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Nice coat! The fit looks nice, maybe you can opt for bringing that seam in if you wanted a bit of a slimmer feel to it. It doesn't look bad the way it is now to be honest. Maybe a tad slimmer around the arms?
@MSSneaker : Noted about the signature part. I will make amends now. The other information is nothing that anyone couldn't see for themselves. Thanks though for looking out my friend. @mellowfellow : Why thank you, feel free to chime in and comment anytime. It's for the men! @TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES : I actually thrifted it, can you believe it!? I got home and felt the need to research the brand and found out I happened onto something worthwhile. Try it out!
Quote: Originally Posted by jet ^welcome, you will fit right in here i hear jcrew is doing fine stuff these days that will go with your redwing obsession along with LL Bean and other authentic rugged wear Thanks my good man. Even for working at the factor outlet (more basic than retail), it's clear the designs are desired right now. Retail design quality just blows me away, but I digress..
I think it's just fine. Dated would include so much of the clothing that's being worn nowadays, heh. Although my particular taste would call for wearing the jacket and pants separate with other color/texture pairings rather than as a full suit. The color isn't exactly my cup of tea either. Maybe get it tailored to fit and then re-examine possible options?
Hey man, nice job you did there on the shoes. Of course, I'm a sucker for details, so the brogue pattern on those wingtips makes me tell you to get them instead of the solid color. You'll get alot more compliments. The color of it is nice as well. Maybe a white/creme color shirt and an auburn color tie? A quick question, do my eyes deceive me or is that suit navy in color? (Before I give anymore suggestion)
I think it just depends. To be honest my "classy" by your definition "expensive" I find at consignment stores or online auctions and don't pay anywhere near that price. Maybe I'm just lucky. Also you can feel and see quality, even if you don't recognize the brand, if it's a quality item why not go for it?
Personally, I would get lost in the transition of patterns from gingham to stripes. Would confuse they eye. You'll be better off as most said with a solid tie. Maybe a knit one? If you're already on the J. Crew site... Great choice in shirt btw! (Shameless J. Crew employee plug)
I'm really a big fan of all things Red Wing. They do carry premium work boots, and although worn more for form over function in warmer climates like California, they do last forever. See here for their soft-toe boots, I can walk a mile in the 8-inch work boot and not have my feet bleeding.
The tweed suit is something I really enjoy from J. Crew. It's good to see their use of tweed, since it's demeanor makes most classify it as an "old man's fabric". I'm 20 years old and I love it.
Have you looked into duffle/toggle coats? Wool fabric, thick layer, long in length. Some even come with hoods. Classic Navy wear. Check out or you can always search eBay for some. Good luck!
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