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FYI; $5 Hunting Jacket Photo from recent trip to national forest. Expressions Realia - "The Flannel Workshirt"
A lot of great looks here guys! "timpoblete", digging the getup sir. -Foster & Sons Vintage Jacket -J. Crew Heathered Henley -YSL Vintage Leather Belt -Land's End Canvas Slim Chino Pants - J. Crew Camp/Boot socks -Vintage Monkstrap Boots More photos about the cafe racer jacket on Expressions Realia
This one is beautiful. My vote is for the cap toe.
Very much agreed. Also something about the detailed look or tortoise shell frames. Good luck deciding!
What are socks? Kidding, but with footwear like these, wearing socks looks/feels uncomfortable. Especially in warmer climate. Unless you have a good enough reason to need socks (w/ trousers in the cold, foot odor/fungus?), leave the socks in the drawer.
I feel the price is affordable, quality is obviously equivalent to the price point. I'm not one to wear watches too often, but I would like to pick up a few to throw around my vintage Timex watches. Nice choice with the chambray, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by davesmith they are in really decent shape for thrift!! good job Right on! I agree having also thrifted a similar pair of Florsheims.
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches this may fall in the inappropriate tmi realm Oh my... You are stirring the pot indeed. Haha.
Interesting thread.. I would say I have to get most everything altered. Nothing is 'slim' fitting enough. I also notice my lower half of my body is more athletic than my upper half (perhaps due to so much walking), so I have to keep that in mind when altering. Or perhaps just work my upper body more. Also my sister says I have a big head, lol. Kidding.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xenos An RL blue label suit, double-vented; ticket pocket, surgeon's cuffs; and a PRL cashmere/wool SC, double-vented; ticket pocket. Both Made in Italy. Great find. That camel color is awesome!
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