show a bump that I am getting near the collar on my right shoulder. I am also getting some bunching behind the collar when I sit. So the advice I am seeking is… 1) How...
I am looking to get my first PC dress shirt. Any opinion between going with a traditional English Spread vs the Presidential Spread? Thank you in advance for the feedback.
Thank you very much for all the advise! I will try and frequent some of the stores you suggested.
Yes, several. What stores should I be looking for?
Thank you very much for the advice! Do you think #2 is a good first navy jacket or should I keep looking?
I am looking to get a Navy Sport Coat (first one). Any advice on where to look? I am a slim athletic build. I would like to keep the cost at $400 or below.
I am looking to purchase my first navy sport coat. I have found the two linked below at Brooks Brothers. Any opinion between the two? Are they worth the asking price (i.e. are the jackets decent quality — #1 made in Italy, #2 made in China)? Should I be looking at something different for my first navy jacket (I am a slim athletic build)? Thank you in advance for your advice. #1...
Thank you Grayland.
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