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while I do agree it is "In Your Face" prep, I do own the waffle knit henley from RugbyRL and they do offer some nicer toned down items. However, not all of their shirts are like this and I think it depends on how it's worn..
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock it sounds basically like me. the older i get, the more traditional i become i guess. i don't think i'll ever be "high fashion" nor do i really try it anymore. Couldn't have said it better. I've had the opportunity to look back on my evolution as I do document with photos (blogging) over the years, but also seeing that the older I get the more I tend to dress classically. Although I add my own flare to...
I just picked up a vintage pair of Florsheim similar to these, but in oxblood color. In my opinion, the shoe doesn't look too bad for being so old (blurry photo or not). Perhaps a good leather cleaning/polish will do. The color is nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by hyakku I love the case man. The aged leather makes it look better. All for the vintage feel. Nice boots as well, a great day for you I bet!
Flying Lotus: Is it just me, or is there a subtle stitching around the chest area? Almost looks like the silhouette of a bib. Awkward in my opinion, as well as the patten. I do like the solid color and club collar of course.
I agree about the patterns. Most of it for me is coming from the tie. Maybe a solid shirt with striped tie, or vice versa. I do like the colors, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Antonio Centeno Understand the less you want to spend, the more time you have to spend looking for deals. But it can be done - I talk to men weekly who pull together wardrobes for less than $500. Understand what to look for, then go through the thrift shops and sale bins - you'll be amazed what you find! +1, The article is great too.
Quote: Originally Posted by sugarbutch Sir Sprezz-A-Lot! To your credit, it does not look affected. Nice. Nice coat sir! I also like how the lighter square and the darker tie compliment each other.
Quote: Originally Posted by notwithit Yeah: Not sure what to go with...I definitely don't have a sweater in a color anything like the orchid, evergreen, or athletic blue, either. I always get light-colored sweaters kinda dirty and grimy-looking really quickly, so that might eliminate athletic blue. Not sure how I feel about the orchid and evergreen. I see what you mean about the...
I agree, looks to matchy with indigo denim. Unless matchy is your thing. I'm sure AA has other colors?
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