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Thank you very much for all the advise! I will try and frequent some of the stores you suggested.
Yes, several. What stores should I be looking for?
Thank you very much for the advice! Do you think #2 is a good first navy jacket or should I keep looking?
I am looking to get a Navy Sport Coat (first one). Any advice on where to look? I am a slim athletic build. I would like to keep the cost at $400 or below.
I am looking to purchase my first navy sport coat. I have found the two linked below at Brooks Brothers. Any opinion between the two? Are they worth the asking price (i.e. are the jackets decent quality — #1 made in Italy, #2 made in China)? Should I be looking at something different for my first navy jacket (I am a slim athletic build)? Thank you in advance for your advice. #1...
Thank you Grayland.
I am selling a custom made and designed Red Oxx carry-on bag (cost $345 new). This bag is exceptional for "one-bag" travel. Full details about the features/design can be found below. I have been slowly selling off my high-end luggage (I sold my Air Boss on here about a month ago) — I just don’t travel as much as I used to and most of my leisure travel is short in duration (which requires only a small bag). All in all, this bag is in perfect condition (no scratches, tears,...
This isn’t exactly a "fashionable" duffle bag, but it is incredibly well made. (I own several.) Kifaru makes all of its bags by hand in Colorado. All are made to withstand an incredible amount of abuse and last a lifetime. As I mentioned before, I own several and this one just doesn’t get enough use for me to hold on to it. Retails for $90 + Shipping + Tax. I am asking $75 and I will cover shipping in the continental USA via UPS Ground. Paypal or Google Wallet. Here are...
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