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@aj_del : You know, personally I like #1 because of the color. But if you're looking to mix up your wardrobe, #2 is your best bet. it's darker, but not black which is nice. I like the light & subtle pin-striping as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tristan.sf I want to dress well simply for my own pleasure, and because there's no time like the present to look good. You, Tristan.sf, get it. I wish I had your interest when I was younger. I can say when I look to purchase items I look for uniqueness. You can only have so many needs, before they become wants. When I am buying for wants, I try to avoid buying the same thing in variations (ie. desert boot in 12...
@Urijah1086 : A little tough to distinguish the details of the J. Crew peacoat ( a little blurry), but in my opinion I like the lining on the lapels of the Polo coat AND the fact it has side-front pockets. Can't go wrong there.
Most important question is what will you be photographing? If solely for recreation, I would save your money and get a competitive P&S.
Black most definitely, although camel/tan is more unique.
Not a problem! And you may me call me "ER" for shot if you'd like, or by my first name Unyime. My username is in fact my blog name, lol. Well of course if they're cheap why not? I would be digging a white or light gray shirt under that coat, or even that same pinstripe one as a matter of fact. Then of course the belt could match the shoes easily.
I see. Hah and since we're on the talk of sweets, this color reminds me of milk chocolate! lol I learned not to trust every salesman's judgment. Or rather, always go for 2nd opinion. Same with mechanics lol. I think you would be ok if the pants were a bit darker, and the shirt was something other than navy in color.
Understood. I think with the coat it will be apparent if it's black or not when worn or compared against the black pants. I'm not sure why that color of brown bugs me, maybe I was expecting an even darker shade, just in case the coat is indeed black, I feel the current shade of brown would look awkward. But of course it's per taste. Really liking the pinstripe button-down, it would go nice without a tie since it's not allowed, because of the vertical-striped design. How...
Hello my good man! I believe the salesman was giving you insight into classic color pairings. The colors he suggested do go well together, but as you said if you are worried about weight, darker colors do appear more slimmer and flattering I've seen/read. I like your choice of the charcoal jacket, very nice, I assume you kept the dark brown slacks? Try matching that charcoal jacket with a black slacks and see if you don't like it better. Then the reddish-brown (wine?)...
Quote: Originally Posted by Wiker I say yay! They look great in the winter. Agreed. Cord and tweed have both made there way back. I love cord coats!
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