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The sleeves look fine. Stopping at the wristbone? Tough to tell on the chest with it being dark, but it looks ok.. Check out this video on YouTube about suit jackets and various fits. I learned a lot from here:
That's certainly a great purchase! I like the subtle red pattern. Congrats!
Quote: Originally Posted by Antonio Centeno White pants........Olive pants..........calvary twill....... I agree with Anotnio.
I'm pretty happy looking at this Canvas line, I'll have to target something my first purchase soon. Thanks for the heads up OP! Ah, too bad I didn't know about the 'CUPID' code earlier JF.. Maybe I'll check the piggy bank for something tomorrow.
Student and retail associate.
Some things include -J. Press Linen Travel Trouser (Sand) $8 - Polo RL Herringbone Trouser (Caramel/chocolate pattern) $15 -Vintage Lew Ritter Herringbone Blazer (Dark brown) $8 -Vintage Cooper A2 Bomber Jacket $6 List goes on, but those are the most recent. Most needed only minor alteration. A college student has to be shop smart y'know?
A yay for Wallabees. I really like them in sand suede or beeswax leather. But I agree like all good things everyone isn't going to appreciate them.
I don't see too much to say about it. It's nice, it's knit. It's lambswool. If it's affordable for you, snag it. The dimensions look large enough. Although not in that royal blue. (hurting my eyes) Edit: Hmm... what's up with the ends of the scarf? Sorta looks like it was made from a sweater. I hope they ends aren't open or else my suspicions will increase.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Louche 98% of the population will not notice it at all. The 2% that will notice it will only do so because they have a sick interest in clothes to begin with, and will therefore probably like it. Lol, touché.
Nice one robotosan! If you're feet are cold and one pair of socks is not enough.. double up! lol Either
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