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Quote: Originally Posted by sazon Gotta admit, thats a pretty sweet lookin watch from Walmart +1, Like what you did with the straps. I know J. Crew has some nice looking watchbands on sale right now. Brooks Brothers I'm seeing also has some nice ones. I'll have to pick a few out.
Where are you being interviewed? If perhaps retail, maybe that subtle detail would make for good conversation or even get you a compliment which will keep you in mind of the employer. Again it's hard to say without knowing where you have the interview. The unique design itself isn't too overpowering. I wouldn't say it's a bad thing to wear especially in solid navy.
Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota Because this thread needs more designer, I bring you coats vaguely reminiscent of peacoats from Junya Watanabe's AW2011 collection: This toggle design would be my favorite. Not sure how I feel about a 'slim' fitting toggle/duffle coat though.
Quote: Originally Posted by BlackToothedGrin RL Rugby have pretty long sleeves. May want to give them a try I can vouch for this. Even with their henleys, the sleeves run generally longer than other brands I've worn.
Quote: Originally Posted by 387th And in more colors. Think it'd work with a striped watchband, too? I'm thinking white-on-blue. I always forget how a simple exchange in watchband can help with personalizing a look. The colors on this one look good.
I agree, it's great you want to take that first step. We all start from somewhere and I applaud you for noticing something you wanted to change in your life. I personally grab style inspirations for various street style sites and if you are looking for a more dapper appearance start looking around for those type of men on these sites. As said above it will not happen overnight, and should be an evolutionary process until you find what works for you. Always do your...
Like this, or at least sometimes. I like a women with a sense of style: via RugbyRL Style Blog But more important is her mindset. No need for high-maintenance, I have enough trouble dealing with my 1985 Toyota Corolla.
Agree with those colors above, especially the peach. Excellent. I like ivory/creme color with olive green.
Quote: Originally Posted by Makeshift_Robot Corduroy looks great with good suede and rough textures - heavy oxford cloth, heathered t-shirts, and most textured knitwear. That "golden khaki" that a lot of cords come in pairs well with burgundy leather and grey suede, as well as maroons, olives, navies, and teals. Corduroys are great, I'm on that two pairs of jeans tip right now but before that I wore cords almost every day. Makeshift...
Quote: Originally Posted by commodorewheeler I hem some and stack the rest. I hem a few as well and cuff the rest.
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